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Top 5 Fiberglass-Free Mattresses + Ultimate List of Dangerous Mattresses That Contain Fiberglass in 2021

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These are the five safest fiberglass-free mattresses:

  1. Amerisleep AS5 (coupon code: SLEEPLINE)
  2. Idle Latex Hybrid (coupon code: SLEEPLINE)
  3. Puffy Lux
  4. Avocado Green
  5. Saatva Classic

Which mattress brands are fiberglass-free? If you’re shopping for a new bed, it’s worth considering a mattress that doesn’t contain fiberglass. Those cheap memory foam mattresses that you see on Amazon seem like an amazing deal, but they might have fiberglass in their covers. Why spend $1000 or more on a queen-sized name brand bed when you can get something with the exact same specifications for as low as less than $200?

It turns out that a lot of those Chinese mattresses you see online aren’t as good of a deal as they seem. Many of them include a layer of fiberglass underneath the cover that serves as a flame retardant. This can cause fiberglass particles to enter your living environment. Any mattresses that are sold in the US are required to include flame retardant material to reduce the risk of fires. It turns out that fiberglass meets the minimum standard, which is why most of the cheap brands on Amazon use it.

How to tell if your mattress contains fiberglass

In many cases the mattress tag will clearly state that it includes fiberglass and that you shouldn’t remove the cover. Other times the fiberglass isn’t clearly mentioned, often hiding behind names like “silica”. Sometime the cover even includes a zipper for manufacturing purposes that you aren’t meant to open. Many people see the zipper and assume that it means that they can remove the cover to wash it. DO NOT TAKE THE COVER OFF YOUR MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. That’s doubly true for all of the brands on the list at the bottom of this article.

In this article, we’ll list the five best fiberglass-free mattress brands in 2021. We also have a buyer’s guide at the bottom of the list to let you know about the risks of purchasing a mattress with fiberglass and how you can determine which brands contain fiberglass yourself.

Our favorite mattresses without fiberglass

Amerisleep AS5

Best soft fiberglass-free mattress | Buy from Amerisleep | Learn more

Amerisleep AS5
Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid

Amerisleep is one of the OG’s of the mattress world, having pioneered the mattress-in-a-box concept all the way back in 2007.

The company is committed to manufacturing their mattresses right here in the USA using sustainable materials that won’t harm your health or the environment.

If you’re looking for a safe, fiberglass-free mattress to protect your family then Amerisleep is the brand you should buy.

Buy: Amerisleep AS5 (No Fiberglass), $1,889 (Queen) from Amerisleep.com (coupon code: SLEEPLINE)

Idle Latex Hybrid

Best latex option without fiberglass | Buy from IdleSleep.com | Learn more

Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid

Idle Sleep’s Latex mattresses are certified to be free of allergens, toxins, glue, and fiberglass!

Latex mattresses are ideal for people who require more support. If you weight more than average this is a great option that will definitely provide back and shoulder support.

The 1,000 smart coils that the company puts in this mattress have caused reviewers to call it the ‘Rolls Royce of Comfort’. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Buy: Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid (No Fiberglass), $1,330 (Queen) from IdleSleep.com (coupon code: SLEEPLINE)

Puffy Lux

Best cooling mattress without fiberglass | Buy from Puffy.com | Learn more

Puffy Lux
Puffy Lux

Puffy is a brand that is most known for creating mattresses that keep you cool throughout the night. If you’re a hot sleeper, this is *the* brand to buy.

This mattress features body adapting dual cloud foam for increased comfort. Our reviewers found that this material is much more supportive and bouncy compared to other types of memory foam.

Buy: Puffy Lux (No Fiberglass), $1,495 (Queen) from Puffy.com

Avocado Green

Best for the environment | Buy from Avocado | Learn more

avocado mattress
Avocado Green mattress

Avocado is a brand that will be familiar to you if you’ve been researching for eco-friendly mattress brands.

Both of their flagship mattresses are certified fiberglass-free. The company is committed to using sustainable and healthy materials when constructing their mattresses. Considering the fact that their entire brand name revolves around being green, we think it’s safe to say that you can trust Avocado.

Buy: Avocado Green (No Fiberglass), $1399 (Queen) from AvocadoGreenMattress.com

Saatva Classic

Best innerspring fiberglass-free mattress | Buy from Saatva.com | Learn more

Saatva bed on platform
Saatva Classic

Saatva is by far the most popular internet mattress brand. While they didn’t originate the concept (that honor goes to Amerisleep), they played a key role in growing the bed-in-a-box concept.

This is an all-around great brand that will meet the needs of the vast majority of sleepers. The best thing about it? No fiberglass!

Buy: Saatva Classic (No Fiberglass), $1199 (Queen) from Saatva.com

Top 5 Fiberglass-Free Mattresses Quick View

MattressAS5Avocado GreenSaatva ClassicIdle Latex HybridPuffy Lux
Thickness (inches)14Standard - 11
Pillow Top - 13
FeelSoftStandard - Gentle Firm
Pillow Top - Plush
Plush Soft
Luxury Firm
Luxury Firm
Medium Firm
Medium on one side
Firm/Soft blend
Motion TransferMinimal to noneMinimal to noneMinimalMinimal to noneMinimal to none
AdjustableYesNo NoYesYes
Edge SupportMediocreGoodGoodFairGood
Sleeping PositionSide sleepersCombination sleepersCombination sleepersBack and Stomach sleepersCombination sleepers
Trial (nights)100365180548101
Warranty (years)202515LifetimeLifetime
Price (Queen)$1889$1399$1199$1330$1495
Full ReviewLearn moreLearn moreLearn moreLearn moreLearn more
Link to buyBuy Amerisleep AS5Buy Avocado GreenBuy Saatva ClassicBuy Idle Latex HybridBuy Puffy Lux

*Hybrid prices vary

Mattress brands that contain fiberglass

Customers have reported finding fiberglass in the following mattress brands:

Mattress tag
You can find information about fiberglass on the mattress tag

Why do manufacturers put fiberglass in their mattresses?

