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Best Sleep Trackers (Top 5 Brands)

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Sleep trackers are taking the world by storm. There are hundreds of different brands and they all have a dizzying array of features that can make it hard to make a decision on which one is best. Based on our extensive testing, these are our top 5 picks for sleep trackers. The overall best sleep tracker is the Fitbit Versa 3.

Best sleep trackers – our top picks

  1. Fitbit Versa 3 – Editor’s Choice – Overall best
  2. Withings Sleep – Best sleep tracking mat
  3. Apple Watch Series 6 – Best smartwatch
  4. Amazfit GTS2 Mini – Best battery life
  5. Sleepscore Max – Best bedside sleep tracker

#1. Fitbit Versa 3 – Editor’s Choice and Overall Best Sleep Tracker

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Pink Fitbit Versa 3 sleep tracker
Fitbit Versa 3

Our experience with Fitbit

Fitbit Versa 3 is a smartwatch that functions as both a sleep tracker and a fitness tracker. It earned the number one spot on our best sleep trackers list because of its heart rate monitoring capabilities. It also monitors your blood oxygen levels, resting heart rate, and has sleep tracking technology that gives you a custom sleep score.

Each Fitbit Versa 3 comes with a free 90-day trial of Fitbit Premium. Fitbit Premium gives you sleep insights, sleep analysis, guided programs, workouts, and tools to improve your sleep quality. You won’t be charged as long as you cancel Fitbit Premium before the end of the trial period.

The sleep reporting features, health metrics, sleep stage tracking, movement tracking, oxygen sensor, and more can all be controlled using either the built-in Google Assistant and Alexa, or by using a smartphone app. The Fitbit app can be downloaded from the Google Play store or from the Apple App Store.

Fitbit Versa 3 is our best wearable sleep tracker.

Buy: Fitbit Versa 3

#2. Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

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Withings Sleep Tracking Mat with smartphone app
Withings Sleep

Our experience with Withings

The Withings Sleep Tracking Mat is ideal for those who want to keep track of their sleep but doesn’t want any wearables. Just set the mat in your bed, sleep on it, and it will do the job as expected. Among the things that it tracks is your sleep duration, sleep onset, and time to wake. It also takes note of your sleep cycles like your deep, light, and REM phases. It even monitors your average heart rate while sleeping. By compiling and analyzing all these data, the Sleep Tracking Mat can generate a Sleep Quality Score, which can be a basis for improving your sleep patterns.

Using your Quality Sleep Score, this device also gives you a dedicated coaching program which you can use to address your weak points. Think of it as your trainer helping you improve your sleep quality. This coaching program called Sleep Smarter Programme can help reduce fatigue, improves overall health, and supports weight management.

The Sleep Tracking Mat also has a feature called IFTTT. This feature creates home automation scenarios to come up with an environment suitable for your sleeping pattern. Withings can also act as a switch that can control light, thermostats, and other devices that affects sleep.

You can conveniently access all this information via your mobile phone be it iOS or Android. Just connect the Sleep Tracking Mat to your mobile device using Bluetooth. You can even use Alexa to monitor your progress. The only thing that I wish they have is the ability to connect the Sleep Tracking Mat to a computer.

The system is easy to set-up and won’t give you any problems even if you’re not tech-savvy.

More about Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

  • Easy set-up – Set up the device and connect it to your mobile device once and you’re good to go.
  • Automatic Sync – Your data is automatically updated while you sleep. The Sleep Tracking Mat sends data to your mobile device via wifi to make sure that you always have an access to your latest sleep data.
  • Non-intrusive – You’re not required to wear anything for the Sleep Tracking Mat to work. Just lie down and let the Sleep Tracking Mat do all the work.

Buy: Withings Sleep

Buying Tip: Does it Offer Deep Sleep Tracking?

One of the things that you should check before purchasing a sleep tracker is if it can measure deep sleep. Sleep trackers must be capable of monitoring your movements and sleep cycle while identifying the sleep stage you are in. They must also factor in your breathing pattern and your heart rate. These vitals change allowing a sleep tracker to determine your period of deep sleep.

Buying Tip: Make Sure Your Tracker is Accurate

Accuracy is of paramount importance when purchasing sleep trackers. A sleep tracker provides you with insights on your sleep quality and it can suggest ways of improving them. If a sleep tracker is inaccurate, it already defeats the goal of improving one’s sleeping pattern. You might also end up following a game plan that will not yield the best results. All the options you see on this page were vetted for accuracy. There are a lot of options out there that are flat out a waste of money. Don’t fall for them.

