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Sleep Young Pillow Promises to Help You Keep Your Youth and is Designed for Side Sleepers (Finally!)

Sleep Young pillow

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While cervical is not really a word one would immediately associate with a pillow, surprisingly enough, it makes for one heck of an ergonomic pillow design. The Sleep Young Anti-Wrinkle Pillow is shaped in a way that allows side sleepers to rest comfortably in their favorite sleeping position without having to worry about waking up looking like they slept on a waffle maker. Make no mistake though, the Sleep Young Anti-Wrinkle Pillow is not only for the side sleepers, but also for those of us who would like to train ourselves to sleep on our backs.

As was discussed in a previous review about another anti-wrinkle pillow, sleep wrinkles can be detrimental to one’s facial health and overall look, which can then spill over to being bad (being very, very bad) to one’s mental health. Call it what you may; call it being superficial and shallow, but the truth is, our faces are what other people first notice about us. And on that note, our faces are the first thing we see as we stumble into the bathroom, half asleep, to get ready for the day; and being our own worst critics, if we don’t like what we see then there goes our whole day. Admit it, I’m right, aren’t I? Now, imagine seeing a network of lines and unwanted crinkles (I say unwanted because smile lines, for me at least, are beautiful). What do you do then?

According to Research and Markets, a global market research firm based in Dublin, Ireland; the global cosmetic skincare market has reached an estimated $145.3 Billion in the year 2020, even amid the worst pandemic to ever hit the world since the Spanish Flu, and it is expected to grow up to $185.5 Billion by the year 2027. And this is without makeup, fragrance or body care. 

We now know that caring for our facial skin is just as important as caring for our mind, souls and bodies, frivolity be damned. Self-care, and by which I mean the all encompassing self-care and not just the crunchy, kombucha swigging, crystal waving, yoga posing juju (I do all these things, by the way),  is no longer treated like a dirty word;  it is now embedded into our culture as something that is indispensable and essential.

Buy: Sleep Young Anti-Wrinkle Pillow, $94.95 from Amazon.com

Diagram showing how Sleep Young's anti-aging pillow works
How Sleep Young pillow works

 Self-care in a pillow

The Sleep Young Anti-Wrinkle Pillow is unlike regular anti-wrinkle pillows also marketed for side sleepers. Because of its cervical, ergonomic design, it lets you sleep on your side without putting any pressure on your face. Think of the letter “V”. Your pretty, little head rests on either side of the V but your face won’t be in contact with it. And no, your head won’t be floating – it’s just the way the pillow is curved slightly on the sides, essentially leaving the side of your face free to the wind, with the upper part of the curve supporting your forehead. It sounds a tad bit uncomfortable and I’m not going to lie – at first, it will be. But, if you follow the instructions to a T (from the pamphlet included with the pillow when you purchase it), then you will be sleeping like a baby in no time flat. 

The pillow has two different heights: one lower and one higher; just flip it over to your desired height and to the height you feel most comfortable in.  Now, that little concave at the bottom of the V is where the neck and shoulder support comes in, so it’s not just your face that benefits from the Sleep Young Anti-Wrinkle Pillow but your neck, shoulders and spine as well. Some people have even claimed that the chronic pain they experience in their neck and shoulders have disappeared after sleeping on the pillow for a few nights straight. How’s that for a triple whammy?

Weighing in at 2.6 pounds with the dimensions of 20 x 16 x 5.47 inches, the Sleep Young Anti-Wrinkle Pillow features a soft, memory foam core and a breathable Bamboo outer case. Bamboo fibers are planet friendly and very gentle on the skin so there’s no worry about being scratched or chafed or destroying the planet. It unfortunately does not come with an optional and extra pillow case, but, here’s a little life hack for you: got an oversized silk or satin scarf laying forgotten in the back of your closet? Wrap the pillow within the scarf, tie a little knot to bring them altogether snugly and voila, a pillow that goes with your decor and keeps you looking young at the same time!

Buy: Sleep Young Anti-Wrinkle Pillow, $94.95 from Amazon.com

Should you or should you not


  • Cervical, ergonomic shape makes for an interesting design that actually works
  • 2 different heights to choose from within one pillow is like getting two products for the price of one
  • Side sleepers won’t have to worry about their faces getting in any contact with the pillow
  • Benefits the neck and the spine as well
  • All natural, non-invasive skin care


  • Bit pricey coming in at $95
  • Lack of colors to choose from for those who are concerned with aesthetics
  • May remind one of a stuffed, oversized diaper (or maybe that’s just me and my very graphic imagination)

Staying Young

Ah, the neverending quest for the fountain of youth. 

We drink our glowing green elixirs and swallow pills made from crushed bugs and flower essences; we eat our chia seeds and acai bowls and fish oils and nut milks; we find ways to tap into the primeval memories from past lives buried deep in our minds to try and locate a map that will lead us to nirvana, which in turn, can make us feel young and powerful; we travel far and wide to look for what is not really lost but in our minds we are convinced is gone; we chant the chants and dance the dances but in our frenzied quest, we sometimes forget that the most powerful thing can be the one that is the most simple. Go to sleep. And stay young with the Sleep Young Anti-Wrinkle Pillow.

Buy: Sleep Young Anti-Wrinkle Pillow, $94.95 from Amazon.com

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