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Why Luxe is One of Our Favorite Pillows

Luxe Pillow

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The Luxe Pillow is a modern take on the classic standard pillow. Our favorite thing about it is that it has three internal chambers in its central core, which gives you much better support when compared to pillows with a traditional core design.

This pillow is available in both feather and down as well as polyester gel. We tested and analyzed both to determine which is best for different types of sleepers. Here’s our verdict.

Buy: The Luxe Pillow, $79+ from LuxePillow.com

What makes this pillow unique

Three separate internal chambers in the core for better support

The main feature that makes the Luxe Pillow stand out from their competition is something that isn’t apparent when just looking at it. The most unique aspect of this pillow, and the reason it commands a premium price, is that it features three separate cores on the inside.

The robust three-layer construction combined with the separate internal chambers ensures that the down and feather (or gel) material stays evenly distributed. The worst aspect of cheap pillows is that the soft internal material isn’t always distributed properly. This gives you much less support and is a surefire recipe for getting a terrible night of sleep. The Luxe Pillow solves that problem.

Even though there are three separate chambers in the core, you can still shape the internal material (either down and feather or gel depending on which model you choose) and move it around a little bit to make it more comfortable without bunching up.

Premium down and feather or polyester gel: your choice

Luxe offers two different options for their pillow: either down and feather or polyester gel.

When I lay the pillows side-by-side, it’s initially tough to tell them apart. The differences are very subtle but they are noticeable once you’re aware of them.

Down and feather

With the down and feather pillow, the inner core chamber is filled with waterfowl down surrounded by soft down. It’s designed to be malleable and offers a soft, contoured surface that provides a large amount of structural support. I’m used to down and feather pillows that feel light and airy, but the Luxe definitely has some heft to it. The down and feather material provides a lot of insulation due to the fact that air pockets still form even when it’s compressed. This also makes the pillow feel more breathable.

The firmness of the feathers is compensated for the fact that it is encompassed by soft down (each in a separate chamber). This choice in construction ensures that the internal material doesn’t clump or bunch up, making the pillow feel very evenly distributed even when you have your weight on it.

Buy: The Luxe Pillow, $79+ from LuxePillow.com

Polyester gel

The company also offers a down and feather alternative: gel-infused polyester fiberfill.

This type of material is extremely popular among people who suffer from allergic reactions to down and/or feathers. Luxe claims that they make their down and feather pillows using hypoallergenic processes, but if you suffer from allergies then you might not want to take the chance.

The polyester gel pillow is also significantly cheaper than the down and feather version, so if price is a concern then this is the better choice. It was honestly hard to feel the difference initially. Even after testing these pillows extensively, I noticed that the differences between the two were rather subtle. In my opinion that’s a testament to the professionalism and integrity of the company. A lot of other companies out there put all of their efforts into their “premium” product and neglect the cheaper version. It’s nice to see a company that puts equal amounts of effort and attention to detail into both.

The polyfiber strands are designed to keep their shape even after extensive use. The gel infusion provides a cooling effect that will be much appreciated in hotter climates since it uses conduction to transfer heat away from your body.

Luxe pillows on bed
These pillows look great

100% cotton pillow casings

Both the outer and inner casings are constructed from 100% cotton. Luxe chose to make their casings out of cotton because it’s extremely breathable and increases airflow. The increased airflow will help cool you down and give you much more restful sleep. As all Sleepline readers are aware, a cool temperature is one of the most important aspects of sleep hygiene.

Buy: The Luxe Pillow, $79+ from LuxePillow.com

Where’s the zipper?

The 100% cotton casings feature a braided design along the seams. The design makes these pillows look and feel like high-quality, expensive luxury products. The braiding also provides a little bit of weight, helping the pillow case open smoothly and lay flat.

The zipper can be hard to find because it’s hidden by the braided design. I personally prefer that over the ugly look of a metal zipper on the edge of my pillow casing. The only downside that I noticed is that the zipper doesn’t open all the way to the edge of the case. You’ll have to compress and squeeze the pillow a bit to make it fit into the opening. It’s totally not a big deal and I’m aware that I’m nitpicking, but I definitely want to make you aware of any potential downsides and drawbacks no matter how minor.

How to take care of the Luxe Pillow

Unlike some other premium, high-end pillows; the Luxe is designed to be machine washable and dryable. The down and feather material doesn’t bunch up or lose any of its softness after multiple trips through the washer and dryer. I was able to fluff it up and sleep on it just like new without noticing any difference.

The same goes for the gel-infused polyester pillow. There was no clumping of the material and it still retained all of the cooling properties that we experienced when sleeping on it the first time. The material that they used when constructing both of these pillows is definitely extremely high-quality and built to last.

When washing the Luxe Pillow it’s important to follow these steps:

  1. Remove your pillow from the pillow protector. Wash the pillow protector separately
  2. Machine wash in warm water (no hotter than 104F) on the gentle cycle
  3. Use mild soap. Do not use bleach or sanitizer. Make sure the load is balanced between 50-75% capacity
  4. Dry the pillow using low heat (no more than 100F) on the gentle cycle
  5. Make sure the pillow is completely dry before use
  6. Lay the pillow flat and hand-form it back to its original shape

Luxe Pillows stacked
There are two different versions of The Luxe Pillow

About Luxe

Customer satisfaction

Overall, the Luxe is one of the more popular pillows that we’ve reviewed. The down and feather version has a five-star customer rating. The polyester gel pillow also has a five-star customer rating on the manufacturer’s website (the only authorized place you can buy this pillow).

Physical stores

Luxe does not have any physical locations where you can buy their product. They also don’t sell their pillows at any third-party online retailers. The only place to buy the Luxe Pillow is from luxepillow.com.

How we rate pillows

There are many different types of pillows. In general, we rate pillows by 6 standards:

  1. Firmness and Support
  2. Loft & Adjustability
  3. Hypoallergenic
  4. Hygiene
  5. Comfort
  6. Structural integrity & Durability

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Buy: The Luxe Pillow, $79+ from LuxePillow.com

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