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I Tried Eight Sleep’s Pod Smart Mattress and I Don’t Think I Can Go Back to a Regular Bed Again

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Eight Sleep Pod is a foam mattress which contains sensors, a water-circulating system, and an accompanying smartphone app. 

The Eight Pod is the first mattress of its kind. The Pod can regulate the temperature between 55° and 110°F, depending on what setting sleepers choose. If there are two sleepers, each can set a temperature for their own side of the bed. 

The Eight Sleep claims that the Pod sensors can track the time spent sleeping, sleep stages (deep sleep, REM sleep), respiration, and heart rate. 

Buy: Eight Sleep Pod, $2,295+ from EightSleep.com

Who is Eight Sleep Pod good for?

People who would love this product are those who:

  • Are tech-savvy
  • Need strict temperature regulation – neutral, warm, or cold
  • Sleep with a partner
  • Weigh up to 210-220 lb
  • Sleep on the side, back, or stomach 

Who should avoid Eight Sleep Pod?

Eight Sleep Pod isn’t for those who: 

  • weigh over 230 lb
  • need a strong edge support
  • want precise tracking of their heart rate, breathing, sleep stages, etc.
  • want a very firm or very soft mattress 
  • are on a budget
  • sleep with a pet

Buy: Eight Sleep Pod, $2,295+ from EightSleep.com

Technology and Mattress Build

As we mentioned above, the whole Pod system is made out of three parts: the mattress, the hub, and the app. 

The Mattress

The mattress is mostly made of memory foam – two thick base layers at the bottom, two thinner ones, and an active grid tech cover, which is only topped with one thin cotton and polyester cover.

The active grid tech cover is the part that does the trick in the Pod. It has a soft grid of narrow tubes through which the water circulates. This layer also contains sensors (piezo films, ballistocardiographs, and temperature sensors for bed and room temperature). The absolute plus is that this advanced technology is so close to the sleeper, and yet it is thin enough to be imperceptible. Other sleep trackers typically have a wearable and not everyone likes to sleep with a piece of technology wrapped around their wrists.

The Pod uses its sensors to track sleep time, sleep stages (and time spent in them), nighttime wakings (like getting up), breathing, and heart rate. 

The Eight Pod is a mattress of medium firmness and, like most memory foam mattresses, with no edge support. It is 11” thick and works best for lightweight and average weight sleepers. Those over 210-220 lbs could find that their hips and back aren’t aligned properly, causing some discomfort.

We found that the Pod isn’t as good a sleep tracker as the Whoop strap or the Oura Ring. One of the problems is that the app allows you to pick one side of the bed to sleep on and tracks only that side for you. This means your sleep tracking results will be completely random if you turn to the other side of the bed – the app might even detect it as getting up. Another problem is that the Pod may detect sleeping when you’re just lying in bed motionless. 

Also, if you have a pet, you will want them away from your side of the bed as it may interfere with the tracking system.

Either way, the Pod is good for showing you general (not too precise) data on your sleep. You can actually see improvement or decline in your sleep quality over the course of time. 

Eight Sleep Pod mattress in bedroom
This mattress is absolutely gorgeous

The Hub

The Hub is a part of the system that heats or cools the water down. It also collects data from the sensors and sends it to the smartphone app through the Wi-Fi connection.

Let’s say you want a warmer bed and you use the app to set the temperature. The hub then warms up the water and pumps it to the Pod. From there the water circulates through the grid, warming up the entire side of the bed evenly. It’s fantastic that despite the warm/cool water in the Pod, the sensors still manage to get the right data on the temperature of your body.

Since the hub warms up and cools down the water, we expected it to be noisy, but it only produces a slight sound which isn’t distracting at all. 

The hub is also where you’ll put the water and occasionally refill it (every two months).

A frequent problem with the hub is that the wireless connection may be unreliable. The company advises moving your router so that there aren’t obstacles between it and the bed or simply buying equipment to enhance the Wi-Fi connection at home.

The App

The app which comes with the system is available for IOS and Android devices. It is the only way you can interact with the hub, choose your bedside, and set the temperature. 

The Pod app relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to predict what temperature your body will need. It can make a prediction within a second and instantly adjust the temperature for maximum comfort. Before the first use, you’ll take a sleep quiz to get the recommended temperatures for yourself. The temperature keeps changing as you switch from one sleep stage to another. 

You can also manually adjust the desired temperature. 

After you wake up, you’ll receive the Daily Sleep Fitness Score. It shows how well you’ve slept as well as how you’ve been sleeping the entire week. You’ll see many details such as your waking consistency, heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, tosses and turns, your sleep goals and the time it took you to fall asleep. You can also see how much light, deep, and REM sleep you had.

This kind of data is really useful to teach you about how your behavior affects your sleep. When we’re presented with such information, we’re more likely to change our behavior for the better.

Speaking of that, the app offers sleep coaching with actionable insights and recommendations as well as a library of meditation tracks, guided breathing, relaxing sounds, and more.

Buy: Eight Sleep Pod, $2,295+ from EightSleep.com

Eight Sleep app
The included app gives you all the data you need to optimize your sleep

Price of the Pod 

The Pod is on the expensive side for a bed in a box manufacturer but when you take all the features into account, it isn’t bad at all. Buyers who choose the updated version (the Pod Pro) have to add $500 on top of all the prices listed below.


  • Old price: $2,295
  • Discounted price: $2,045


  • Old price: $2,595
  • Discounted price: $2,345


  • Old price: $2,995
  • Discounted price: $2,745

Cali King

  • Old price: $2,995
  • Discounted price: $2,745

Buy: Eight Sleep Pod, $2,295+ from EightSleep.com

The Pod: Shipping, Warranty, and Returns

Eight Sleep Pod is under a 10-year limited warranty. It doesn’t include the technology layer with sensors, which has a 2-year limited warranty.

Shipping and returns are free. The product comes with a free 100-night trial.

Eight Sleep Pod Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
– Excellent temperature regulation
– Can track and adjust the temperature for two people independently 
– The system doesn’t make noise 
– Sleep tracking isn’t very accurate
– Wi-Fi connection can be unreliable
– You need to sleep only on one side of the bed

About Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep was founded in 2014 by the current CEO Matteo Franceschetti, Massimo Andreasi Bassi, Andrea Ballarini, and Alexandra Zatarain. It started out as a crowdfunding campaign with a focus on sleep trackers. Today they are still working on sleep tracking but now it’s integrated into smart mattresses. 

Eight Sleep, Inc.

164 W 25th Street, 9th Floor, 

New York, NY 10001

Email: support@eightsleep.com

Eight Sleep hub
Eight Sleep is by far our favorite smart mattress

Buy: Eight Sleep Pod, $2,295+ from EightSleep.com

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