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Linen Sheets From Tuft & Needle Completely Upgraded My Sleep

Tuft and Needle linen sheets on a mattress

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Dreaming of a fair-priced high-quality linen sheet set? Tuft & Needle linen sheets might just be the answer! With a sale they’re currently running, you can get away with a set for less than $200 dollars. 

That’s actually not much compared to other flax sets we’ve reviewed. Great durability, lovely colors, and a comfy feel are just some of the perks of this set.

This review goes into detail about the Tuft & Needle Linen Sheet set, but we also explain more about flax itself in case you’re about to try it for the first time.

Pros and cons

– Made of 100% European linen
– Regulates temperature well
– Thick and breathable material
– 100-night trial period
– Sheets may develop holes
– May feel coarse to some

Tuft & Needle sources flax from Europe, but they found a way to get the best flax for a cheaper price – they don’t tell us where it’s exactly from, they just say it’s not from Belgium. Either way, we’re impressed with the thickness of the material. 

It’s quite heavy when you lift it, but that doesn’t make it less soft or less temperature regulating than thin linen from other brands. This one seems to have it all.

We especially like the 100-night trial period. The majority (if not all) of the brands we reviewed so far offer zero trial nights with their flax linens. Even if nothing attracts you to flax, then for this reason only you may want to consider trying out these sheets. There’s really nothing to lose.

The absolute majority of people who tried the Tuft & Needle Linen Sheet set are perfectly happy with it, but out of those who did complain, the most were about sheets coming with or quickly developing holes. This is generally a potential problem with linen – not something to be attributed to the brand. The second con is that the linen may actually feel too coarse, especially if you’re used to satin or just super soft bedding. Since flax naturally slightly varies each season, you may actually receive a set that feels a bit coarse. 

Buy Now: Tuft & Needle Linen Sheet Set, $157+ from TuftandNeedle.com

Product review

Tuft & Needle Linen Sheet Set
Includes2 pillowcases, one fitted sheet, one top/flat sheet
(Twin, Twin XL, and Full come with 1 pillowcase)
Material100% European flax linen
WeightNo information
SizeTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

16” pocket accommodates up to 14” mattress.
ExtrasStrong elastic at the bottom of the fitted sheet to keep it in place.
Set/IndividualYou can get shams and a duvet cover separately, but they don’t mention mixing and matching colors as an option.
Color and designThey offer 6 different colors: charcoal (black), white, off-white, baby pink, baby blue, and dark grey.
PriceFrom $157 for a Twin size to $202 for a Cal King

A set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, one pillowcase for Full and smaller sizes, and two pillowcases for Queen and larger sizes.

The set comes in six sizes, and all colors are pleasant and calming. If you need extra pillowcases or a duvet cover, you can get them separately. We especially like the fact that the fitted sheet has an elastic band at the bottom – something that’s not easy to find with linen sheets. Since the depth of the sheet is the same in all sizes, make sure your mattress fits the 16” pocket depth (they say it works on mattresses up to 14” in height). 

If your mattress is a thin one, you may have a problem with the fitted sheet getting too wrinkly.

Buy Now: Tuft & Needle Linen Sheet Set, $157+ from TuftandNeedle.com

Tuft & Needle linen sheets with hands
These linen sheets look absolutely beautiful


  • Twin – $157.50
  • Twin XL –  $157.50
  • Full – $180
  • Queen – $180
  • King –  $202.50
  • California King – $202.50

If these prices seem too high (and if you’re a first-time linen buyer, they might), we encourage you to check out the prices of competing brands like Linoto or Cultiver. Their smallest, Twin sizes, start at over $200 or $300 and Queen and King are way more than that.

Buy Now: Tuft & Needle Linen Sheet Set, $157+ from TuftandNeedle.com


Many hot sleepers, those who live in hot climates, or simply have no AC in their homes are blown away by how good linen is at regulating temperature. There’s no heat trapping and if a person gets sweaty, the sweat quickly evaporates from the sheets. 

One thing to bear in your mind is – if you’re sleeping on a simple memory foam mattress and have a thick cover, linen sheets will help alleviate the heat situation, but they won’t eliminate all the heat that gets accumulated in the mattress and cover.

Tuft and Needle linen sheets are made of 100% European flax linen. The material feels thick and heavy. It’s not as smooth as cotton, but it is soft and with proper care, it will get softer with time. Please read on for information on maintenance.

Tuft & Needle linen sheets with pillowcases
Tuft & Needle sheets go with most decorating styles.

Tuft & Needle Company policies and maintenance

Trial100-night sleep trial
Warranty2-year limited warranty on manufacturing and workmanship defects.
Customer supportYou can reach them through email, phone, or a form on their website.

They respond quickly and are ready to help.
USA productLinen flax sourced from Europe, where the best flax is from.Doesn’t say where it’s woven.
ShippingFree shipping except for Alaska and Hawaii.
Free returns within the 100-night trial. 

As we said above, this product is of good quality and affordable as much as linen can be. But those just some of the good points – the most amazing ones lie in Tuft & Needle’s policies. 

These guys offer a 100-night sleep trial on bedsheets! Unlike other manufacturers that will send you a swatch and then simply sell the product to you with no warranty and no mention of a trial, Tuft & Needle has you covered for real. This can put your mind at ease as you’re a customer who’s spending a nice amount of money on this product.

They offer a 2-year limited warranty on manufacturing and workmanship defects. Shipping is free for the lower 48 states and returns are also free within the 100-night trial (along with a full refund).

Tuft & Needle recommends washing the linen before the first use. They do say it comes pre-washed, but this is to soften up the linen, not keep it clean. The fabric still has to go through packing so it’s best and safest if you wash it before the first use.

Use a mild detergent and wash in cool water. When drying, either line dry, or tumble dry on low heat. We would also recommend taking it out from the dryer before it’s 100% dry. If you give it some time to dry naturally, the linen will feel softer. The dryer makes it coarser.

Buy Now: Tuft & Needle Linen Sheet Set, $157+ from TuftandNeedle.com

Physical stores

You can try Tuft & Needle products in one of their US locations. They have 9 Tuft & Needle stores and many more third-party locations like Lowe’s and Crate & Barrel. On this page, you can browse all of their stores or simply enter your ZIP code to find the nearest location to you.

About Tuft & Needle

Two software engineers founded Tuft & Needle. Their names are JT Marino and Daehee Park. They primarily made the website for the purpose of selling mattresses. They wanted to see if people wanted to buy a mattress online and they were quite right.

In 2018, Tuft & Needle merged with a big company – Serta Simmons Bedding. 

Today their company sells mattresses, pillows, toppers, blankets, sheets, furniture, and more – all at a very fair price. 
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (877) 842-2586 (Mon-Fri 7am–6pm and Sat–Sun 9am–6pm Pacific Time)

Buy Now: Tuft & Needle Linen Sheet Set, $157+ from TuftandNeedle.com

Stacked Tuft & Needle sheets
Tuft & Needle sheets are available in a few different awesome colors

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