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Is La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night Treatment Really ‘the Best Night Serum in the World’?

La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night Treatment

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Sure, in the recent years, there has been a steady stream of of skin care laboratories popping up with claims of having found the secret to ageless, beautiful skin but La Prairie Switzerland has been one of the leading – if not, the leading – pioneer in an industry that is currently worth $145.3 Billion (and growing). Combining nature and technology is no longer something new these days but La Prairie has elevated Biotechnology to heights that have yet to be matched by other leading skin care brands in the market and their Cellular Power Charge Night Treatment is just one of their many resounding triumphs.

On the glacier fed shores of Lac Leman in Switzerland, Clinique La Prairie was founded in 1931 by Dr. Paul Niehans, who was convinced that science was the key to eternal youth. With cell therapy  as the foundation that Clinique La Prairie was built on, Dr. Niehans developed formulas for their treatments using four of the most luxurious things nature has to offer – platinum, gold, white caviar and caviar. Each of these four quite expensive and famously rare natural ingredients are at the core of every La Prairie product.

Whilst harnessing the power of the elements, La Prairie also makes use of precious bounties of the sea, air and land from deep sea blue algae to minerals forged deep in the earth’s fiery chambers. Drawing on the mysteries of the earth and its almost mystical inner workings, La Prairie unites science and magic, as they call it, as the basis of each treatment.  It’s no wonder why the world’s elite echelons from crown royalty to rock and roll royalty and everyone in between, were drawn – even to this day – to all that Clinique La Prairie had to offer.

Today is no different than 1931. Now, more than ever, La Prairie uses only the finest and rarest natural ingredients to supplement their four core components. Each of La Prairie’s formulas are a closely guarded secret, with different units of essentially one product being produced in separate laboratories by different scientists – it’s like the Pentagon of the skin care world.

Ah, but wait, there is one thing different. 

Today, us mere mortals, us commoners, us ordinary folk and dare I say it, us plebes can now get our hands on a coveted little jar of La Prairie’s preternatural potions.

Buy: La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night Treatment (1.35 Ounce), $559.97 from Amazon.com

Science versus Magic

La Prairie’s Cellular Power Charge Night Treatment is a serum that is meant to be used, as it says on the name, at night, with the reason being that while we sleep is when our bodies, which includes our skin, repair and regenerate itself. 

The use of a serum in a normal skin care routine is debated by many but for those of us who want more than a little bit of help in restoring our skin, a serum is an indispensable step in our regimen. Think of it as a supercharged version of your moisturizer distilled 10 times over into its very essence. Serums can be very potent. Hence why more often than not, they come with their own set of instructions on application and usually the word sparingly is copiously repeated. La Prairie’s Cellular Power Charge Night Treatment is no exception. 

Containing retinol, hailed as the superstar of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-acne treatments and oxygen along with repairing peptides, protective snow algae, anti oxidant phyto stem cell extract and a soothing tissue guidance matrix, skin is re-texturized, revitalized and recharged. Bearing in mind that whilst the retinol ingredient in La Prairie’s Cellular Power Charge Night Treatment is time released and gentler than straight up retinoids, it is still advisable to space out use sporadically and to always use sun protection during the day, as retinol can make the skin more sensitive to the sun. Some people have found though that even with its gentler formulation, the treatment was a little too strong for them.

Encased in a seemingly singular sleek silver 40 ml bottle housing two canisters containing the retinol cream  and the oxygen gel separately, and the reason for that being the efficacy of retinol diminishes if kept in contact with oxygen for long. Due to its unique delivery system, it can get a tad bit annoying when you accidentally pump out more of the other but with a little finesse here and there, you can eventually get there although quite a few have complained that one side ran out faster than the other. (La Prairie, a little tweaking is needed please).

A number of reports have shown an increase in skin elasticity, firmness, brightness and overall smoothness even just after a few days use.Suffice it to say, if you pair La Prairie’s Cellular Power Charge Night Treatment with an anti-wrinkle pillow, then we could be well on our way to the skin of our dreams

Eternal youth, here we come.

La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night Treatment
La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night Treatment is a premium product with an expensive price tag

Princess or pauper skin?


  • Closely guarded secret formula of a potent blend of natural ingredients create one of the most luxurious creams that actually show visible results
  • Formulated by one of the world’s leading skin care laboratories who have consistently produced outstanding products
  • Contains retinol which is the gold standard for anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-acne
  • Contains oxygen which recharges and refreshes skin from deep within
  • Benefits all skin types


To eternal youth

While most young people cannot wait to grow older, all (and I mean ALL) older people wish they could be young again. Be it in mind, body or face. Soul can be whichever age you want – mine is about 4000 years old at this point. 

Young equates to fresh and full of life whereas us golden oldies (I’m in my dirty 30s, ok?) feel as though we are slowly but surely withering like those 10-day old tulips drooping on your nightstand. We may be wary of the many things being hawked at us as the next best thing to the fountain of youth but we also know when something comes close. And boy let me tell you, La Prairie gets really, really close.

Buy: La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night Treatment (1.35 Ounce), $559.97 from Amazon.com

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