Buying Tip: Purchase a tracker you will actually use

Sleep trackers, especially the wearable ones, will end up as part of your everyday wardrobe. This is why it is essential to look for one that will be easy to wear while complementing your clothing. It will be best to choose a wearable that will not attract too much attention. If you are required to wear corporate attires, it is sensible to choose a sleep tracker in moderate colors.

#3. Apple Watch Series 6

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Apple Watch Series 6 sleep trackers blue and red
Apple Watch Series 6

Our experience with Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 6 earned a spot on our best sleep tracker list because it has a suite of sleep tracking features that operate in sync with its fitness tracking and activity tracking capabilities. WatchOS 7 expands its capabilities, giving you the ability to track your sleep stages, sleep cycles, blood oxygen, heart rate, and more.

If you want to sleep better, Apple Watch is a solid choice. Even though it’s not a dedicated sleep tracker (similar to the Fitbit Versa listed above, it has functions that will help you meet your sleep goals. If you’ve ever wondered which sleep stage you’re in at different points in your sleep cycles (such as REM sleep), then Apple Watch will let you know. The Apple Health feature gives you custom advice for your health problems and gives you tips to ensure that you’re getting the best sleep possible.

If you want a smartwatch that combines the best features from fitness trackers combined with a great sleep tracking experience, Apple Watch is the way to go.

Buy: Apple Watch Series 6

#4. Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

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Amazfit GTS2 Mini sleep trackers in multiple colors
Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

Our experience with Amazfit

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is a sleep tracker and fitness tracker that includes a heart rate monitor to keep track of your heart rate, sleep stages monitoring (including deep and light sleep as well as REM sleep), stress level management, and more. It features a 14-day battery life, making it ideal for extended use.

This modern sleep tracker comes with Amazon Alexa built-in, giving you the ability to control it with your voice. If you need high-quality sleep information but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a more expensive smartwatch and don’t want a sleep tracking pad like the Withings Sleep, than Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is a great choice.

Buy: Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

#5. SleepScore Max

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Sleepscore Max sleep tracker with smartphone app
Sleepscore Max

Our experience with SleepScore

If you’re not fond of wearables and also don’t want to lie down on a sleep tracker, then the SleepScore Max is what you need. Just place the SleepScore Max near your bed, and it will start monitoring the quality and quantity of your sleep. Sleep Score Max uses ultra-low power radio waves to measure your breathing and movements throughout the night. SleepScore Labs create sleep Score Max based on the technology from ResMed. ResMed is a giant company that specializes in respiratory and sleep apnea conditions. SleepScore Labs is collaborating with ResMed, Pegasys Capital, and Dr. Mehmet Oz, popularized as Dr. Oz.

SleepScore Max has its system to evaluate you on sleep duration, wake time, deep sleep, light sleep, REM and the time it took you to fall asleep. When you wake up, the app that comes with the Sleep Score Max provides you with your sleep quality score. It also gives you some insights that are actively affecting your sleep quality. It will provide you with actionable steps on what you can do to improve your sleep.

The Sleep Score Max device is minimalist in design. You won’t find any touchscreen displays on it. The device looks like one of those small USB speakers that are used in personal computers. Its utilitarian design means it will blend in with just about any bedroom design. The device is compatible with iOS or Android phones allowing anyone to download the companion app into mobile phones. The one complaint about the app is that it takes longer to register initially. You’ll be asked several questions with regards to your health, which can be time-consuming, Even this is the case, the answers that you provide will eventually help you understand your sleep objectives and improve your overall health.

One complaint about the SleepScore Max is the alarm clock functionality. You can, but it doesn’t wake you at the exact time you set the alarm. Because SleepScore Max monitors the stages of your sleep, it knows when you are sleeping lightly. If the device finds you sleeping lightly close to the time for your alarm, it will set off the alarm. The rationale is that it prevents you from drifting into a deeper stage of sleep when you’re so close to waking. This is a brilliant device, but some will not appreciate getting deprived of those five precious minutes of sleep, no matter how light that sleep is. You can disable the alarm clock or use a silent alarm. Another option is to use a smart alarm clock just for this particular function.

