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About Sleepline & Our Sleep Team

A note from one of the founders…

In early 2018 someone asked me if i was getting enough sleep. I never considered the importance of sleep. As an owner of several companies, i am constantly working on vital projects. I am working with people on different continents, in different time zones. I had more concerns than getting a good nights sleep. I am responsible to my employees and my business partners. While I knew there were books on sleep and a mountain of science saying “get at least 8 hours”. I didn’t take any of this seriously.

Like most people who achieve some sort of success, i am hard on myself. As i did a monthly review of my life, i realized that sleep was a major issue. I could not afford to put this off any longer. What sort of work and social sacrifices would i have to make to get better sleep? How would i even sleep with constant unresolved issues in my head?

I started to dive deep. Really deep.

I immediately started tracking my sleep with a Garmin Vivosport bracelet. I bought an Oura Ring to get further analyses. I needed to see if i was getting enough restorative sleep (deep sleep). Upon tracking my sleep for just a few days, i realized that i had a serious problem. I had been working out twice a day for months while hardly getting any deep sleep. That is not even taking into account the mental stress i go through on a day to day basis running my businesses.

Now that I had the data, i had to do something about it. I briefly considered getting a new bed. Looked at some mattress reviews online. Not yet, i thought. That is a big investment.

I bought some sleep phones and started listening to delta waves during sleep. There is some science that says this helps. It helped a little bit. According to my sleep trackers though it was was not doing enough.

I invested in some sublingual cbd oil to put under my tongue before hitting the hay. This helped at first but i quickly built a tolerance.

While i was trying to figure out while i couldn’t go to bed like a normal human, i thought back to my own childhood. My mom never slept well. She still doesn’t sleep well. Could this be genetic? Was i doomed?

I started to research more supplements. I kept CBD in the mix while adding magnesium and Ashwagandha KSM-66. This was my sleep cocktail.

After doing even more research, i realized i did not have the best sleeping environment or bedtime habits.

This is so stupid, i thought. I am 29, why am i worried about sleep.

I kept on task though – must improve sleep against all odds. Over the next few weeks i started making big changes (and purchases). I bought a new Saatva mattress. I got the best blackout curtains i could find. I stopped using my phone 2 hours before sleep. I stopped bringing my phone into my room completely, it charges in a different room while i sleep.

I also stopped drinking coffee.

All of this helped a lot. I was now getting normal levels of deep sleep. The single biggest change i made was not related to any purchase though. It was related to temperature. I started to sleep with the AC cranked all the way up. You fall asleep easier when the temperature is a little lower. Try this before anything else.

Did sleep affect my productivity? Yes. Not only am i less stressed, but my output has gone through the roof both mentally and physically. I am not sleeping for sleeps sake, i am sleeping to kick ass at life.

As screens and new stresses continue to dominate our life, getting proper rest will become harder and harder. Some of my best friends struggle with this area of their life while i am now sleeping like a baby.

My goal with Sleepline is to give you all the tools and research you need to sleep like a baby as well. I hired some great researchers, reviewers and a couple of sleep experts to provide in-depth analyses on any health related topics we may dive into.

Feel free to contact us at team@sleepline.com with any questions about sleep!

To Improving Your Sleep,


Our Team of Pro Sleepers

Paul (Co-Founder)

Paul is the co-owner of multiple companies including Suddora, Suddora Custom, and SweatBands.com. Struggling with sleep his entire life, he finally found the solutions he needed in 2018. His goal is to give you all the tools and research you need to sleep better.

Robert Pagano

Robert (Co-Founder)

As someone who has struggled with sleep for many years, he has extensive experience with various sleep products and treatments. His main goal is to give you straightforward info on what works and doesn’t work so you can get back to your life without spending the same time and effort that he did.

Dr. Paul Reehal

Dr. Reehal is board certified in family medicine and sports medicine. He recognizes that sleep is key in improving the overall health and quality of life of his patients. He has years of clinical experience and has written articles which have been cited by medical publications across the globe. Dr. Reehal is also the founder of the Las Vegas Sports Clinic and is passionate about providing superior personalized care for his patients.


Kristina (Sleep Researcher & Writer)

Kristina enjoys researching about sleeping. She likes cycling, nature, art, and languages. She pays special attention to providing you with accurate and useful information when it comes to your sleep quality. After solving her personal sleep and tiredness problems, she is on to help others by sharing this invaluable information.

Sleepline writer Michelline

Michelline (Sleep Researcher & Writer)

Michelline loves nothing more than a cozy bed, with a stack of books at her side. She loves getting lost when she travels, can bake an entire British afternoon tea from scratch, is obsessed with all things analogue and does calligraphy on the side. She currently suffers from mild insomnia and is more than happy to be your guinea pig, so you won’t have to go through all the trouble of finding out what works best for you. You can find more of her writing on mikotini.com.

Siegfried (Sleep Researcher & Writer)

Siegfried didn’t realize the importance of sleep until his late teenage years when chronic sleep deprivation took its toll on his body. After his recovery, he started focusing and researching more about sleep and overall health. Aside from providing you with valuable information about enhancing your sleep quality, he also loves playing the guitar, reading books, and working out whether in the gym or at home.