Mattress manufacturers are required to include fire retardant material in their beds by law. Chinese manufacturers have been putting a layer of fiberglass underneath the cover of their mattresses so they can meet flammability standards. If you happen to remove the cover then you and your entire house will be covered with little shards of fiberglass that can cause itching, watery eyes, coughing, and respiratory problems.

You technically aren’t supposed to remove the cover of any mattress, but many manufacturers don’t do a good job of informing consumers of this fact. Some even include a zipper on their cover that is there for manufacturing purposes but makes it look like the cover is removable. Many people don’t learn that they’ve been sleeping on tiny shards of glass until they spill something on the bed and remove the cover in a misguided attempt to clean it. If you spill anything on your mattress, spot clean the affected area but DO NOT remove the cover unless you’re prepared to throw away everything you own and start over.

Now there isn’t necessarily a problem with using fiberglass as a flame retardant as long as you’re aware that you can never remove your cover from the rest of the mattress. If you’re OK with not being able to remove the cover then you usually can safely sleep on a bed that includes fiberglass for many years without issue. There have been some reports of fiberglass poking through the cover on extremely cheap brands after a short amount of time, but those anecdotes are few and far between. The main issue seems to be removing the cover. Keep it on and you’ll almost certainly be fine.

Not all brands use fiberglass

Companies that make higher-end memory foam mattresses in America – like Amerisleep – don’t use fiberglass in their beds. Some brands like Purple do, but they infuse the fiberglass into the material rather than layering it so it won’t spread all over your room if you remove the cover. The issue seems to be confined to those cheap no-name Chinese brands that are all over Amazon. Simply put, China doesn’t care. They’ll use the cheapest materials they can find that meet the minimum requirements. We highly recommend staying away from those brands and buying one of our approved mattresses. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Scanning for fiberglass
Do *not* remove the cover on your mattress!

What to do if you remove your mattress cover and get fiberglass everywhere

If you make the mistake of removing the cover from your memory foam mattress you’ll know immediately whether it includes fiberglass or not because the small shards will cover EVERYTHING. The sharp, glitterly strands of glass will stick to everything and will make your eyes and lungs hurt. You’ll develop allergy symptoms such as coughing and sneezing since your body is fighting to rid itself of the fiberglass strands.

The strands are particularly attracted to soft surfaces. This means that your clothes, bedding, towels, washcloths, and more will all be covered with the stuff.

“Everything is destroyed,” said Robert Durham. “You never would have thought that by taking off a cover, you would destroy thousands of dollars of stuff and your whole life”.

– Quote from a KMOV4 article about a family who had to leave their home after opening their mattress

Cleaning up fiberglass is a huge job that can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Some families report that they have had to throw away everything they own and even move out of their house after removing their mattress cover and exposing the layer of fiberglass underneath.

FAQs about mattresses and fiberglass

Q: Is fiberglass in mattresses safe?

A: Fiberglass in mattresses is not safe at all. Inhaled or ingested, even the tiniest particle can wreak havoc on your respiratory system. Not to mention, these micro-thin filaments can easily get into the eyes and can cause tears that could damage the eyesight permanently. Let us not forget, fiberglass is actually glass – the same glass that windows and drinking glasses are made out of.

Q: Will fiberglass wash out of clothes?

A: Fiberglass can be washed out of clothes. The only caveat is that you may need multiple washes to ensure that they are all out. Because they are so small, it is hard to see if they have all been washed out, hence the added security of multiple washes. Washing fiberglass out of clothes must only be done in a washing machine and never by hand. Immediately after, make sure to clean out your machine by giving it another go on a rinse cycle.

Q: Do most mattresses contain fiberglass?

A: Luckily for us, not all mattresses contain fiberglass. Nowadays, a lot of brands offer fiberglass-free mattresses. It’s just a matter of us being very thorough as consumers. Companies who do use fiberglass in their mattresses are often very duplicitous in their wording and the only time we can find out if their mattresses have fiberglass is when the mattress is already in our homes and we check the care/information tag. Check the brand’s FAQ section: if they advise you not to remove the cover at any time, this could be a red flag.

Q: Which type of mattress does not have fiberglass?

A: Mattresses that use all organic materials will often have fire retardant covers made out of wool and other natural materials. But, it is always best to double check by getting every bit of information from the brand’s website as well as looking at verified consumer reviews. We have provided a list of the best mattresses currently that are fiberglass-free above.

Q: How do you clean mattresses with fiberglass?

A: Since you cannot – and we mean CANNOT – remove the cover of your mattress, even if it has a zip, the best way to clean a fiberglass mattress is to spot clean. We have a comprehensive list of how to spot clean your mattresses here. If the stain is large or if your mattress needs deep cleaning, we suggest calling a professional cleaning company.

Q: What do you do if you have fiberglass contamination from a mattress in your home?

A: If you have fiberglass contamination in your home, first of all, get you and your loved ones (and that includes pets) out immediately. The next course of action is to call a professional cleaning company, preferably one that has ample experience in fiberglass contamination. Fiberglass filaments can get stuck to clothing and skin so it is highly advisable for everyone in the household to shower immediately. Again, this includes any pets. Sometimes, the fibers can even become embedded in the skin so before showering, you can get an extra sticky lint roller and give your body a once over (or twice to be sure) before showering.