Another downside of the SleepScore Max is that it is not portable. Unlike wearables that you can take wherever you like, it’s difficult to bring the SleepScore Max while traveling. Sure, you can stick it in your luggage and set it up in your hotel room. But this may be too much work for a sleep tracker.

More reasons to get the SleepScore Max

  • The SleepScore Max uses echo-location technology – You don’t have to wear or even lie down on the SleepScore Max for it to work. You have to place it near you when you sleep.
  • Top of the line – The technology being used by SleepScore Max is based on 12 years’ worth of scientific research by ResMed.
  • Sleep Report – The SleepScore Max can also generate a report regarding your health that you can present to your doctor.

Buy: SleepScore Max

Honorable mention: Fitbit Charge 4

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Fitbit Charge 4 sleep tracker
Fitbit Charge 4

The Fitbit Charge 4 looks and feels like a smartwatch, but it’s not. There is no way for you to install third-party applications. It won’t let you send messages or make calls. Even though it fails for being a true smartwatch, it successfully created a niche for itself as a watch that is capable of monitoring your well-being.

This Fitbit sleep tracker is a beefed-up version of the Fitbit Charge HR. You have the option to get a leather or silicone watch band. I opted for the silicone watch band because it is softer and won’t be abrasive even if worn for an extended period. The leather one will be ideal for those who are used to wearing corporate attire because the leather band will definitely complement the wardrobe. The good news is,  the bands are interchangeable.

There are built-in apps that you can use to monitor your sleep and exercise levels. Aside from time apps, there are also apps to monitor the weather.

Fitbit Charge 4 decided to concentrate on the bare basics, and it’s a good thing too because you don’t have any of the distractions that come with smartwatches.

The Fitbit Charge 4 has heart rate sensors that monitor your heart rate 24/7. The data collected by the heart rate sensors are then processed using a unique system algorithm to provide you with a more in-depth analysis of your heart condition.

It also monitors how many calories you burn in a day so you can check if you are reaching your daily goals. The Auto Sleep Tracking feature lets you see how long you’re in light, deep, and REM sleep. This Fitbit Sleep Tracking app gives insights on how you can improve your sleep quality.

Another great feature of Charge 4 is the Female Health Tracker. It’s a Fitbit app that tracks periods. It also records symptoms and estimates ovulation and fertility windows. This is an excellent app for those who are planning to start a family.

More reasons to get the Fitbit Charge 4

  • Waterproof Design – You can wear your Fitbit Charge 4 even when you’re swimming or taking a shower. This lets you continue monitoring your health without the fear of damaging the device.
  • Long battery life – The battery of the Fitbit Charge 4 can last up to 7 days. This means fewer instances of charging. The battery life is also much longer than those of regular smartwatches.
  • The screen is bright and big – This is an improvement that older user will appreciate because it is easier to read even without the need for bifocals.

Buy: Fitbit Charge 4

Honorable mention: Emfit QS+ Active HRV Sleep Monitor

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Emfit QS+ Active sleep tracker with smartphone app
Emfit QS+ Active

Emfit QS (Quantified Sleep) is a sleep tracker that you put under your mattress to monitor your sleep. It’s a collection of sensors covered in a soft, flexible material. The choice of material means that you won’t feel any part poking at you or disrupting your sleep. Since the device goes under the mattress, you won’t accidentally move it while you’re asleep.

Aside from tracking your sleep stages and your sleep quality, the Emfit QS also monitors your Heart Rate Variability (HRV), balance, breathing rate, and heart rate. This is a versatile device that doesn’t limit itself to analyzing your sleep habits. It also tells you how to improve your performance while awake.

The HRV is of particular importance. In simple terms, HRV is the variation in time between heartbeats. Research indicates that lower HRV values are associated with your body being in a state of recovery from stress.  Taking a careful look at your HRV trends makes you aware when your body is overworked or when its not recovering enough from an injury.

The Emfit QS has a sleek design, and you can get it in either black or white. It comes with a cord that you can attach to the sensor that allows it to connect to a Wifi. The device has been calibrated so that it can work in a single bed or double bed whichever you prefer.

One issue with the design is that the heart sensing strip is half the width of a double bed. If you share your bed with a partner, you’ll have to carefully position the Emfit QS so that it’s directly under your chest. There is also the danger of inaccurate readings if you move a lot while sleeping since your body may not be directly positioned on top of the monitor.

