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Cultiver Linen Sheet Set With Pillowcases Review

Cultiver linen sheets on bed

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Cultiver is a premium brand that makes sustainable, soft, and comfortable bedding products. We’ll focus on the linen sheet set that they’re now selling in a package that includes extra pillowcases.

This review will give you a broad overview of Cultiver linen sheets before we do a deep dive on the different aspects of this expensive product. We’ll take a look at the comfort, construction, durability, and more.

Let’s start with pros and cons.

Buy Now: Cultiver Linen Sheet Set, $325+ from Cultiver

Pros and cons

– Made of pure linen which is extra breathable and dries quickly
– You can request swatches
– Free shipping to US and Canada
– There’s no warranty, only 30-day return period
– Sheets could come in an off-color (due to the seasons and the nature of 100% natural materials)

Some sources say that linen is more sustainable than cotton – so if you’re a green person, this could be one reason more to get linen sheets. They also allow more breathability and can dry more quickly.

On the negative side (especially if you care a lot about how well colors fit in your room), you may get a slightly different color from what’s on the website and on your swatch. However, this may only bug some people, we guess many wouldn’t mind it. 

The thing that does bother us is that you only have 30 days to return the item if it’s damaged or you don’t like it. 

Forest green linen sheets from Cultiver

Product review

Luxe Core Sheet Set
Includes2 pillowcases, one fitted sheet, one flat sheet
Material100% linen
SizeTwin, Queen, King, California King
Set/IndividualThey don’t split sets, but they do offer a “Build a set” option for you to choose those items that can be sold individually.
Color and designThey offer 12 plain colors and 3 striped patterns.
Plain: white, light grey, dark gray, navy, blue-green, olive green, light sage, natural linen color, light pink, pink, indigo.

Striped: indigo-white, thin black-white stripes, and off-white with thin black lines.
PriceFrom $315 for a twin size to $255 for a Cal King

With over $300 for the smallest and (cheapest) set and no warranty, we advise thinking carefully whether you really want linen. Although it’s natural, comfortable, and quality, those who are not sure or are trying it for the first time should definitely request a swatch.

Colors we listed are also listed on Cultiver’s website – just don’t get too excited about those because many colors are currently unavailable for Cal King and Twin. Queen and King have more options, but not all. The availability seems to depend on your mattress size.

Oatmeal-colored linen Cultiver sheets


  • Twin – $325
  • Queen – $385
  • King –  $395
  • California King – $420


Linen is heavier and stronger than cotton, but it also tends to crease more. If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll probably appreciate the 100% linen which will help your skin breathe freely. 

The material weight is 165gsm (grams per square meter) which falls into medium weight category of linen fabrics. This doesn’t tell us anything about the thread count (how dense the threads are) and the website doesn’t offer us that information. 

One problem with linen is its reputation. Many believe it’s too rough for bed. Cultiver makes softer linen and prewashes it to make it softer. Finally, after some time of use, the linen will become even softer.

Company policies and maintenance

TrialNo trial
WarrantyNo warranty
Customer supportYou can reach them through email or a form on their website.
USA productLinen flax sourced from Belgium and France (Europe), where the best flax is from.Woven and manufactured in China.
ShippingFree shipping for all full-priced items.
All swatches and archive items cost $10 in US and Canada.
Returns paid by the customer.

The lack of a trial period combined with no warranty is really off-putting. You do have 30 days to return an item unfit or if you simply changed your mind, but it has to be unused, unwashed, and unmarked. You pay the shipping fees in this case.

If the item is faulty you can contact them on the email we provided below in the “About” section.

Any items that were on sale are not eligible for replacement or returns unless they are damaged.

The linen should be washed on medium temperature and dried on the medium. If you’re line-drying, avoid long exposure to sunlight because the part of linen that’s turned towards the sun could fade in color.

Cultiver recommends having two sets of sheets which should be alternating between washes to prolong their lifespan. This is generally good advice for any bedsheets that you own.

Physical stores

There are no physical stores, but you can always order one swatch or more and see whether you like the material and color. 

Grey Cultiver linen sheets on a mattress

About Cultiver

Nicolle Sullivan is the founder and CEO of Cultiver. She started the company in 2012 in Cultiver, Australia. For years, Nicolle was an online shopper who could do her research well and who focused on finding well-sourced, quality items that were affordable

Finally, after starting a family, she also decided to start something new – and that was Cultiver. First, they produced only bedsheets, but today you can find their napkins, mats, tablecloths, throw pillow covers, blankets, clothes, and more!

You can contact the customer support via:

You can also use the contact form on their website.

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