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Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set Review

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet set on bed

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Brooklinen is one of the youngest and most successful online bedding companies. Luxe Core Sheet set is a luxurious sateen option that’s available very low prices. Let’s see how much quality there really is for the average of $150 per set.

Buy: Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheets, $139+ from Brooklinen

Pros and cons

– Super comfy and soft
– Affordable price for superior quality
– Variety of colors and patterns
– Sheets labeled at long and short sides
– No physical stores means you can’t touch and feel the fabric for yourself before purchase
– Not all patterns are available in all sizes

Luxe Core Sheets are made to be more durable and silkier to the touch than the regular Core line from Brooklinen. 

The production quality is superior and we can’t complain about that. We love that the sheet sides are labeled “long” and “short”. This can be useful, especially if putting sheets on annoys you or if you want to get it done quickly. You can pick one of 9 or more colors, which is a normal number of options for the industry.

Even though Brooklinen makes high-quality products that most people love, we think it’s easier to choose your preferred linen when you have the chance to touch it yourself and compare the feel to other similar products. Online shopping only doesn’t give you this option. The good news is that Brooklinen said they are working on an option to send people swatches or samples.

Another thing we dislike is that we couldn’t find a certain color in a certain size. We then clicked on all color options, as saw that there are only three sizes available in some colors, only one in another, so you don’t really have the option to choose much. All sizes do come in white.

Brooklinen Luxe Core sheets in gray

Product review

Luxe Core Sheet Set
Includes1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, 2 Pillowcases
Set/individualYou can buy this as a set or each item individually.
Material100% long-staple cotton
Weave 480-thread count
SizeTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.
Please note that not all patterns are available in all sizes.
Color and designComes in five plain colors – white, off-white/cream, light gray, dark gray, and black.
They also offer four patterns –  two striped and two gridded ones.
They also have a limited edition (time of writing this post is August 2020) light blue and light rose in plain and spotted blue-black and white-green.
ExtrasLong and short sides are labeled “short” or “long”, pillowcases have envelope closures.
Pricefrom $125 for Twin size to $170 for Cali King

Luxe Core sheets are available as a set, but that doesn’t prevent you from buying any piece individually. You can also mix and match colors so your bed can have a unique look. 

Sheets come in six most common bed sizes and if they don’t fit your bed, you can return them for free (if you live in the US – otherwise, there’s a fee). 


Right now there’s a 10% discount for all sizes, so here’s the full price list with old and new prices.

  • Twin – $125.10 (old price – $139)
  • Twin XL – $125.10 (old price – $139)
  • Full – $143.10 (old price – $159)
  • Queen – $143.10 (old price – $159)
  • King – $170 (old price – $189)
  • California King – $170 (old price – $189)


Brooklinen uses 100% fine long-thread cotton. Long-staple cotton gives a weave which is more durable and that means your sheets shouldn’t fray or pill. High thread count and fine threads offer the silky touch of sateen. 

Pure cotton bedding is definitely the way to go. It’s hypoallergenic, better for your skin, and more breathable than non-natural materials. The high thread count does make these less breathable, but it doesn’t mean Luxe Core will make you hot. The sateen feels crisp and cool – some of the reviewers from Brooklinen.com even said they’re the coolest sheets they had ever tried.

Their silkiness also makes blankets easy to slip off the bed. If that’s something you personally don’t like, these may not be for you.

Blue Brooklinen sheets

Company policies and maintenance

Trial365 days with free return shipping.
Refund or store credit – it’s your choice.
WarrantyBrooklinen offers a limited lifetime warranty on their products. 
Customer supportYou can reach them by email, call/text, or chat.
USA productNo, it’s made in Israel, while the linen itself is made in Portugal.
ShippingFree shipping within the US, extra shipping fees for all other countries.

Brooklinen recommends washing the sheets on a cool or warm cycle and line drying to ensure that the products will last long. If you do have to use a dryer, put it on low heat and low tumble cycle.

We’re not too excited about this since higher temperatures are necessary to kill off the bacteria from sheets (or any piece of clothing). 

About Brooklinen

Brooklinen was founded by Vicki and Rich Fulop in 2014. As the name suggests, they are based in Brooklyn, New York. 

Brooklinen has no physical stores. They keep the prices low by cutting out the middle man and making direct contact with the customers (this is called direct-to-consumer (DTC) service). You can buy their products on their website or contact them at:

Email: [email protected]

Call/text: (646) 798-7447 during their working hours 10am – 6pm EST Monday through Friday.

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