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Learn What Happens When You Close Your Eyes At Night

Full Moon Insomnia: How the Moon Messes With Your Sleep

People have long noticed that it’s harder to fall asleep and stay asleep during a full moon. Even people who don’t notice any lunar effects on their sleep still occasionally report feeling sluggish and “hungover”, a sensation that isn’t noticeable … Read more

Natural Sleep Aids

Getting regular and high-quality sleep is a crucial factor in maintaining and improving one’s health. Sleeping is your body’s way of restoring lost energy. Sleeping is also a way for your body to heal itself. Losing quality sleep can lead … Read more

Epigenetics and Sleep

It is widely known that chronic poor sleep can lead to serious problems with your immune system as well as your mental and physical health. It also increases your risk of developing various diseases – including sleep disorders. Epigenetics, a … Read more

Hypnograms – Graphs Representing Your Sleep

A hypnogram is simply a graph representation of one’s sleep cycle, as well as of nightly awakenings. It is useful when a rough image is needed so that researchers can easily visualize what someone’s sleep looks like and compare it … Read more

What Are The Consequences Of Poor Sleep?

In today’s society, people are so busy that they usually cut back on sleep for their studies or work. Staying up all night to meet a deadline has almost become a norm. A norm with a cost. Sleep loss isn’t … Read more

How Light, Temperature and Other Zeitgebers Influence Your Sleep Time

Zeitgeber is German for ‘time giver’. It refers to time cues that your body receives and which it uses for certain processes, like controlling your energy levels and alertness, hunger or sleepiness. Light is the strongest zeitgeber, as it tells … Read more

Sleep Health

Read our comprehensive, detailed, and up-to-date information about the latest cutting edge developments in sleep science and research. We’re here to answer all of your questions about sleep disorders, sleep hygiene, supplementation, and more in an easy-to-read and understandable format.

Masturbation and Sleep

As anyone who suffers from insomnia can attest, a little bit of self-love goes a long way in helping you catch some Z’s. The flip side is true as well: masturbation also helps you wake up in the morning. What … Read more

Stroke, Mini-Stroke, And Sleep – How Are They Related?

If you or your loved one has suffered a stroke or a small (ischemic) stroke, you may be familiar with sleep problems that follow it – insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea, and sleep-wake cycle disorders are among the most common. Those … Read more

Sleeping Pills and Sleep

Sleeping pills are often used as a quick fix for a sleepless night but many Americans use them for much longer than advised. Pills mainly work by causing drowsiness and “knocking us out” until the morning comes. However, we won’t … Read more

High-Carbohydrate Diet And Sleep

Do you get sleepy after eating a lot of carbohydrates? Does that mean carbs are good for your sleep quality? There are many questions about the connection between carbs and sleep and not so many clear answers. So far the … Read more

How Sleep Protects And Heals You From Flu

A good night’s sleep may be more powerful than you thought. We are sleepier when we are sick because our body is more efficient in fighting off viruses and bacteria when we sleep; this is common knowledge. Did you know … Read more

Sleep and the Risk of Cancer

It’s very easy to see the effects of short sleep, shift change or restless non-restorative sleep. We feel daytime sleepiness and a lack of energy. Sadly, we don’t see the more adverse effects like changes in our genetic expression and … Read more

Study: Link Between Poor Sleep Quality and Alzheimer’s in Hispanic People

By Robert Pagano | October 14, 2019

A new study claims that hispanics who have difficulties with sleeping may be at higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. What did the study find? The study found that there is a link between insomnia and … Read more

Video: Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross Falls Asleep During Trump Speech

By Robert Pagano | September 25, 2019

At multiple points during President Donald Trump’s speech to the UN General Assembly, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross appeared to be completely unconscious. Ross, who is 81, fell asleep for a solid 15 minutes according to several videos recorded during … Read more

The Mind, Explained Episode 2: Dreams Review

By Robert Pagano | September 18, 2019

If you’re like myself and countless other people around the world, you may be wondering just what your dreams actually mean. Is there a deep meaning behind the seemingly random and sometimes crazy visuals that we see when sleeping? Or … Read more

Study Finds Napping Can Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Heart Disease

By Robert Pagano | September 12, 2019

Napping is a common way that people deal with lack of adequate sleep, giving them the feeling that they’re “catching up” on the shuteye that they missed. While Sleepline readers will know that catching up on sleep is a myth, … Read more

How Many Hours Successful People Sleep

By Robert Pagano | September 11, 2019

Which celebrity sleep habits most resemble your own? Are you a Benjamin Franklin (7 hours) or a Joe Rogan (8 hours)? Do you sleep the same amount as prolific inventor Thomas Edison (5 hours)? Or does your shuteye more closely … Read more

Sleep Product Reviews & Buying Guides

We rigorously test out all of the most popular and important sleep products out there. Whether you’re looking for a new mattress, pillow, set of sheets, pair of earplugs, or anything else related to sleep; we have a detailed review listing the pros and cons of each brand. 

Our laser-focused testing methodology for each product is publicly viewable so you know exactly what criteria we’re using when reviewing each product. With this dedication to providing unbiased, accurate information about the products you buy you can rest easy knowing that you’re armed with all the information you need to make the right choice for your needs.

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