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How We Review & Rate Products

There are a ton of great sleep products out there. Unfortunately, for every good sleep product there are 10 bad ones. Many companies out there do not have your best interest. They are simply trying to sell you a bed or a pillow or a sleep tracker. It is for this reason that we review every product put on this site using a proprietary research process.

Due Diligence & Cross Checking

We use our best judgement to see where the product fits in its categories ecosystem and then cross check that with several other reputable sources. These sources come from places like consumer reports, cnet and more. Since it is possible for both us and the reputable sources to get it wrong, we have collected thousands of user reviews on forums and video to see if there is something we missed.

Every category is judged on a different set of standards. We link to or list these standards within the specific review post or you can view them below:

Want to reach out to us? You can contact us here if you have any questions or have an experience you would like to share.