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The Marriott Hotel Mattress I Bought on Amazon Makes Staying Home Feel Like I’m Taking a Vacation

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With 3800 properties in 72 countries (and counting), the Marriott International Hotel chain group is a name that is so well known that it is often name dropped in rap songs (and you know you have it made when you get immortalized in rap lyrics). Eighteen different brands fall under the Marriott International Group, most of which are world renowned luxury brands such as the Ritz Carlton, JW Marriott, St. Regis Hotels and W.

Everyone worth their Booking.com Genius points knows that a stay at a Marriott Hotel means not only world class service but also, sleeping in the lap of luxury, figuratively as well as literally – so much so that their beds have become something to be desired and wanted by the masses.

Now, more than ever, in the midst of a pandemic that has shut the whole world down, a staycation is the closest thing to a vacation us commoners could ever get to (and is, of course, the safest option). Why not turn it up a notch and get a mattress that makes you feel as though you are sleeping in a luxury hotel every single night?

Buy: Marriott Official Bed – Mattress and Box Spring Combo, $1,495 – $2,250 from Amazon.com

Who should buy the Marriott Bed?

Being of medium firmness, the Marriott mattress would be best for those who sleep on their backs and stomachs although the 2” quilted plush mattress topper it comes with may provide the added comfort needed by those who sleep on their sides. 

As per the Marriott’s official website, the Marriott mattress is made up of premium memory foam that cradles your entire body although more than a few have reported that the bed was either much too firm for their liking, even after ‘breaking it in’. A select few have also found that the mattress created sleep holes – meaning that although the mattress may have conformed to your body and shape, it did not exactly bounce back and this potentially could lead to much bigger problems such as the mattress wearing down well before its life cycle. Not to mention, a few other deal breakers such as an uneven mattress surface and general lack of comfortability as the foam keeps sinking in.

Hot sleepers could also benefit from the mattress foam’s open cell technology which helps keep you cool throughout the night.

While this may not necessarily be common, I know that you are out there: if you are a baller (yes, I went there) or if you aspire to be one, having a Marriott Bed at home could be bonus points with the ladies.


The Marriott Bed mattress utilizes a medium firm memory foam which provides excellent support for back and stomach sleepers while providing good pressure relief due to its firmness. Side sleepers may not fare so well in sleeping on a firmer mattress as this may create added pressure on their shoulders and hips, especially if they only sleep on one side all throughout the night. For this reason, a 2” mattress topper is also available for purchase which provides an extra layer of plush comfort that could be the answer to those who sleep on their sides.

Bear in mind, an actual hotel bed is incomplete without its little accoutrements such as bedding, linen and even its own scent and a good number of the more outstanding reviews on the Marriott Bed have one thing in common – they all purchased the corresponding bedding set. This may be something you should look into if you want the lavish comfortability of the full Marriott Hotel bed experience.

Marriott mattress with bedding
You can buy the *exact* same mattress you slept on during your last vacation


While the Marriott Hotel has been keeping mum about the origins and current sources of their luxury mattresses (understandable as competition could be fierce especially in the hotel world), research shows that they use a soy based high density foam with an open cell technology. As mentioned previously, a mattress that utilizes open cell technology makes for a mattress that lets the air flow through continuously as well as have the ability to revert back to its original shape quicker than the more traditional mattress offerings in the market. Soy based also means that using plant sourced materials reduces the carbon footprint from the production of their mattresses. As an added bonus, plant based materials usually means less off-gassing upon initial use.

The Marriott Bed comes in 2 parts – a 9 inch foam mattress and a 10.5 inch box spring which provides a solid foundation. This makes up 19.5 inches of pure, unadulterated bliss that is sleeping on a hotel bed.

Side note: Jamison Bedding may have been the previous provider of mattresses for the Marriott Hotels but current research shows that this is no longer the case.

Sizes and Pricing

  • Twin – $1495
  • Full – $1800
  • Queen – $2050
  • King – $2250
  • California King – $2250

Buy: Marriott Official Bed – Mattress and Box Spring Combo, $1,495 – $2,250 from Amazon.com


While some verified reviews have stated that they have had their Marriott Bed for over 10 years now and they still love it as much as the first day they fell asleep on it, for others that has not been the case. 

Most, if not all, of the people who purchased a Marriott Bed have all had the experience of staying in a Marriott Hotel and they wanted to take that experience home with them. While the general consensus for the Marriott Bed Mattress has been split down the middle, there is no denying that the Marriott Hotel is where they are now because of the opulent quality of their services and the luxuriousness of their surroundings. While they do not offer a trial night period that most mattress companies do (they are, after all, a hotel chain first and foremost), why not have your own trial night (or two or three) in one of the many Marriott Hotels near you? Bring a friend. Don’t forget your skincare, maybe a CBD oil or an anti-aging pillow and make a real staycation out of it.

Courtyard by Marriott hotel room with bed
Marriott uses these mattresses at all of their properties

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