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Avocado is the Most Popular Vegan and Organic Mattress Brand – Here’s Our Verdict

Avocado mattresses

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Avocado is a company that has a unique goal: Creating eco-friendly, sustainable, affordable mattresses for health-conscious consumers. Founded in 2015, the company currently sells two models of their bed: the flagship Avocado Green and the newer Avocado Vegan. Both mattresses are latex hybrids that use organic latex sourced from co-owned farmers’ collectives, so you know that you’re supporting the individuals who did the work rather than large corporations.

Both of these mattresses have excellent reputations and the company has a history of doing the right thing. That doesn’t mean that either of them will be the right choice for you, however. In this review we’ll cover the Avocado Green flagship and compare it to their brand new Avocado Vegan bed so you can decide for yourself if you want to buy your next mattress from this company or if you should look elsewhere.

Let’s start by taking a look at what type of consumer should purchase an Avocado mattress.

What type of sleeper is the Avocado designed for?

We rate both the Avocado Green and the Avocado Vegan as being firm mattresses with a 7/10 firmness level. As far as sleeping positions go, we recommend these mattresses for back sleepers and for people who are average-weight or heavier. Lightweight people and stomach sleepers may want to look elsewhere, while side sleepers should take their own personal preferences into consideration. If you’re a side sleeper who prefers firmer mattresses then this is a great choice. If you like a softer feel than you should purchase a bed from a competing brand.

You should buy an Avocado mattress if:

  • You are average-weight or heavier
  • You’re a back sleeper
  • You have a preference for firm mattresses
  • Back pain is a problem for you
  • Environmental sustainability is one of your priorities
  • You are a vegan who wants a cruelty-free product

Avocado Green and Avocado Vegan mattress features

Both models – Avocado Green and Avocado Vegan – feature GOLS-certified organic latex that has been sourced from farmers’ co-owned collectives, something that you’re sure to appreciate if you’re in Avocado’s target market of eco-conscious consumers. All of the components of this bed are natural and organic. Each Green mattress features an organic wool comfort layer, while the vegan option substitutes the the wool with organic cotton.

Avocado beds are hybrid-style mattresses that have a pocketed coil support base, giving it a 7/10 firmness level. If that’s a little too firm for you then you can purchase the optional 2-inch latex pillow-top which makes the bed slightly softer without losing much of its’ supportive feel.

Now that we’ve got the overview out of the way we’ll dig down into the details of this bed. We’ll go over the firmness, construction, maintenance, warranty policy, and more. In this review we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Avocado so that you can make your own decision. Let’s start with the most important feature of any mattress: firmness.


Without the optional pillow-top cover, we rate the Avocado mattress as being firm (7/10). If you opt to include the cover, that brings it down to a medium-firm (6/10) rating. Avocado brands these two options as “gentle firm” and “luxury plush”, respectively.

We recommend firm and medium-firm mattresses for back sleepers, people who are average-weight or heavier, and people who have back or hip pain. Firm and medium-firm mattresses offer minimal contouring and have very little “give” to them. They give you the feeling of sleeping “on” your mattress rather than “in” it. If that sounds appealing to you, then the Avocado Green or Vegan will be a great choice. If you’d prefer something softer we’d recommend the softest option from Saatva or the soft side of the Layla mattress.

Construction and durability

The cover of the Avocado is made out of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. The non-removable cover is made out of materials that are free from fire-retardants, glue, and other hazardous chemicals.

The comfort layers are located underneath the cover and are made out of 100% GOTS-certified wool in the Green mattress and 100% GOTS-certified cotton in the Vegan version. The wool is sourced from a collective that the company co-owns with a group of farmers. Wool is an all-natural material that has natural anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, and temperature-regulating effects. The cotton in the Vegan version is not as long-lasting as wool but has great airflow and natural softness.

If you choose the optional pillow-top the comfort layer is supported by 2 inches of organic Dunlop latex made out of a softer material than the latex in the comfort layer. Latex creates a stable sleep surface with a firm bounce and long-lasting durability. Latex also has anti-microbial benefits that can help reduce dust mites, mold, and other allergens.

