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Zinus 9 Inch High Profile BiFold Box Spring Review

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Zinus box spring with descriptions

A foundation is essential for a bed. They help support your mattress so it can last longer. Those with sleep-related health issues will also benefit from foundations since they help make beds more comfortable for sleeping. Zinus is a traditional box spring re-invented to make it more functional and easier to use. Whether you have a traditional innerspring mattress, a box spring mattress, a latex bed, a folding mattress, a memory foam mattress, or a hybrid bed, Zinus is ideal mattress support that will surely satisfy your sleeping needs.

What makes Zinus an ideal sleeping aid?

It has a Durable Design

Durability is one of the significant concerns that we have whenever we buy a bed foundation. We always look for something that will last long so we can save money and avoid the hassle of scouting for a box spring replacement after just a short period. Zinus has a steel foundation so you can be sure that it is as sturdy as it can get. Some bed foundations still use traditional materials like wood, and although wood is also durable, they are more prone to breakage and damages. Zinus is so sturdy that it can support up to 2,400 lbs of weight. I share the bed with my husband and our youngest and although we don’t weigh anywhere near 2,000 lbs, I can say that our bed feels as stable as it can be. I can safely say that with our memory foam mattress supported by the Zinus, I can drop my husband’s iron dumbbells on our bed without causing any damage on the box spring. I also like the fabric cover of the Zinus. The cover keeps the steel structure out of sight and protects the foam layer your mattress from tears. And although the Zinus doesn’t have any sharp edges that may damage our mattress, the fabric cover is still a great addition.

It is Easy to Assemble

I am not much when it comes to assembling, so I prefer no assembly required things. However, the Zinus is an exemption. It is so easy to assemble that even a klutz like myself didn’t encounter any problems putting it together. The quick lock system means that the steel frame stays in place once you connect the right components.  The Zinus came in a neatly packaged carton which makes it easy to transport. It was a bit heavy, but I was able to easily carry it to our upstairs bedroom. The directions are clear and easy to follow, and it comes with all the tools you need to assemble it. It still took me a time to completely assemble it, but I imagine that it would have been quicker if assembled by someone who has a nose for following instructions or if I had a helping hand.

It is a High-Quality Product

This sturdy and robust metal structure comes with a limited 5-year warranty. The length of the warranty that Zinus is giving to their customers is an indication of their belief in the quality of their product. One thing that customers should note is that this product doesn’t come with a bed frame. It is also nice to know that Zinus has a box spring for you whatever the size of your bed. Their box spring comes in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. The heavy gauge steel frame makes it sturdier than cast iron bed foundations.

It is More Practical

Unlike a standard box spring or a low-profile box spring, the Zinus also allows for more under-bed storage since it sits high from the bedroom floor. The Zinus also provides adequate back support while you sleep. It offers pressure relief and is perfect for those who want a good night’s sleep but suffer from back pains.

Pros and Cons of Zinus

What We Liked

  • Easy mobility
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a fabric cover

What We Didn’t Like

  • Might be too high for some
  • Heavier than some bed foundations

About Zinus

History of Zinus

Zinus is a company founded by Youn Jae Lee in 1979. It started as a business engaged in manufacturing outdoor equipment like tents. In 2004, Zinus started rolling out its sleep products. The company is responsible for coming out with patented technologies like Smartbase, BioFoam, and EcoFoam. They now operate bicoastal distributions in the US totaling over one million square feet. By 2019, they will be operating a 2.8 million square feet production facility in China.

Customer Satisfaction

Zinus has an average of 4.3 stars of Customer Satisfaction Rating from almost 5,000 customer reviews on Amazon.

BBB Rating

Zinus is not a BBB accredited business. They have a B+ rating in BBB with 148 customer complaints filed against them. They are active in engaging with their customers who filed their complaints with the BBB.

Physical Stores

Zinus doesn’t have physical stores of their own but their products are available through partner stores like Sears, Target, and Home Depot. Their products are also available online through their website https://www.zinus.com/ and partner online retailers like Amazon.

Contact Zinus

Customers can get in touch with Zinus through their support site https://support.zinus.com/

Zinus on Social Media

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Accolades & Praise for Zinus

Our Verdict

The Zinus High Profile Bi-Fold is a perfect bed foundation for everyone. It helps make your mattress more durable. It is easy to assemble and easy to transport. It also provides support for those who have back problems and have trouble sleeping. Another thing that I liked about the Zinus is its availability in multiple sizes.

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