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Are Linoto 100% Linen Sheets Worth Buying?

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You know that a business is doing well when, despite a national economic crisis, there’s a notice on their website saying, “Due to a surge in interest in our artisanal American-made products, shipping times will be longer for the foreseeable future.”

Obviously people are willing to wait for weeks just to get their hands on Linoto Linen Sheets. 

Linoto makes high-quality, soft-to-touch, low-wrinkle, 100% linen sheets sewn in the US. These sheets are more expensive than many of their counterparts, so let’s see if this product is worth the money and the wait. 

Buy Now: Linoto Linen Sheet Set, $369 from Amazon

Pros and cons

– Made of European pure linen that is extra breathable and dries quickly
– Lots of color and size optionsHigh quality
– Despite being low-wrinkle, they still crease and wrinkle easily
– Expensive
– Long waiting time

Linoto sheets are made of pure linen. Unlike what many people think when we mention linen, today’s sheets are made to be soft, which is the case with Linoto, as well. This quality also makes them wrinkle less than other linen fabrics, but it’s still linen, and you can easily see all the wrinkles and creases. This can be a problem for people who are not used to linen and who want their sheets to look good, rather than feel good.

When we get to the part of our review where we talk about all the options you can get this set in, you’ll probably be as impressed as we were. Linoto is not like many other producers who make certain types of products and sell only those. They are happy to help with customized sets and a wide variety of sizes and sheet depths. There’s a total of 13 bed sizes you can choose from, which means that even those with unusual beds are covered (no pun intended).

If you want to get something that nice, you need to pay a lot – and in this case you’ll have to pay with both time and money. After placing an order, there’s a several-week waiting time until the sheets find their way to your doorstep.

Grey Linoto linen sheets

Product review

100% Linen Sheet Set
Includes2 pillowcases, one fitted sheet, one flat sheet. Look at ‘Additional info’ below for more information.
Material100% linen
SizeTwin, Full, Queen, King, California King
Set/IndividualThis is a set, but you can get individual pieces or get custom sets with different sizes and colors.
Color and designLinoto offers several plain colors on Amazon: off-white, white, natural, green, graphite/black, indigo, lavender, purple, two grey shades, terra cotta orange
They also have one blue shade striped pattern.
There are even more colors on the Linoto website.
Additional infoApart from regular sizes, you can make special orders, choose fitted sheet depth, and pillowcase type.
PriceFrom $249 for Twin to $409 for Split Cal King Special order. 

Every Linoto order is made with extreme care. You won’t only be surprised by how beautifully they’re packaged, but Linoto also allows you to choose several set sizes, depending on your bed size. What we absolutely love about Linoto is that you should have no worries if you sleep in a non-standard bed – such as European sizes, for example. They have seven non-standard special-order sizes and five regular sizes. 

That’s not all – you can choose whether you want envelope pillowcases or back-loading shams. 

Finally, you choose the depth of the fitted sheet. Larger mattresses like the Amerisleep AS5 require deeper sheets than standard-sized mattresses. Linoto offers:

  • 18” deep pocket fitted sheet + 1 flat sheet
  • 14” standard depth fitted sheet + 1 flat sheet
  • 9” shallow fitted sheet + 1 flat sheet (special order)
  • European – 2 XL flat sheets


  • Twin – $249
  • Twin XL – $269
  • Full/Double – $299
  • Full XL/Double XL – $349 (special order)
  • Queen – $339
  • Split Queen – $299 (special order)
  • European Queen – $349 (special order)
  • Olympic Queen – $369 (special order)
  • King – $369
  • Split King – $399 (special order)
  • European King – $399 (special order)
  • California King – $369
  • Split California King – $409 (special order)

These 13 different size options – including the special orders, are available on the Linoto website whereas only five can be purchased on their Amazon page. Please bear in mind that special order items are not covered by the 30-day satisfaction guarantee (you can only return the item if it’s defective).


Pure linen is heavier and stronger than cotton. Unlike sateen, it never sticks to your skin and it isn’t slippery. Linen allows better breathability but it also tends to crease more. Linoto linen was made to crease less than typical products made of the same material. If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll especially appreciate the 100% linen sheets.

The material weight is 165gsm (grams per square meter) which falls into the medium weight category of linen fabrics. This doesn’t tell us anything about the thread count (how dense the threads are) and the website doesn’t offer us that information. 

Many people have a wrong belief that all linen products are rough. Yes, they can be if you over-dry them, but proper care can help you make them softer. On top of that, Linoto strives to make soft linen and prewashes it so you can use it as soon as you buy it. Linen generally gets softer the more you use it.

Workers manufacturing Linoto sheets
Workers making Linoto sheets.

Company policies and maintenance

Trial30 days
Warranty30-day complete satisfaction guarantee on most items (Special order items, curtains, boxers, and custom items can’t be returned or exchanged).
Customer supportYou can reach them through email, phone, or a form on the website. Support can be slow via email, but customers are always met with attention and understanding.
USA productLinen flax sourced from Belgium and Italy (Europe), where the best flax is from. Made in the USA.
ShippingWorldwide shipping. In the US, shipping is free on orders over $100. Returns must be delivered to Linoto within 30 days of the delivery date.
Linoto pays for return shipping only if the item was defective.

There’s no trial on Linoto sheets but they do offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. When returning an item, you have to include all the merchandise and a copy of the packing slip or email purchase confirmation.

Since Linoto approaches their products with great care, they also encourage customers to include feedback with explanations on why the items were returned. 

Some customers complained about their sheets becoming too stiff. This may happen if they are washed and dried on high temperatures. Here are care tips by Linoto. Follow them to get soft, long-lasting sheets:

“No ironing and no dry cleaning is necessary; wash colors in cold water and white and neutral colors in warm water. We recommend tumble drying linen on the lowest heat setting and removing the sheets from the dryer when they are still slightly humid and allowing the last bit of moisture evaporate naturally.”

Physical stores

There are currently no Linoto physical stores. You can order their products on Amazon or on Linoto.com. Free swatches are available – just call customer service to order them.

About Linoto

Linoto was founded by Jason Everge in 2007 and today the company produces a wide range of pure linen products – not only sheets, but also towels, curtains, boxers, and kitchen tablecloths and napkins.

You can contact the customer support via:

Phone: 888-9-LINOTO (888-954-6686)

Email: support@linoto.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LinotoLinens

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/linotodotcom/

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