Underneath the comfort layers are support layers made out of 1,414 independently floating recycled steel coils. The coils are manufactured here in the USA by Legget & Platt and are available in three different gauges that are individually tuned for the five different ergonomic zones within the bed. These coils ensure that there is a different feel in each part of the bed. For example, the area supporting your shoulders and feet will be softer than the lumbar region (which requires much more support). This helps ensure that your spine stays properly aligned and can help reduce aches and pains.

Does it keep you cool?

Our review team has a number of hot sleepers – people who overheat and frequently wake up sweating throughout the night. They noted that the Avocado Green and Vegan did a great job of keeping them cool throughout the night when compared to average mattresses. There are three reasons for this: the mattresses’ firm surface helps prevent heat from getting trapped by your body, the wool/cotton sleep surface providing airflow, and the natural cooling properties of latex.

The reason that firm mattresses sleep cooler than soft ones is because they don’t sink in while you sleep on them. When you lay down on a soft bed, it contours to your body and traps heat; making you hotter and possibly disrupting your sleep with frequent awakenings.

Another reason why the Avocado has more airflow than other beds is because of the breathable cotton or wool cover. These materials are also designed to wick away moisture, which prevents you from waking up covered in sweat. The open-cell structure of the natural latex in the comfort layer provides additional temperature neutrality benefits.

Overall we think that the Avocado sleeps much cooler than most other mattresses we’ve tested and reviewed.


Avocado makes their mattresses in the following standard sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King


The cost of the Avocado is similar to other internet mattress-in-a-box companies like DreamCloud and Casper:

  • Twin – $959
  • Twin XL – $999
  • Full – $1,199
  • Queen – $1,399
  • King – $1,699
  • California King – $1,699

You can also purchase a pillow top mattress cover that gives you an extra two inches of organic latex. The cost varies depending on which size bed you purchase, ranging from $240 for a twin to $500 for a king-sized version.


Avocado mattresses are covered by a 25-year warranty starting on the date you purchase your bed. The warranty only applies to the original purchaser and only if you buy it directly from Avocado Mattress, LLC.

The warranty covers the following defects:

  • Any visible indentation that is greater than 1″ in diameter that must be visible to the naked eye without weight being applied to the mattress. The indentation can not be the result of using an improper box spring or foundation that can’t support the combined weight of you and the bed.
  • Physical flaws in the natural latex foam that causes it to crack or split when used and handled properly.
  • Defects in the cover including tearing or unraveled stitching.
  • Any cosmetic damages not caused by normal wear and tear.

During years 1-10 your mattress is completely covered. There will be no charge to repair or replace your mattress if the company determines that it is a type of damage that they cover. After the first ten years the company will repair or replace your mattress, charging you a prorated amount in addition to transportation and shipping charges. During year 11 you will pay 50% of the purchase price. From years 12-21, the prorated amount will increase by five percentages points each year. If you have an issue with your mattress between years 22-25, you will pay 95% of the purchase price to replace your mattress.

Trial period

Avocado offers a 1-year sleep trial on their mattress, which is average in this industry. The trial period begins on the day that your receive your mattress. If you don’ t like the bed for any reason, contact the company’s sustainability team. They will help you donate your mattress in exchange for a full refund. Avocado does not resell used mattresses.

There are no charges for returns, and you’ll receive your refund as soon as Avocado receives your mattress. Although you can return the mattress at any time, Avocado asks that you give it 30-60 days to ensure that you give it a fair and honest trial.

About Avocado Mattress, LLC

Customer satisfaction

Avocado mattresses have a 4.5/5 star rating with 15,724 customer reviews. Customers praised it for its ability to keep them cool and reduce aches and pains.

Physical stores

There are no physical locations where you can buy the Avocado. The only authorized place to purchase one is from AvocadoGreenMattress.com.

How we rate mattresses

We rate mattresses using the following criteria:

  1. Comfort
  2. Structural integrity and durability
  3. Firmness and support

Learn more about our mattress rating process and methodology here.

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