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Best Mattresses That Come With Free Sleep Trials (Top 5 Picks)

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The best way to know if a mattress is “the one” is to actually try it out and sleep on it. Online mattress brands know this and the free mattress trial is as much a selling point as a mattress’ features. From 30 nights to 6 months to even up to a full year (the longest sleep trial we’ve comes across), online mattress companies continue to outdo each other by providing the longest, risk-free trial period they could ever give and in this article we cover the 5 brands we think do. Our Editor’s choice is the Zenhaven.

Top 5 Mattress Brands With Free Trials in 2022

  1. Zenhaven – best overall (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Helix Midnight – best for side sleepers
  3. Casper Original – best for couples
  4. Avocado Green – best natural and organic mattress
  5. Nolah Evolution 15 – best for heavier individuals


Check Current Price | Editor’s Choice | Review

zenhaven mattress on simple bed base

Pros and cons

Ultra ResponsiveNot suitable for heavier individuals
Organic and all naturalCan be a bit pricey
Flippable firmness levelsComes shipped full sized

Made by Saatva, a mattress brand that is known the world over for its premium quality mattresses, the Zenhaven mattress is an all-foam mattress that’s made with organic, all-natural materials. Differing slightly from what most people know an all-foam mattress to be, Zenhaven is actually made up of natural latex foam instead of regular memory foam.

Organic latex mattresses are inherently more responsive than memory foam mattresses, making them a great option for those who hate the feel of traditional memory foam. There was certainly none of that ‘stuck in the mud feel’ with the Zenhaven mattress when we tried it out. Similar to innersprings, the responsiveness of the Zenhaven mattress aids those who need extra support – especially in the lumbar and hip area.

Made from eco-friendly materials, each Zenhaven mattress is handcrafted and made to order in Saatva’s own factories in the USA. Saatva uses 100% natural Talalay latex as well as pure, certified organic cotton covers that has been treated with Guardin, an antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment to keep all the nasty stuff away. Zenhaven also features a non-chemical, fiberglass-free fire retardant with 100% organic wool.

What sets the Zenhaven mattress apart from other latex mattresses (or even other types of mattresses for that matter) is the fact that it’s flippable and because of that it offers 2 different firmness levels – all in one mattress. One side is a Luxury Plush which is around a medium to medium firm on the mattress firmness scale, while the other side is a Gentle Firm, which to us feels like a medium firm to firm. Depending on weight and body type, these firmness levels may feel firmer or softer. Those who are heavier than 250 lbs. may not get the support and comfort that they would need and we always recommend hybrid mattresses for heavier individuals.

On the same note, petite side sleepers may find both sides of the Zenhaven to be a bit too firm to offer them the pressure relief that they would need. Other than that, the Zenhaven would be an ideal mattress for average weight individuals who sleep primarily on their backs and stomachs. Combination sleepers or those who shift between different sleeping positions throughout the night would also appreciate the Zenhaven’s ultra-responsiveness as it allows them to move about freely without feeling stuck.

Because latex does not trap body heat like regular memory foam does, warmer sleepers could sleep cooler on the Zenhaven. The latex used in the Zenhaven mattress features laser cut holes all throughout, allowing air to flow, keeping your mattress fresh for longer. Both sides of the mattress also feature 5 ergonomic zones that help with both pressure relief and support from head to toe.

We did find that edge support could be a little better though but it shouldn’t be a problem unless you are the type who likes to sleep on the very edges of the bed. As for motion isolation, we found that the Zenhaven fared well when it came to motion transfer but not as great as say, a denser and firmer type of foam mattress.

The Zenhaven mattress comes in 7 different sizes, including a Split King. It measures 10″ tall and is compatible with almost all bed bases and foundations, even an adjustable bed base.

The average sleeper only needs a minimum of a month to fully see whether a mattress feels right for their needs and Saatva offers a substantial 180 night, risk-free sleep trial for the Zenhaven mattress. Once you do decide to commit, it comes backed by a 20 year warranty. Saatva offers free white glove delivery for all of their mattresses – a godsend especially since all their mattresses come shipped full-sized and the Zenhaven is no exception.

