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We Tried LilySilk’s 25MM Silk Bedding Set – Are Silk Sheets the Key to Youthful Skin?

Lilysilk Silk Bedding Set

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Is luxurious silk only for the super-rich? If you are willing to pay around $1,000 for a set of high-density silk sheets and pillowcases, you could become an owner of luxurious bedding.

Lilysilk is a China-based company that sells relatively affordable silk products. Most reviewers are happy with how it feels while most complaints are directed to customer service instead of the product itself.

As always, we begin with the pros and cons and move on to more details. Read on to learn whether Lilysilk 25MM 4-Piece Silk Bedding Set is the choice for you!

Buy: 25MM 4PCS Silk Bedding Set, $838+ from Lily Silk

Pros and cons

– Silk helps keep the natural moisture of the skin – and hair 
– Envelope/zipper pillowcase choice
– Reasonable price for luxurious bedding
– Poor customer service ratings (especially about returns and refunds)
– The material itself is delicate and could pill and stain after a few months if special care isn’t taken
– Wrinkles easily

Our favorite thing about silk is how beneficial it is for the skin and hair. Unlike cotton, silk doesn’t absorb all the grease from our skin, leaving it dry. It also alleviates pressure put on the face. Both of these result in a younger-looking face with fewer wrinkles. As for the hair, it gets less frizzy and much less tangled after sleeping on silk. 

The price isn’t low for a bedsheet set, but it is quite reasonable for a luxurious silk bedding set. This particular silk (25MM) is of higher weight and quality which makes it more durable and comfortable than other silk products.

The off-putting side comes mainly from customer service reviews. Some customers complained about the slow delivery time and others about not being able to return products or get refunds.

The negative side of the material itself is that, even though this is durable silk, it is still a delicate material that should be handled gently and washed in a special way. It is also prone to pilling and stains/color change in some areas due to usage or sun exposure.

And for all lazy sleepers out there – if you want your silk sheets to look perfect, you may need to iron them. It’s best to do so while the sheets are still slightly damp after washing.

Blue Lilysilk silk sheet set

Product review

Lilysilk 25MM 4-Piece Silk Bedding Set
Includes1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 2 pillowcases
Set/individualYou can buy each piece individually or all of them as a set
Material100% 25 momme silk
Weave Thread count 750
SizeTwin, Full (they come with Standard pillowcases)Queen (with Queen pillowcase)King, Cal King (they come with King pillowcases)
Color and designSix colors are available: brownish, deep purple, grayish khaki, white, black, and off-white/ivory. Other sets come in more colors.
PriceFrom $838 for a Twin size to $1208 for a Cal King

This set includes two pillowcases, one fitted and one flat sheet. The shiny side of the flat sheet should be turned towards your skin, and the blanket should come on top of the other side.

The Lilysilk 25MM silk set comes in six classic colors, which doesn’t make for a big palette, we are happy with the choice. The color hues are pleasant and inviting.

If you’re not used to silk, get ready for super slippery sheets. The bedding feels great but it also tends to slide off the bed, especially if you toss and turn a lot.


These prices aren’t the lowest when it comes to silk but for a 25MM luxurious set, it is quite affordable. If you’re looking for cheaper options, you’ll have probably to sacrifice silk weight and quality.

  • Twin – $838
  • Full – $968
  • Queen – $1078
  • King – $1198
  • California King – $1208

Buy: 25MM 4PCS Silk Bedding Set, $838+ from Lily Silk


This set is made of 25MM (25 Momme) silk and 750 thread count. Momme is a unit used to measure silk fabric quality through weight and density. One momme equals 4.340g/m2 of fabric. Silk is considered to be of higher quality and durability when momme weight is higher. 

25MM is the highest quality Lilysilk produces. They also offer 19MM and 22MM sheets. 

Silk has to be handled and cleaned gently and with care. Please find the detailed care instructions below.

White Lilysilk sheets

Company policies and maintenance

TrialLilysilk offers a 100-night trial period on their 22mm and 25mm pillowcases. Customers will get a full refund and the pillowcase will be donated to a charity.
WarrantyFree 45-day return for eligible items (underwear, anything from clearance, or customized is not eligible). Items must be unworn and unwashed.
Customer supportThey can be reached in their US office over online chat or email. There are many complaints about customer support, especially when it comes to refunds and returns.
USA productNo, it’s a business based in China, where their products are made.
ShippingFree shipping on orders over $50 before taxes. Shipping is free for the 1st return.

We like the long trial period on pillowcases and the fact that you can return unused items within 45 days. Unfortunately, the company seems to have issues organizing its customer service and thus improving customer satisfaction. Some customers were unhappy with the long wait time of about two weeks or more, so be ready to wait for some time because the product is shipped from China (for free).

It becomes more serious when it comes to refunds and returns – in some instances, the customer support would just stop replying or offer discounts on new purchases rather than just send a replacement. 

Lilysilk has a set of recommendations on how to care about their sheets so that they would last long. First, they recommend professional dry cleaning. 

If that’s not an option, sheets should either be washed by hand or machine wash in a mesh bag on 30°C (cold wash) on a gentle cycle. The detergent should be a mild/neutral one or special silk detergent. Make sure spin time is minimized, avoid any bleaches, and hang dry away from direct sunlight exposure. 

The website gives somewhat opposing information on how to properly dry sheets. The Care page suggests that you can tumble dry on a cool setting for a short period of time, while the product page says dryers should be avoided altogether. 

Iron on a cool setting when the sheets are damp.

About Lilysilk

Lilysilk was founded in 2010 by Lily Mei, a former worker in the silk industry in France. After coming home to China, she decided to take a bold step and start her own online business. Cutting the retailers out made it possible to produce cheaper items and pay silk workers fair wages. Lily’s husband, Mike Lee, is the current CEO.
Lilysilk can be reached via email: [email protected] or over via online chat service on their website from Monday through Friday. Their phone service isn’t available at the moment due to the Covid-19 situation.

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