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Mediflow Water Pillow Review

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The Mediflow water pillow is the world’s first and best water pillow. What we love about Mediflow is that you can adjust the support to your personal needs. The pillow keeps the same firmness throughout the night and supports you well even when you change positions.

Our favorite benefit of Mediflow water pillows is the fact that they are great for people with neck, head, or back problems (due to age or an accident). Mediflow’s adjustability showed that this pillow is great for back and side sleepers. Stomach sleepers may find it too thick.

The options with this pillow don’t stop there – you can choose among fiber, memory foam, down, and down alternative. We looked at them all and are sharing this information so that you can make an easy, stress-free decision for yourself.

What type of sleeper should use the Mediflow pillow?

Mediflow Pillow was designed to help people with head and neck injuries. Almost all users report lesser or no pain after using the pillows. Many say that their headaches are gone. We can confirm that Mediflow makes some of the most comfortable pillows.

It works well for side sleepers and most of the back sleepers, but may not be a good choice for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers and some back sleepers may complain about the height of the pillow. If you switch positions, you should be fine.

They are great for medium and large people, but petite ones usually complain of Mediflow being too big, even if there’s no water. They should go with the travel size which only comes with a fiber filling and smaller and thinner.

Features of the Mediflow pillows

Mediflow basically has no competition when it comes to water-based pillows. After suffering from neck problems that were a consequence of a traffic accident, the founder of Mediflow invented a water pillow. 

As water makes the base of this pillow, it doesn’t have the tendency to flatten out with time like traditional pillows.

We found that Mediflow is made of high-quality materials, like cotton sateen shell with thread density high enough to keep the feathers from coming out on down pillows. It protects the inside of the pillow and keeps it clean for a longer time. Other materials they use are StaLoft Dacron polyester fiber, Dacron Hollofil fiber, Micro Denier Fiberfill and specially treated down against allergies (Down Plus). 


  • Down pillows come as a regular and Down Plus pillow. The Down Plus one contains down that’s pre-treated so it won’t cause any allergies. They are both fluffy and cozy. 
  • Down alternative is just as soft and fluffy as real down, except that it’s made of synthetic materials that you can maintain as any other pillow. Down pillows may not provide you with enough support if you need a lot of it. Some people who suffered head and neck trauma can benefit more from the memory foam or fiber pillows.
  • Memory foam shapes well around the face but can be heat-trapping. The majority of users don’t complain about the heat but you should have this in mind if you tend to overheat at night.
  • Fiber pillow offers great support but still feels fluffy and is the most popular of all Mediflow pillows. 


Firmness depends on the amount of water in the pillow base. Mediflow allows you to make the pillow as firm or soft as you need. You can even use it without any water if you wish. 

You just need to be extra careful when you first buy the pillow. You’ll need to spend some time finding out what’s the right water amount for you. Ounces make a big difference. Once you’re satisfied, measure the water amount so that you’ll know for the next time.

Water can evaporate with time so you’ll need to refill it every once in a while.

The second aspect that contributes to firmness is filling. Down pillows are the softest, so if you want a firm pillow, you may opt for other models.


The water base lies at the bottom of the pillow – that’s where you’ll also find the valve. Water pouch is surrounded by a layer of a thermal insulator, which is supposed to block out some of the coolness that may come from the water. The layer closest to you contains one of the fillings – memory foam, down, or fiber.

All Mediflow pillows have a natural cotton shell. Cotton is important for the health of your skin and hygiene. The thread count on them is 200 while on the Elite Fiber it is 300. This means the fabric is quite dense and provides a smooth, feel-good surface to sleep on. 

We were happy to find that these pillows feel just right on hot days – you don’t have to flip the pillow to get to the cold side because the water has a cooling effect. The memory foam pillow feels warmer than down and fiber. 

The pillows are very comfortable, with down ones being the softest, followed by memory foam and fiber which offer somewhat greater support.