What separates the Emfit QS from other sleep trackers is the fact that it doesn’t require you to sync data to your mobile phone. The Emfit QS connects directly to your home Wifi, and you can access your information by using their web platform. One drawback it that the Emfit Qs is not accessible via a mobile phone app. Their web platform gives you a glance at the readouts that the device took while you are sleeping. You have the option to drill down into each metric so you can study each one in more detail. This information can be stored in a CSV format. You can also share your data with your doctor or wellness coach using the Team Sharing Option.

More reasons to get the Emfit QS

  • Long-term trends – The Emfit QS can track up to 360 days’ worth of data. This is useful in keeping an eye on the effects of your training, medication, or change in lifestyle that you implemented.
  • Non-wearable – Just set it up, lie down and let the Emfit QS do its job.
  • Team Sharing – Lets you share your data to your doctor or wellness coach for a more accurate interpretation.

Buy: Emfit QS+ Active, $249 from

Honorable mention: Oura Ring

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Oura Ring sleep trackers (all colors)
Oura Ring

If you want a sleep tracker but don’t want any medical looking accessory, then the Oura Ring is for you. Yes, it’s a ring that can help you track sleep patterns among other things. The nice thing about this is the ring goes well with just about anything that you are wearing. It can practically complement your suit or any type of clothing. Its elegance makes it more of jewelry rather than a health aide. The ring is made of titanium with a carbon coating giving it a sleek finish. The Oura Ring comes in 2 shapes (Balance and Elegant), and both shapes are available in four colors.

The only indication that the Oura Ring is more than just jewelry is its inner rim. This is where you’ll find the sensors. The contact points in the inner rim have a smooth finish so as not to irritate your skin.

The Oura Ring focuses on three key areas, Readiness, Sleep, and Activity. Since the surface of the ring is too small for a screen, the information that the Oura collects can be viewed using Oura’s sleep tracking app. This app is available for both iOS and Android users. You don’t even have to remove the ring to check your statistics since the ring connects and syncs to your mobile device via bluetooth.

The Sleep section provides you a sleep score. The sleep score is derived from your total sleep, sleep efficiency, tranquility, latency, and timing. It also measures the amount of REM and deep sleep that you had. These sleep data can pinpoint exactly the period of sleep you need to improve on.

The battery life of the Oura Ring should be up to 7 days. Charging the Oura is pretty straightforward, place the ring on the charging stand that comes with it, and it will wirelessly charge the ring within a couple of hours.

More reasons to trust the Oura Ring

  • Advance Pulse Measurement – The Oura Ring has Infrared LEDs that measure blood volume pulse directly from the palmar arteries of your finger.
  • NTC Body Temperature Sensor – This reads your body temperature while sleeping. The data collected can be compared to the previous readings. The comparison will show your body temperature baseline and any other variations. With this unique feature, you can determine at which temperature can you achieve the best and optimal sleep. It also gives you an idea if a change in temperature resulted in a sleep disruption.
  • 3D Accelerometer – This detects the amplitude and intensity of your body movement. This indicates your level of activity during the day, while tracking the times of inactivity.

Buy: Oura Ring

Sleep Trackers Compared

Sleep TrackerAccuracyBattery LifeData AccessibilityOur ReviewBuy Now
Fitbit Versa 3Best AvailableExcellentYes via App - iOS and AndroidRead full reviewBuy now
Withings Sleep Tracking MatGoodBattery Not NeededYes via App - iOS and AndroidRead full reviewCheck Price
Apple Watch Series 6GoodExcellentYes via App - iOS Learn moreBuy now
Amazfit GTS2 MiniGoodExcellentYes via App - AndroidFull review coming soonBuy now
Sleepscore MaxGoodRequires power supplyYes via App - iOS and AndroidRead full review

Types of Sleep Trackers

Sleep trackers come in different shapes and sizes. They also use different methods to accurately gauge sleep. The type that you should buy fully depends on your lifestyle as long as you maximize the full functionality of the sleep tracker you are choosing.


Ring sleep trackers are the smallest kind available in the market. This is ideal for those who are not used to wearing watches. They also go well with almost anything that you wear, so you don’t have to worry about the sleep tracker looking awkward against your wardrobe. The downside with ring sleep trackers is they can get scratched. They are usually made of smooth materials like zirconia or a metal alloy. Scratches can be highly visible in these materials.


