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Why You Should Trust Us – Everything You Need to Know About Our Review Process

Unlike other sleep product review sites, we don’t base our rankings on which companies pay us the most money. Instead, we use a strict rating methodology that we’ve formulated for each product category. We judge each brand using these criteria and base our reviews and best-of lists on how well the product performs according to our high standards. Our track record in the sleep industry speaks for itself: hundreds of thousands of real customers trust us for unbiased information about the products that they purchase. Here is why you should trust us.

Many competing mattress and sleep product review websites are created with the goal of making the owners rich by recommending products from companies that they have advertising agreements with. Some of the most popular mattress review sites are actually owned by mattress manufacturers who are using them to promote their own products.

Sleepline is one of the few sleep product review sites that is independently-owned and operated. We have a small team of expert reviews based in Las Vegas, NV and Orlando, FL. We are not connected to the mattress industry in any way and we are not owned by large marketing companies, unlike many of our competitors. You can always trust us to be a source of unbiased information about the latest sleep products.

If you’re looking for unbiased, completely accurate information about sleep products (including negative information, when appropriate), then Sleepline has your back. We’re so confident of our rating methodology that we publicly posted the criteria we use when judging products in each category. We’re also proud to list the sources we use when compiling information about the products we review on our site. You should trust that every product listed on our site has been extensively vetted by our team of expert reviewers and writers.

Trust is the most important factor in product reviews. Read below for more information on why you can trust us.

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Our sources for review information

Actual owner experiences

Over half of our research data comes from experiences collected from actual confirmed owners of the products that we’re reviewing. You should trust information that comes from real owners more than you can from people who are only speculating.

We obtain this data by scouring message boards, forums, and Reddit for discussions about a particular product. Generally, a person on these message boards will ask a question about a product and people who own it will respond with their opinions about it.

This is by far one of the best ways to get unbiased information about a particular product from real people who actually own the product. Since they aren’t receiving a commission and don’t work for the company; they are free to give their honest opinions, both positive and negative.

One of the main advantages of forums and Reddit is that many of the consumers have owned the mattress or other sleep product for many years and can give true information about how well it holds up over time.

Tight-knit discussion groups also do a great job of keeping out people from the mattress industry who may be trying to astroturf their community with inaccurate promotional information. We find that most of these communities are made up of a small number of people who trust one another to make accurate judgements.

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Personal testing

We believe that there is no substitute for hands-on experience, which is why we personally test the products that we list on our site. We wouldn’t feel comfortable buying a product based on a review that was written by someone without personal experience, which is why we prioritize this type of research when recommending products to you. Trust us to only recommend products that we have hands-on experience with.

We personally use each of the mattresses, pillows, sleep tech, and bedding that we review on this site for a period of several weeks before publishing a review. This gives us plenty of time to “break-in” the product and find out how it holds up with daily use.

Our hands-on testing period sets us apart from other sleep product review sites. Many of our competitors don’t even bother trying out the product for themselves before publishing a review, preferring instead to simply recommend the product that makes them the most money.

We always prioritize personal, hands-on experience over a period of several weeks before publishing a review that consumers will use to make their purchasing decision. Anything else would be completely irresponsible and an abdication of our responsibility to you, the consumer.

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Official manufacturer websites

While manufacturers are selective about which reviews they publish on their websites, we find that they are a great source of information about the factual aspects of their products.

Basic facts such as product dimensions, components, trial period, returns, warranties, and more are all sourced directly from the manufacturer. We believe that no one is a better expert on a product than the people who make it. You should trust them when it comes to this type of information.

We DON’T use manufacturer websites for subjective information about a product. The feel of a mattress or the ease-of-use of a sleep gadget are completely subjective and we instead rely on personal experience and reports from real consumers for that type of information.

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Other highly-reputable review sites

We occasionally source information from other review sites. We ensure that the sites we get our information from are just as highly-regarded as we are. Consumer Reports, CNET, and Wirecutter are our favorite review sites because they are widely considered by consumer advocates to have the same track record as Sleepline when it comes to publishing high-quality, trustworthy reviews. These are websites that most people believe they should trust. We think that they are a great source of high-quality information.

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How we make sure our ratings are accurate

Large sample size

We always make sure that our ratings are trustworthy by using a large sample size when gathering information. We use several different data points when gathering information. Personal experience, manufacturer websites, reputable review sites are some of the data points we use.

The most important piece of information that we use comes from real customer experiences. We make sure that we scour the internet for as many different sources of data from real customers that we can find. Before we write our reviews, we gather testimonials from as many different people as we can and cross-reference them with each other to make sure that we’re giving you the most accurate information possible.

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Data from long-term owners

You should trust us because we disregard information from people who have only owned the product for a short amount of time. We firmly believe that long-term data is the best source of information because it indicates how well the product performs over an extended period of time.

Durability, longevity, and long-term comfort are aspects that can only be determined after using a product for an extended period of time. When consulting with real customers, we make sure that they’ve owned the product for at least a month, preferably much longer, before including their information in our reviews.

Verified reviews only

When gathering information using official reviews listed on retailer websites such as Amazon, we only use reviews that are “verified”. This means that the retailer confirmed that the customer actually owns the product that they’re writing about.

Unverified reviews could be fake information from marketing specialists employed by the manufacturers in an attempt to artificially increase their ranking. We disregard unverified reviews as well as most customer reviews from the manufacturer’s website, since many of them are fake or have been posted selectively to ensure high rankings. Relying on verified reviews only is one of the main reasons why we think you should trust us.

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Due Diligence & Cross Checking

We use our best judgement to see where the product fits in its categories ecosystem and then cross check that with several other reputable sources. These sources come from places like consumer reports, cnet and more. Since it is possible for both us and the reputable sources to get it wrong, we have collected thousands of user reviews on forums and video to see if there is something we missed.

Every category is judged on a different set of standards. To ensure that you trust us, we link to or list these standards within the specific review post. You can also view them below:

Why other review sites are scams and how we’re different

Virtually *every single one* of the other leading sleep product review sites on the internet are run by people who don’t have your best interests in mind. These types of sites can be very lucrative, which is why they are a magnet for scammers and industry insiders who are looking to promote their own products.

If you search for “mattress reviews” or any other important keywords in Google you’ll be presented with a list of websites that are owned by either venture capital companies or manufacturers who are looking to boost the prestige of their own products.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Most of the websites will literally list who they’re owned by in their “about us” sections. If you look up the parent companies that own these sleep sites, you’ll see that they own a network of review websites in a variety of different industries. They aren’t testing the products that they recommend and they certainly aren’t seeking out real consumer reviews. They are recommending the products that will make the most money for their investors.

Another category of site are the ones that are owned by manufacturers and recommend their own brands in the number-one spot on a consistent basis. If they don’t have publicly-posted review criteria and they don’t openly state that they’re independent, then you can be sure that they’re owned by industry insiders.

Here at Sleepline, we’re dedicated to remaining independent. We stand alone against the large companies who don’t care about you or your sleep. All of the products on our site are brands that we’ve personally tried and sourced real consumer reviews about. We don’t have outside investors and never will.

How to contact us for more information

Want to reach out and learn more about why you can trust us? You can contact us here using our email address if you have any questions or have an experience you would like to share.

We have a team of customer service specialists who are standing by to answer your questions. If anything about our rating process is unclear to you, shoot us an email and we’ll respond within 24 hours. Making sure that you trust us is our #1 priority.