Mediflow pillow design diagram

You may need a few days before you get used to sleeping on a water pillow. You may also feel slight motion sickness because of water and the possible sloshing sound as you turn. Filling the pillow also isn’t easy – you need to experiment for some time adding and taking away water until you find the sweet spot. All this testing and trying can be bothersome and off-putting. Those who are patient enough can reap all the benefits.

Most users report feeling well-rested and completely pain-free after getting used to it. 

It’s not easy to move the pillow around the bed while you sleep due to its heaviness. The pillows weighed about 8lbs after adding some water (about a half). This can be great because the pillows stay in their place all night. However, there is less need to move them because they always change to fit your head perfectly. If you like to move around with your pillow, this may be tricky.

Temperature control

If you want a good night’s sleep, you need to sleep cool. Mediflow pillows allow you to have a cool head and prevent overheating. A small percentage of users complained about the pillow either being too hot or too cold for sleeping. 

The majority stressed how much they benefited from the cooling effect. The cotton shell allows air circulation and the water absorbs the excess heat. This allows you to sleep longer and deeper with fewer nightly awakenings. 

What sizes are available?

Most of the Mediflow pillows come in Jumbo size, but you can find smaller ones as well. These are their sizes in inches:

  • Travel size 13.5”x21”
  • Memory foam 18”x26”
  • Down and fiber 20”x28”


Mediflow pillows have a complex structure and are quite unique on the market. They are pricey but you can get about a 50% discount when you buy twin or value packs. Here we’re posting single pillow prices.

How much does a Mediflow pillow cost?

  • Original (Fiber) ($45.95)
  • Elite (Fiber) ($84.95)
  • European Memory Foam ($69.95)
  • Down ($99.95)
  • Down Alternative ($54.95)
  • Travel Pillow ($34.95)


Mediflow pillows don’t lose firmness like traditional pillows because the water makes a good support and it doesn’t allow you to use the pillow for many different purposes which would damage the fillings. It’s simply too heavy to carry around and fold as you wish. 

You could say this is a drawback, but if good quality of sleep is your priority, using your pillow only for sleep won’t be a problem. 

Warranty and money-back guarantee

Mediflow offers a 3-year warranty on all of their pillows. This is not exceptionally long considering the industry standards. 

The warranty is against any manufacturing defects. 

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee to all pillows except for travel pillows. You can request a refund if you simply don’t find the pillow useful. In this case, you pay the return shipping cost.

Care and maintenance

Wash the inside of the water pouch with warm water and a drop of bleach. Make sure to rinse it well.

You can wash and dry all Mediflow pillows in the machine. You just need to empty the pouch and close the seal prior to washing. If you’re worried about damaging your pillow in the machine, you can hand-wash it. Just bear in mind that drying completely can take very long.

You mustn’t put the memory foam pillows in the machine. Take the filling out and wash the rest if you have this pillow. 

Don’t go crazy on detergent – use a mild one and skip the softener and bleach. Put it on the gentle cycle and dry on low heat.

Let the pillow dry completely. Squeeze it to test if it’s dry enough and regardless of how long it was in the dryer, leave it out in the fresh air to dry more.

The manufacturer states that you need to pay special attention to maintaining down pillows because they require specific drying routines. 

Wash pillowcases separately, with your linen.

About Mediflow

Customer satisfaction

Rates on the Mediflow website are exceptional – five stars for all pillows except for down pillows which carry four stars. They received more criticism on Amazon where the most common complaints were about leaks and mold forming. Mediflow responded to the majority of these comments offering a free replacement.

Mediflow physical stores

You can find Mediflow pillows in Bed, Bath & Beyond.

How we rate pillows

We pay attention to these points when we rate pillows:

  1. Firmness and Support
  2. Loft & Adjustability
  3. Hypoallergenic
  4. Hygiene
  5. Comfort
  6. Structural integrity & Durability

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