Bracelets are suitable for those who have active lifestyles. They are lightweight, have accelerometers, and won’t hamper your movement even when you are jogging. Most bracelet sleep trackers are also waterproof, so there is no need to remove them even when you are swimming or taking a shower. An example of this type is the Xiaomi Mi Band.


This type is similar to bracelets. You have to double check if they are waterproof before deciding to wear them during a swim. The good thing about this type is that the screen can readily display values and statistics.


This type of sleep tracker is for those who don’t want to use wearable sleep trackers. They don’t require any direct contact with the body. This type may pose a problem for those who move a lot while sleeping or those who share their bed. Sleeping with a company may affect the accuracy of the sleep trackers such as the mat types.


Sensors are the best type for those who don’t want any physical contact with a sleep tracker. You can simply place it on your bedside table. The downside is that the data gathered can be limited as compared to when sleep trackers are in contact with you. If you happen to fall asleep on a couch, your sleep trend and recording will then be inconsistent or interrupted.

Sleep Trackers, Cycles and Apps

What is a sleep tracker?

A sleep tracker is a device that monitors your sleeping pattern. It usually measures the quality and duration of your sleep. They have several features that are capable of providing tips on improving sleep quality.

Aside from tracking sleep patterns, most sleep trackers have unique features. Some can function as pedometers so you can track your progress while jogging. There are also some that can measure the number of calories you burn daily. This is a great help for those who are on a weight loss management.

Some sleep trackers also have smartwatch capabilities notifying the user for new emails, text messages, or incoming calls.

What does a typical sleep cycle look like?

A typical sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes. Throughout the said cycle, you move through the five stages of sleep. The first four stages are non-rapid eye movement while the fifth one is when we have rapid-eye movement.

The first four stages are where we sleep lightly. Those who are in the first stage are sleeping very lightly. Those who are in the fourth stage are harder to wake-up. During these first four stages, our muscles can function, but with very little muscle activity. Our eyes do not move in these stages.

REM Sleep is the final stage of sleep. In this stage, we have bursts of rapid eye movements, hence the name. Even though our eyes are not always moving, they dart back and forth, up and down. This is the stage of sleep where dreams occur. Although it is not yet confirmed, rapid eye movements may be associated with visual images of dreams.

Most wearables can track sleep, but can we really benefit from them?

We can learn a lot from sleep trackers. Because of the various data that they collect, they help us pinpoint the times when we have difficulty in sleeping. We can then associate sleep interruptions to events that may have disturbed our sleep. For instance, some may find that they usually wake up when there is a sudden change in room temperature. This may prompt us to purchase temperature regulators that can help prevent such disruptions.

What is the best sleep app?

There are a lot of sleep tracker apps, but for me, the best sleep app is Sleep available for Android users. This is a standalone app that aims to improve sleep irregularities. It can track your sleep pattern and provide you with a graph of your sleeping records. It also has lullaby tunes to help you sleep. It also has an alarm clock that wakes you up and can be customized to nature sounds, so you don’t get jolted out of sleep. It has a free version and a premium version available as an in-app purchase. The free version is available for a 14-day trial period.

When should I use sleep tracking wearables to help improve sleep?

You should use sleep tracking wearables if poor quality sleep is already affecting your daily productivity. Since sleeping is your way to rest and recuperate, the lack of sleep can zap you of the energy you need to function properly during the day. People who don’t get enough sleep are unable to focus and are more likely to be forgetful. If you are exhibiting the symptoms of lack of sleep, sleep tracker can help you pinpoint the source of your inability to maintain a good night’s sleep.

Our overall health and well-being are things that we should never take for granted. Recent statistics show that one of three people are not getting enough sleep, which could result in grogginess and distraction. A more serious effect of sleepless nights is health-related risks such as diabetes, heart diseases, depression, hormone imbalances, and formation of cancers.

But thanks to the technological advancements today such as the introduction of sleep trackers that we can readily exploit. With sleep trackers, we are now capable of measuring sleep patterns through a series of data recordings. Sleep trackers may cost money, but they are worthy investments in terms of understanding and improving sleep quality and sleep duration. It helps us decode the things happening during our sleep, especially at times when we are challenged to enjoy the comfort of our bed.

How we came up with this list

Any sleep trackers reviewed on this site is judged by 8 standards:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Functionality
  4. Reliability
  5. Data Accessibility
  6. Aesthetic Design (wearable only)
  7. Comfort (wearable only)
  8. Battery Life (wearable only)

Read our full methodology and review process for sleep trackers here.

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