Buy: Zenhaven Mattress

Helix Midnight

Check Current Price | Best for Side Sleepers

helix midnight mattress on wooden frame
Helix Midnight

Pros and cons

Suitable for strict side sleepersCan be a bit too soft for some
Can support heavier individualsCan have a slight new mattress smell
Free shipping

Helix Midnight is a hybrid mattress that’s geared toward side sleepers. The shoulders and the hips are the main pressure points of those who sleep predominantly on their sides and sleeping on a firm mattress can cause pain in these areas. In the long term, continued use of a mattress that’s the wrong firmness level for your sleeping position can wreak havoc on your overall health. A strict side sleeper needs a soft mattress that can help keep the pressure off the main pressure points.

A hybrid mattress combines the pressure relieving properties of a memory foam mattress with the responsive support of innersprings. But differing slightly from a traditional innerspring mattress, a hybrid utilizes individually wrapped spring coils that helps deaden motion transfer, thus making it a solid option for those who share a bed with a partner.

The Helix Midnight mattress has hundreds of individually wrapped coils that help provide support and reinforced perimeters to give better edge support. Hybrids are usually better equipped in the edge support department compared to all-foam mattresses and the Helix Midnight has strong edge support. When sleeping, I tend to veer towards the edge of the bed and not once did I feel any danger of rolling off.

Sitting on a 4-5 on the mattress firmness scale, we classify the Helix Midnight as a medium soft to medium mattress. This means that it can accommodate all types sleeping styles, including back and stomach sleepers. Being a hybrid mattress, the Helix Midnight can also support heavier individuals, even if they are a strict stomach sleeper. Bear in mind though, that the heavier a person this the softer the mattress feels so if you want something a little firmer, you might want to look into something like Amerisleep’s AS2.

The mattress cover on the Helix Midnight features their own Helix Soft Touch design that optimizes air flow, which helps keep the mattress stay cool and fresh while helping those who sleep hot sleep cool.

There could be a slight new mattress smell when you first get the Helix Midnight mattress but this is usually common with foam mattresses and can easily be remedied by airing out the mattress for a day or two.

The Helix Midnight comes in 6 sizes and measures 12″ tall. It is compatible with all bed frames, foundations and bases.

The average sleep trial period of most companies are 3 months or 100 nights and Helix offers a 100 night trial period for all of their mattresses. The Helix Midnight comes backed by a 10-15 year warranty. Returned mattresses come with a full refund. Helix also offers free shipping for all their mattresses within the continental United States.

Buy: Helix Midnight

Casper Original

Check Current Price | Best for Couples | Review

casper original mattress on gray bed base
Casper Original

Pros and cons

Suits all sleeper typesAll foam is not suitable for those who weigh over 250 lbs
Good for hot sleepersMay have a slight new mattress smell
Comes in hybrid version
Cover is machine washable

One of the main causes of those pesky, sleepless nights is something as sleeping in a room that’s too hot. Studies have shown that the ideal temperature to get a good night’s sleep is 65 degrees Fahrenheit. But what a lot of people don’t know is that sometimes their own bed contributes to the heat.

Casper is the very first mattress brand to introduce the concept of the ‘bed in a box’ and they have so far lived up to their OG status. The Casper Original mattress is Casper’s flagship mattress and still is Casper’s bestselling mattress to date.

Loved by many because of its ability to accommodate all sleeper types with its true medium firmness level (a solid 5 on the mattress firmness scale), it has also gained popularity for its ability to help sleepers keep cool while they sleep. This makes it a great option for all kinds of sleeping positions as well as those who tend to sleep hot.

Casper has recently done an overhaul of their mattress designs and the Casper Original now features Casper’s latest proprietary tech – patented 4D sleep technology – a combination of materials specially engineered to address a sleeper’s main issues: temperature, alignment, feel and sleep time. You also get the choice to choose between a hybrid mattress or a memory foam mattress. This means that the Casper Original mattress covers a whole range of not just sleeping positions, but both petite and heavier individuals as well as those who prefer different levels of comfort and support based on various issues, be it medical or not.

It must be said, that some reviews have shown the Casper Original to feel a little too soft, especially for those who are a little bit overweight. We suggest a firmer hybrid mattress such as the Saatva HD.

All the foam layers used in the Casper Original mattress are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they are free from harmful chemicals which can be toxic. The hybrid version features up to a coil system made up of individually wrapped coils that helps minimize motion transfer while providing a more responsive support. Both the Casper Original all-foam mattress and the hybrid version utilizes Casper’s own polyfoam alternative, the Airscape foam, which features thousands of perforations that helps air flow, keeping the mattress cool and dry. It also helps with keeping dust mites and other critters away.

