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Top 5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses in 2021

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Memory foam is rapidly replacing innerspring mattresses as the most popular mattress type in the world. Memory foam mattresses are well loved because of their longevity, versatility and responsiveness. They also provide a perfect balance of support and pressure relief. But with so many options to choose from, how would you know which one is the best?

Read on for which beds made it to our 2021list.

Our Top Picks for the Best Memory Foam Mattresses

  1. The Idle Gel Foam
  2. WinkBeds Gravity Lux
  3. Amerisleep AS3
  4. GhostBed Luxe
  5. Puffy Royal

#1. The Idle

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Family around the idle, the best memory foam mattress
The Idle Gel Foam

If there’s one thing about Idle Sleep, it’s that they like going above and beyond the industry standards. Memory foam beds come usually at 10 inches? Make it 12. Bases at 1.8 lbs? Make it 2.4 lbs. 15 year warranties? Make it lifetime. You get the gist. And they definitely have not skimped on their memory foam offering, the Idle Gel Foam or simply, The Idle.

All that said, The Idle is probably the most affordable memory foam mattress available today for its build and quality.

Featuring layers of a specially designed memory foam blend and polyfoam, The Idle gives superb support while providing excellent pressure relief. Sitting right on the middle of the soft to firm scale, The Idle gel memory foam mattress is ideal for side and combination sleepers. Hot sleepers will also appreciate the gel infused cooling buoyancy foam whereas cold sleepers will enjoy The Idle’s thermo-regulated cover, which adjusts to body temperature.

Idle Sleep offers an 18 month sleep trial as well as lifetime warranty for all their mattresses. You also get 2 free memory foam pillows with every mattress purchase.

Buy: The Idle, $769 from Idlesleep.com

#2. The GravityLux by WinkBeds

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GravityLux memory foam mattress in white room
WinkBeds GravityLux

The GravityLux keeps topping editor’s choice lists and with good reason – it simply works. Best memory foam for couples, best cooling mattress and best mattress for pain relief are but a few of the many accolades that the GravityLux has received.

WinkBeds backs it up by giving the GravityLux premium memory foams, layered with laser precision. Topped with a Tencel cover that is tufted with cooling gel memory foam that wicks away moisture and body heat, the GravityLux is perfect for those who tend to sleep hot. But that’s not even its main selling point.

The GravityLux is built with the world’s first non-viscoelastic memory foam which is called the AirCell. While the earlier viscoelastic memory foams had a lot of great things going for them – body contouring, pressure relieving and reduced motion transfer – they also trapped heat and tended to wear out much quicker. AirCell has an open-cell structure with billions of micro air capsules which magnifies all the awesome qualities of memory foam without all the heat capture or sagging that is associated with the more traditional memory foam.

Coming in at 3 firmness levels: soft, medium and firm, making the GravityLux is bed ideal for all types of sleepers.

All of WinkBeds’ mattresses are made to order. WinkBeds offers a 120 night risk-free trial and a full replacement lifetime warranty for the GravityLux memory foam mattress.

Buy: The GravityLux, $1299 from WinkBeds.com

#3. Amerisleep AS3

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Amerisleep AS3 mattress
Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep’s bestselling mattress is the AS3. Made specifically to adapt to any body type and sleeping position, it’s not hard to see why it’s their most popular memory foam mattress.

Made with Amerisleep’s own proprietary memory foam blend, BioPur, it features an open-cell design that is more breathable than traditional memory foam and helps prevent excessive heat buildup.

CertiPur-US certified and low in harmful VOCs, BioPur has a rapid response time which helps sleepers enjoy a semi-cradled feel without the feeling of being sunk in. The AS3’s comfort layer contours to your body and helps relieve any painful pressure points. Their Hive transition layer helps to give your body targeted support and help you sleep in perfect alignment.

The AS3 is available in both an all foam and hybrid versions. Amerisleep offers a risk-free 100 night trial for all their mattresses and they all come backed with a 20 year warranty.

