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Top 5 Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers in 2021

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Are you waking up feeling tired, or worse, with mysterious backaches and joint pains, even after you’ve had your full 8 hours of sleep? Are you sharing your bed with a partner who’s a stomach or side sleeper? Or is your mattress just not cutting it anymore?

If you answered yes to one (or all) and you exclusively sleep on your back, then today is your lucky day!

We have rounded up the best mattresses for back sleepers to look out for right now.

Our Favorite Brands for Back Sleepers are

  1. Amerisleep AS1
  2. GhostBed 3D Matrix
  3. Idle Latex Hybrid
  4. Zoma
  5. Zenhaven

1. Amerisleep AS1

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Amerisleep AS1 mattress for back sleepers
Amerisleep AS1

Made especially for back sleepers who prefer sleeping on a mattress with an extra firm feel, the AS1 is the firmest mattress out of Amerisleep’s very impressive lineup.

Back sleepers who also suffer from chronic neck and back pain will appreciate the AS1’s firm feel as the extra firmness helps keep their spinal alignment in check. No sinkage, no unnecessary fluff – just unhindered support all throughout. Those who sleep hot will also appreciate the AS1’s firmness, since a firmer surface means there’s less of a ‘sinking in feel’, making you sleep, essentially, on top of the mattress rather than within it. Add to that Amerisleep’s proprietary breathable Celliant cover, which helps convert body heat into infrared energy which in turn helps promote local circulation and cell oxygenation.

Speaking of proprietary, Amerisleep has also developed their very own memory foam alternative: BioPur. Utilizing open cell technology, BioPur is also plantbased, eco-friendly, cooling and substantially more responsive than traditional memory foam and makes up the first 2 inches of the AS1. The base layer is made up of another one of Amerisleep’s own technology which this their BioCore form, a high density poly-foam which gives the AS1 it’s gentle but firm feel.

All of Amerisleep’s mattresses are made in the USA and have a 20 year warranty. Amerisleep also offers a risk-free 100 night trial so you can try it out for yourself to see if it’s just right for you.

Buy: Amerisleep AS1, $909 (Queen) from Amerisleep.com (coupon code: SLEEPLINE)

2. GhostBed 3D Matrix

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GhostBed 3D matrix mattress for back sleepers
GhostBed 3D Matrix

If you’re a back sleeper who also sleeps hot, then say goodbye to sweaty, sleepless nights with GhostBed’s newest hybrid, the GhostBed 3D Matrix.

Featuring not 3, not 5 but 7 layers of exclusive patented technology that includes a soy-based and eco-friendly polymer gel layer – GhostBed’s very own Secret Sauce – which helps you sleep cool all throughout the night. Being a hybrid, the GhostBed 3D Matrix also features a layer of individually wrapped, reinforced coils sandwiched in between head to toe pressure relieving gel memory foam, a latex-like GhostBounce layer for contouring comfort, a Ghost 3D Matrix soft transition foam for added pain and pressure relief and a high density support layer for extra support and durability. All these amazing layers come encased in what GhostBed likes to call their Ghost Ice cooling cover to help keep you deliciously cool while you sleep.

While plush, the GhostBed 3D Matrix actually falls right in between the firm and soft spectrum, making it the ideal mattress for all types of sleepers but will benefit those who sleep on their backs the most. This also makes it the perfect bed for couples with different sleeping styles.

We have found that GhostBed has the fastest shipping times (2 days!) wherever you are in the continental United States and what’s more, it’s free. All of GhostBed’s products are developed and manufactured in the USA and they offer a risk-free 101 night trial along with a 25 year warranty.

Buy: GhostBed 3D Matrix, $1946 (Queen), from GhostBed.com (coupon code: SLEEPLINE)

3. Idle Latex Hybrid

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Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid mattress
Idle Latex Hybrid

A flippable mattresses that lets you choose from either firm or medium firm or both? Sign us up! The Idle Latex Hybrid ups the ante by giving you 3 options for one.

Certified organic and eco-friendly, the Idle Latex Hybrid mattresses are hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, dust mite resistant and are made without glue or toxins so you can rest easy, knowing that while you sleep, you are also contributing to keeping the planet healthy.

Idle Sleep’s Latex Hybrid mattress features their specially designed buoyancy foam made from 100% Talalay latex, that offers 400% more support than regular memory foam. And just because Idle Sleep loves going the extra mile (or in this case a thousand), their Latex Hybrid mattress also features 1000 smart support coils versus the typical 300 springs that a typical hybrid mattress may have. On top of that, the edges are made up of 6-inch edge to edge wrapped coils that help with motion transfer as well as give superior edge support.

And, just to make it easier for you to flip it, the Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid has built in handles on each side plus it does not matter which side you flip it on, due to all its layers being evenly distributed from core to outer layer on each side, you will get the same comfort front, back and center.

Idle Sleep offers an 18 month trial for all their mattresses but should you find that the Latex Hybrid is not for you, then return is absolutely free. Idle Sleep also offers a warranty that lasts a lifetime – which even covers body impressions. Now that is top notch.

Buy: Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid Mattress, $1329 (Queen) from Idlesleep.com

4. Zoma

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Zoma Mattress

Loved by both professional and amateur athletes or even just those who lead a more active lifestyle, the Zoma mattress delivers more than just support and relief – it aids in muscle recovery and enhanced rejuvenation.