Just like a traditional memory foam mattress, the Casper Original’s memory foam layer cradles and contours the body giving excellent pressure relief, making it an ideal mattress for those who suffer from chronic pain. While a softer mattress is great for those who feel constant aches and pains, a firm mattress like the Layla Hybrid is best for those who need extra lumbar support.

We did find that the Casper Original mattress gave off none of that new mattress smell and while off-gassing this is usually a sign that a mattress is ‘bad’, the smell could be bothersome for others. I guess for a mattress that has been around for as long as Casper mattresses have, this should already be naturally assumed.

We also found that both the hybrid and all-foam versions provided great edge support but we liked the Casper mattress best for its cooling features and for someone who sleeps awfully hot, this can be a godsend.

The Casper Original comes in 6 different sizes, including a California King. It measures 11″ in thickness and is compatible with most bed frames and bases.

You get a 100-night free mattress trial period with the Casper Original. Free trials mean you get a full refund once you find that the mattress is not really for you. The return process of Casper mattresses is fairly simple and straightforward should you want to return your mattress. If you find that you are happy with your Casper mattress, you get a 10 year warranty.

Buy: Casper Original

Avocado Green

Check Current Price | Best Natural and Organic Mattress | Review

couple atop avocado green mattress on dark wooden base
Avocado Green

Pros and cons

UL Greenguard Gold certifiedCan be a bit too firm for some
All natural and all organicCan be a little pricey
Responsive support

Big fan of all things green and natural? The Avocado Green mattress is Avocado’s number one bestselling mattress since its introduction in 2016. A good number of people are now slowly waking up to the fact that even our beds are not exempt from nasty toxins and although a great many of us are still raging carnivores, we have begun going green in many other aspects of our lives.

Based in California, Avocado is also one of the top brands in America to produce a fully vegan mattress. While the Avocado Green is not exactly vegan (it uses 100% natural, ethically sourced wool as its flame retardant), it is still one of the most highly certified mattress online brands on the market. And not just any certifications; the Avocado Green is UL Greenguard Gold certified (one of the hardest certifications to get in the world), Class 1 certification by OEKO-TEX, GOLS GOT, Climate Neutral, Made Safe… I think where you know where I’m going with this. This mattress is no joke when it comes to beating the nasties that can plague humans, animals and the environment.

This is not to say though that the Avocado Green mattress is without fault. If you’re a strict side sleeper and weigh significantly less than average, then you might feel the Avocado Green’s Gentle Firm firmness level to be a bit too unforgiving on your shoulders and hips. That said, Avocado does offer the option to customize your new mattress with an additional pillow top which pushes your mattress firmness from a Gentle Firm (6 – 7) to a Luxury Plush (5 – 6) although to my 61 kg self the Luxury Plush skews more medium firm rather than a medium. It is definitely best to try it out for yourself and see.

All the layers of the Avocado Green mattress are not held in place by glue of any sort; they are needle-tufted by hand keeping the mattress free from any sort of chemicals. While not necessarily a serious issue, most companies bond their foam layers together with glue and Avocado seeks to be natural in every way possible.

Speaking of feel, the Avocado Green is not your typical hybrid. Most hybrid mattresses use a combination of memory foam and coils; the Avocado Green uses latex foam and coils. This gives it an unmistakeable bounce and feel that’s unlike any other hybrid. We found that it makes a perfect sleep surface for those who tend to move around the bed a lot as well as those who need more responsive support.

Latex foam is considerably more responsive than regular memory foam and bounces back in seconds. Avocado uses Dunlop latex instead of Talalay latex in their latex mattresses. Dunlop latex is more eco-conscious to produce as it takes half the amount of time and resources. It is also thought to be a lot cooler than Talalay latex. The combination of latex layers and the coil system of the Avocado Green also helps with sleeping cool making it the perfect mattress for a person who always sleeps hot.

Another benefit of organic latex is that there is zero chance of any off-gassing, unlike memory foam which can sometimes be annoying. The all-natural and all-organic materials used in Avocado mattresses most definitely helps with that too. The Avocado Green features handles stitched on either side for ease of transport and rotation.

The Avocado Green mattress comes in 6 different sizes, including a California King. It measures 13″ thick and is compatible with most bed frames and bases, including an adjustable base.

Avocado offers the longest free trial in the mattress industry – giving sleepers 1 whole year to try out the mattress in the comfort of their own home. All of Avocado’s mattresses are handmade in a GOTS certified factory in California and are backed by a substantial 25 year warranty.