Buy: AS3 Mattress, $1049 (Queen memory foam) from Amerisleep.com

#4. GhostBed Luxe

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girl on ghostbed luxe
GhostBed Luxe

For those who want a cozier, plushier feel, the GhostBed Luxe could be your perfect match. And if you’re worried that the plushy feel may leave you enveloped in a cloud of heat, fear not. The GhostbBed Luxe features not one but three patent pending cooling technologies to help keep you cool and comfy throughout the night.

Being of a medium soft firmness, the GhostBed Luxe would be best for side and combo sleepers. There are many beneficial layers to the GhostBed Luxe but 3 that are of particular note are its combination layer of cooling gel memory foam, pain-relieving Ghost memory foam and their proprietary GhostBounce layer that is as responsive as latex but with the body-contouring benefits of memory foam.

The GhostBed Luxe works with any frame or foundation so there’s no need to get rid of your existing one (but of course, if you want to change it all up, by all means go right ahead). GhostBed offers a 101 night sleep trial and comes with a 25 year warranty.

Buy: GhostBed Luxe, $1459 from GhostBed.com

#5. Puffy Royal

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Puffy Royal in bedroom
Puffy Royal

If cost is no object for you, you might want to look into getting the Puffy Royal. With its premium price, you also get premium quality and you shall be well on your way to sleeping like a Queen.

The Puffy Royal features a zoned, full body support that adapts to your body as you move, with just enough bounce to help relieve pressure and stress on your joints. Its unique 5 layer zone support system provides targeted support for your entire body – from head to toe.

The Puffy Royal comes in an ultra plush medium to medium soft firmness making it perfect for all types of sleepers. Its exclusive SMT (Surface Modification Technology) cloud design also helps in minimizing heat absorption for a much cooler sleep experience.

The entire mattress comes encased in a quilted cover that is stain resistant, removable and machine washable which is an added bonus.

All of Puffy’s mattresses are designed and manufactured in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. Puffy also offers a 101 night risk-free trial for you try the Puffy Royal and see if its love at first sleep.

Buy: Puffy Royal, $2395 at Puffy.com

BrandThe IdleWinkBeds GravityLuxAmerisleep AS3GhostBed LuxePuffy Royal
Thickness (inches)1211121314
Feel MediumSoft, Medium or FirmFirm/Soft BlendMedium PlushMedium soft to Medium
Motion TransferMinimal to noneMinimal to noneMinimal to noneMinimal to noneMinimal to none
Edge SupportExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellentVery good
Sleeping PositionBack, Stomach, Side and Combo sleepersBack, Stomach, Side and Combo sleepersBack, Stomach and Side sleepersSide and Combo sleepersSide, Back, Stomach and Combo sleepers
Trial (nights)548120100101101
Warranty (years)LifetimeLifetime2025Lifetime
Price (Queen)$769$1299$1049$1459$2395
Link to buyBuy Idle SleepBuy WinkbedsBuy AmerisleepBuy GhostbedBuy Puffy

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is a substance that was invented by NASA to help keep their astronauts safe from collisions and G-force. It’s made out of polyurethane combined with other substances that are designed to give memory foam its unique look and feel.

The market for memory foam mattresses is exploding in popularity due to its ability to mold and conform to your body shape while sleeping. The best thing about memory foam is that it bounces right back to its original shape once you take pressure off it, unlike traditional innerspring mattresses.

Nowadays, most mattress companies utilize an open cell technology on their memory foams due to the fact that the open cell structure allows more air to flow through as closed cell memory foams retain heat quickly.

Some companies have even developed their own proprietary memory foam alternatives such as non-viscoelastic memory foam and gel-infused memory foam.

How We Rate Mattresses

We rate mattresses using the following criteria:

  1. Comfort
  2. Structural integrity and durability
  3. Firmness and support

Learn more about our mattress rating process and methodology here.

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