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Mk Collection’s Silky Satin Pocket Sheets Are Cheap For a Reason and Don’t Last Long At All

Mk Collection 4PCs Silky Satin Sheet Set

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Mk Collection brand is closely tied to Amazon where their products sell like hotcakes, but not all buyers are happy with their purchase. Is it possible to get a $30 4-piece “silky” satin set and receive a luxurious item? 

If the answer doesn’t seem obvious, take a look at our detailed and honest review of the Mk Collection 4-piece Soft Silky Satin Solid Color Deep Pocket Sheet Set.

Buy: Mk Collection 4-Piece Soft Silky Satin Solid Color Deep Pocket Sheet Set, $28.99+ from Amazon

Pros and cons

– Super cheap
– Wide variety of colors
– Made of polyester
– Very slippery
– Becomes rough after several washes
– Seams come undone easily
– Frequent size problems

The very fact that these sheets are made of polyester should be enough to conclude several things – these sheets don’t cool you down or promote breathability, which means you can easily get sweaty and they can cause the skin to break out in a rash in those with very sensitive skin or synthetic fiber allergies. 

So how can this be satin and polyester at the same time? Well, polyester is a type of material and satin is a type of weave – this is to say Mk Collection sheets are made of polyester threads weaved in a certain way to make the fabric shiny and smooth. The fact that these sheets are advertised as “silky” only refers to how they feel to touch after unpacking.

We deliberately say “after unpacking” because it seems that Mk Collection sheets have some kind of a silky layer that gets washed off after some time. That’s when the sheets get their real rough polyester feel. 

This product often comes damaged –  may it be with holes, badly sewn, with threads sticking out and raveling, and seams coming undone. You do get what you pay for, so don’t get surprised if you order a set and it comes with a fitted sheet that’s too loose or too small for your bed, even though the label says it’s in the size you actually ordered.

It is very cheap, so if you need cheap sheets just to make a bed look nice – as if it were real silk, for the purpose of a photoshoot, you’ve got a deal. 

Not to be too negative about this. Some buyers were quite happy with the product, saying it was silky and pleasant; but almost all of those reviews were written soon after delivery, before the first wash.

Grey Mk Collection Silky Satin Sheets

Product review

MK Collection Silky Satin Pocket Sheet Set
Includes1 flat sheet, 1 deep-pocketed fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases with 4” hem
Set/individualYou can buy it as a set or get the pillowcases in Standard and King size.
MaterialPolyester, polyester blend
Weave Satin weave, thread count 250
SizeTwin, Full, Queen, King, California King
Color and design22 colors (solid colors)
PriceFrom $29.95 for a Twin to $34.95 for a Cali King size

Mk Collection Silky Satin Sheet set contains four pieces – a flat and a fitted sheet together with two pillowcases.

The weave of the fabric is satin which enhances light reflection and gives it the specific shiny look but also makes it soft and slippery.

The 250 thread count is generally considered optimal for durability and softness. 

The set is available in five sizes and 22 colors. We have to admit that the colors look rich and can probably make most prospective buyers happy.


Mk Home LLC offers some of the cheapest satin weave sheets you can find on Amazon. Here are the prices:

  • Twin – $29.95
  • Full – $31.95
  • Queen – $33.95
  • King – $34.95
  • California King – $34.95

Buy: Mk Collection 4-Piece Soft Silky Satin Solid Color Deep Pocket Sheet Set, $28.99+ from Amazon


This set is made of polyester and polyester blend. Polyester is one of the blacklisted materials for the majority of buyers who know what to look for. Polyester is the name for a fabric made of synthetic polymers known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET). What this means, essentially, is that polyester is a type of plastic.

Mk sheets feel soft at first, but several washes later you’ll get the real plastic feel (if you somehow fail to notice it right away). 

Some polyester sheets can be durable and feel cool to touch but they simply aren’t as breathable as the ones made of natural materials like cotton or linen.

Blue Mk Collection Silky Satin Sheets on a mattress

Company policies and maintenance

TrialNo trial
WarrantyNo information on Amazon
Customer supportYou can contact them over Amazon for returns and refunds
USA productNo information
ShippingIt’s eligible for free shipping on Amazon

We really don’t like the fact that this seller doesn’t have a linked website and there really isn’t a lot of information on Amazon, which should be a red flag. 

Mk Satin Sheets should be washed in the machine on a cold setting. Tumble dry low.

About Mk Home LLC

There is a business address in the US, but that’s about all that we could find about this seller.

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