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Pluto Pillow is a Decent Pillow, But is it Right for You?

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Pluto is a company that has a unique approach to creating their pillows. Instead of a standard online shopping portal where you can view the different pillows that they offer, Pluto instead encourages you to take a multiple-choice quiz that is designed to determine which type of pillow is best for your unique needs.

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Our favorite thing about the Pluto Pillow is the personalized quiz that takes the guesswork out of shopping for a pillow. Our least favorite thing about the Pluto Pillow is that you can’t select a different pillow from the one that the algorithm chooses for you.

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Is the Pluto Pillow the right choice for you?

Pluto designed their pillows to accommodate the needs of multiple different types of sleepers. Their niche revolves around customers who know that they want a premium pillow but are uncertain about which type is best.

The way that Pluto personalizes your pillow is by having you take a brief multiple-choice quiz on their website. You’ll answer a few basic questions such as your height and weight; whether you are a stomach, back, or side sleeper; and questions about your current pillow.

The quiz doesn’t take more than a couple minutes to complete and by the end of it their algorithm will match you with whichever one of their pillows they think will best meet your needs.

No matter how much you weigh or what type of sleeper you, Pluto should have a pillow that’s a match for you. In theory, at least. Let’s go ahead and take an in-depth look at their pillows and see if they are living up to their claims.

Side view of Pluto pillow

Features of the Pluto Pillow

Even though Pluto “personalizes” your pillow for you after you take the quiz, their pillows do share quite a few similarities. For example, all of their pillows are made out of memory foam with a Certi-PUR foam core.

The primary way that the company personalizes your pillow is by either adding or removing some of the foam. The loft, firmness, and cover are the main factors that differentiate each pillow from Pluto’s other offerings. They are all constructed out of the exact same type of foam, so if memory foam isn’t for you then you may want to look elsewhere. If you love memory foam, however, then Pluto’s quiz does a good job of figuring out what your needs are.

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Pluto’s pillows come in a variety of different firmness levels. The company uses your answers on their multiple-choice quiz to determine how much memory foam filling to include in your pillow. If you answers indicate that you prefer a soft pillow, then you’ll get less memory foam filling so you can “sink in”. If you prefer a firmer, more supportive pillow; then they will ship you one that has more foam.

Since the quiz is relatively simple, we found that the pillow they sent us had the perfect level of firmness. I prefer a softer pillow myself and usually pass on memory foam, but the one they sent me was phenomenal.

As with anything, YMMV, but the quiz did a great job of sussing out our preferences and sending a pillow with the right amount of firmness.

Pluto pillow with plant


Since the Pluto is a premium, expensive pillow you can expect that it’s going to last a long time. It’s not as high-quality as the Amerisleep Comfort Classic, but it’s definitely a solid pillow.

While we obviously can’t comment on how well the Pluto holds up over the course of multiple years, in our limited experience we definitely noticed how high quality the construction was. As long as you take care of your pillow it should last an extremely long time with normal use.


Pluto markets their products as a “pillow within a pillow”.

Uh, what?

The inner core of the pillow is made out of “high performance” Certi-PUR foam. This is enveloped by a surrounding layer of memory foam. These two different layers are what Pluto is referring to when they advertise their “pillow within a pillow”.

The exact construction of your pillow will be tailored to you based on how you answered on their quiz. Each pillow will vary in height, features, and possibly even colors.

Another important, personalized difference between their pillows is the cover. If you told them that your head gets hot while sleeping then you will receive a pillow with a cooling polyethylene cover.

Temperature control

One of the coolest features of this pillow is that the cover is tailored to your temperature preferences. This is such an important, central feature of the pillow that it’s even the first question they ask you on the homepage of their website.

So, does your head get hot while you sleep?” is how you’re greeted when you first arrive at PlutoPillow.com. Answering in the affirmative ensures that you’re going to receive a pillow with the aforementioned cooling polyethylene cover, similar to what you’ll get from a GhostPillow or Saatva mattress.

The pillow I received did have that cover since I tend to run hot while sleeping. After a few nights of getting used to my new pillow and breaking it in, the most noticeable thing about my experience with this pillow is how well it kept me cool.

I’m constantly waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat with most pillows. When I started using the Pluto with the included cooling cover, this issue went away completely.

Mind = blown.

If you don’t have any issues with overheating during the night, then answer “no” to this question and you’ll receive soft, comfortable, non-cooling cover.

So far I’m definitely digging this personalized quiz approach to pillow shopping.

Pluto Pillows stacked

What sizes and colors are available?

The Pluto is available in two sizes:

  • Standard
  • King

There are no color options.


The Pluto is considered a premium pillow, so it’s definitely extremely expensive when compared to other pillows. Even in the premium category, pillows from brands like Mediflow and Luxe are significantly cheaper. On the other hand, brands like Airweave are much pricier.

How much does the Pluto Pillow cost?

  • Standard – $85
  • King – $105


Each pillow manufactured by Pluto Brand, Inc. is covered by a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturer in the cover or foam. It’s important to note that the warranty only covers pillows that you buy directly from PlutoPillow.com and that you retain your proof of purchase.

What flaws does the Pluto warranty cover?

  • Physical flaws in the foam material that cause cracking when used normally and with proper handling
  • Manufacturer defects in the cover including nonfunctional zippers, tears in the fabric, and stitch unraveling

The Pluto warranty DOES NOT cover:

  • Changes in personal preference
  • Changes caused by normal wear and use (normal changes in firmness, softness, and compression)
  • Damage caused by abuse to the cover and/or foam, and failure to properly maintain the pillow
  • Stains, burns, cuts, or spill damage
  • Pillows sold by unauthorized retailers and resellers

To make a warranty claim send an email to sleepy@plutopillow.com with the following info:

  • Proof of purchase
  • A brief written description of the issue along with a photo, if possible

If you don’t comply with these instructions then your warranty may be voided. The company reserves the right to require photos, further information, and to physically inspect the pillow before honoring any warranty claims.

Trial period

Your pillow is covered by a 100-night sleep trial, which is the industry standard for both pillows and mattresses.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your pillow within the first 100 nights, send an email to sleep@plutopillow.com to receive a shipping label. The company also requests that you send feedback so that they can improve the pillow. Although it isn’t a requirement, it’s definitely a super cool thing to do and will help future customers so we definitely encourage it.

Pluto will issue a full refund once they receive your pillow.

What’s the catch?

This 100-night trial period is limited to one return per household per year. The policy must be executed no later than the 100th day following delivery of your product.

Care and maintenance

Pluto officially recommends that you wash your pillow every 3-6 months. Simply remove the cover from the foam and put it in your washing machine. DO NOT wash the foam, as it will definitely cause damage that is not covered under the warranty.

Machine wash on cold on a delicate cycle, using non-chlorine bleach if needed. Tumble dry on low heat. Oddly, the company recommends using clean tennis balls for extra fluffing. I haven’t tried that technique yet so can’t report on its effectiveness.

Make sure that you wash and dry the pillow separately from other items so the cover doesn’t get damaged.

Front view of a Pluto pillow

About Pluto Brands, Inc.

Customer satisfaction

Pluto pillows currently have a rating of 4.8/5 stars based on reviews from customers on PlutoPillow.com.

Physical stores

Like most “modern” pillow brands, Pluto is only available online from their official website. There are no physical stores where you can buy the Pluto Pillow.

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  3. Hypoallergenic
  4. Hygiene
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  6. Structural integrity & Durability

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