Buy: Avocado Green

Nolah Evolution 15

Check Current Price | Best for Heavier Individuals | Review

nolah evolution mattress on wooden base
Nolah Evolution 15

Pros and cons

All new and improved memory foam alternativeMattress could be a bit too hefty
No off gassingMight be a little too pricey for some
3 firmness options to choose from
Sleeps very cool

Want a mattress that’s keeping up with the times? The Nolah Evolution 15 is mattress that’s jacked up in more ways than one and yes, 15 means it measures 15″ thick.

Featuring an orthopedic support core base layer, Tri-Zone support coils, graphite-infused memory foam alternatives as well as a proprietary ArcticIce cover and a classy pillow top, it certainly is one for the books. The Nolah Evolution mattress is Nolah’s only hybrid mattress offering out of their current lineup of mostly memory foam mattresses.

You have the option to choose between three firmness levels: Plush, Luxury Firm and Firm. The Plush firmness option feels exactly like it sounds – soft and cuddly because of the memory foam and yet responsive and supportive because of the individually pocketed coils. Because it is a softer mattress, it is best for side sleepers .

Luxury Firm sits between a medium firm to firm and could accommodate all sleeper types while the Firm option is only suitable for strict stomach and back sleepers. No matter the firmness level though, because it is a hybrid and a substantially thicker mattress than most, it is a great option for heavier individuals.

Because there is a variety of firmness options to choose from, couples would do well with choosing a mattress like the Nolah Evolution 15. Most mattress brands don’t really offer a lot of options when it comes to firmness.

The graphite-infused memory foam alternative in the Nolah Evolution’s top foam layer helps wick away body heat which can help with sleeping cool. Add to that the active cooling cover that also helps avoid heat retention – hot sleepers will definitely be sleeping soundly in no time.

Unlike memory foam, hybrid mattresses are also great at helping the mattress stay cool as the coils allow air to move about freely all throughout the mattress. This is certainly one of the coolest mattresses we have ever tried.

Aside from being a hybrid, the Nolah Evolution is also one of the thickest mattresses on the market this gives it great motion isolation, not to mention Nolah’s proprietary Edge-Tech support which features reinforced edges all around the mattress. I do not sleep with a partner but I do sleep with a pet and not once did I feel any movement from my very jumpy cat.

Even with its memory foam layer, there is none of that stuck in the mud feel that comes with most memory foam mattresses but you do get that contoured support, making it a good choice for those who suffer from back pain or chronic pain such as fibromyalgia. If you are a chronic pain sufferer and you feel as though as an all-memory foam mattress would be the best mattress to deal with your issues, you might want to look into something like the Idle Gel Plush.

The Tri-Zone technology in the coil system of the Nolah Evolution mattress targets all areas of the body and provides support from head to toe as well as helping keep pressure off the main pressure points.

The Nolah Evolution 15 comes in 6 sizes and measures 15″ in thickness, but you already knew that. It is compatible with all bed frames, bases and foundations.

Nolah offers free returns for all of their mattresses and returned mattresses are given away to charity or homeless shelters. You get a 120 free mattress trial for the Nolah Evolution, which is the the standard length of time when it comes to sleep trials. You do, however, get a forever warranty with all of Nolah’s mattresses.

Buy: Nolah Evolution 15

Quick View and Comparison

BrandZenhavenHelix MidnightCasper Original Avocado GreenNolah Evolution 15
Thickness (inches)1012111315
FeelLuxury Firm/Gentle Firm (flippable)Medium Soft to MediumMediumGentle Firm/Luxury PlushPlush/Luxury Firm/Firm
Motion TransferMinimal to noneMinimal to noneMinimal to noneMinimal to noneMinimal to none
Edge SupportVery goodExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellent
Sleeping PositionBack, stomach and combination sleepersAll sleeper typesAll sleeper typesBack, stomach and combination sleepersAll sleeper types
Trial (nights)180100100365120
Warranty (years)2010-151025Lifetime
Link to buyBuy ZenhavenBuy Helix MidnightBuy Casper OriginalBuy Avocado GreenBuy Nolah Evolution 15
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Q: How long do mattress trials last?

A: Mattress trials last anywhere from a month to a full year. We found that 3 months is more than enough time to fully gel with a mattress and see whether it’s the right mattress for you.

Q: How do I return a mattress?

A: The return process of most mattress companies are fairly simple and straightforward. All the information can be found in the website of the mattress brand you choose.

Psst… the sleep review industry is full of liars, sharks, and thieves. It’s a modern-day version of getting ripped off at your local mattress store. So, why should you trust us?