Zoma’s proprietary Triangulex gel memory foam offers targeted support for all three zones of the body – the head, neck and shoulders, the hips and lower back and the upper and lower leg zone, making it an excellent mattress for back sleepers. Another proprietary layer, their Reactiv layer, helps with maximum contouring and pressure relief without causing you to sink or feel stuck.

Active people tend to generate more body heat, even at rest, and the Zoma mattress can help hot sleepers keep their cool while they sleep with their ultra breathable and cooling outer cover which is designed to wick away heat and moisture.

Zoma offers free returns with their 100 night trial and has a 10 year full replacement warranty.

Buy: Zoma Mattress, from $799 (Queen) from Zomasleep.com (coupon code: SLEEPLINE)

5. Zenhaven Latex Mattress

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Here’s another one for you eco-conscious mattress lovers: Zenhaven, a brand under premium mattress makers Saatva, offers a flippable, all-natural and eco-friendly mattress that utilizes certified organic materials from the inside out.

Featuring a distinct 5-zone Talalay latex outer layer providing enhanced support and maximum pressure point relief and Talalay latex core and base layers, the Zenhaven mattress is completely petroleum free and plastic free. Even its outer covers are made up of certified organic wool, which is fire retardant, and 100% organic cotton, ensuring a product that is both healthy for you (and your loved ones) as well as being healthy for the planet. Latex, being naturally cooler than regular memory foam mattresses, is great for those who sleep hot.

The Zenhaven mattress comes in two different firmness levels, Luxury Plush and Gentle Firm, but you don’t have to pick just one because you can get both in just one mattress, making it a wonderful option for the more eco-conscious back sleepers out there.

Offering 180 night risk-free trial as well as white glove delivery no matter where you may be in the continental US, Zenhaven also provides a 20 year non-prorated warranty.

Buy: Zenhaven Latex Mattress, $2199 (Queen) from Saatva.com

Best mattresses for Back Sleepers compared

BrandAmerisleep AS1GhostBed 3D MatrixIdle Latex HybridZomaZenhaven
Thickness (inches)1012141110
FeelFirmMedium SoftMedium on one side/Luxury Firm on another (flippable)Medium FirmLuxury Plush and Gentle Firm (flippable)
Motion TransferNoneMinimal to noneMinimal to noneNoneMinimal
Edge SupportExcellentGoodGoodGoodGood
Sleeping PositionBack and Stomach sleepersBack and Side sleepersBack and Side sleepersBack and combo sleepersBack and combo sleepers
Trial (nights)100101548101180
Warranty (years)2025Lifetime1020
Price (Queen)$909$1946$1329$799$2199
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A little info on back sleepers

Lauded as the best sleeping position and backed by numerous clinical studies, sleeping on your back is also the most common sleeping position in the US – according to a study done by WebMD, more than 63 percent of Americans sleep on their backs.

While this is a good thing, a good number of people have various medical conditions that can make back sleeping difficult. Take sleep apnea, for example. People who are pregnant or suffer from heart disease and breathing problems will also find it hard to sleep on their backs – it is often not recommended. But, the fact remains that sleeping supine is the only sleeping position that can help us with spinal alignment, and we all know that keeping our spinal alignment in check means a lot less aches and pains in the long run.

Benefits of sleeping on your back include:

  • helps in keeping your spine properly aligned
  • relieves sinus buildup
  • eases neck and back pain (make sure you sleep on a proper, support giving pillow)
  • reduces tension headaches
  • helps in reducing facial wrinkles (especially when paired with an anti-aging pillow)

While it may seem like a no-brainer for you to naturally sleep on your back, it can actually be a bit difficult for some. But there are ways and means that can help you train yourself to be a total back sleeper, if you wish to do so.

A few tips on how to train yourself sleep on your back:

  1. Invest in a good mattress – This should be the first thing you do. Not many people realize that sleeping on the wrong mattress for their preferred sleeping position and body type contributes greatly to a good chunk of poor sleep health. There are a few things in life one should be frugal with but a mattress is not one of them.
  2. Invest in a good pillow – Now that you have the perfect mattress, you need a proper pillow to help boost the benefits (and bliss) of sleeping on the right mattress for you. Just like sleeping on a wrong mattress, having the wrong pillow for your sleeping position and body type, can affect you massively. The effects can be felt straight away too – if you find yourself waking up to unexplained neck pain, take a good, hard look at your pillow. More often than not, it is the silent culprit.
  3. Don’t be shy to get extra support – From: more pillows! Sleeping with a pillow under your knees or under your lower back (think a smaller sized pillow, ok) can aid in supporting your body stay comfortable when sleeping on your back. This will also help in reducing pain and relieve pressure for those of us whose joints have begun to get slightly creaky.
  4. Think Savasana – Also known as the corpse pose, this seemingly easy yoga pose is actually one of the most challenging poses to master. Sure, anyone can lie on their backs but not everyone can completely let themselves go and relax – yes, even while laying down. Savasana is not about being rigid like an actual corpse – it is all about letting go, letting your mind be at ease and letting your body follow. Even if you do not practice yoga, just try out this one pose as you get ready to sleep. I promise you the results will be delicious.
  5. Brute force – And by this I mean, build yourself a pillow fort. Sometimes, one just really can’t control themselves and revert back to old habits. When this happens, it’s time to enforce a bit of discipline to help train you sleep on your back – with pillows.

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