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Joe Rogan Reveals Which Sleep Tracker He Uses To Stay Productive

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What brand of CBD does Joe Rogan use?

CBD MD (coupon code: SLEEPLINE) – This is the *exact brand* that Joe Rogan takes. The podcast host takes 1000mg of this tincture every single day. He’s gone on record saying that it helps him with pain relief and increases relaxation.

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Joe Rogan just interviewed Stephen Dubner, author of Freakonomics and host of the podcast by the same name onn episode #1437 of the Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan and Dubner went over a wide range of topics including sports, exercise, politics, martial arts, and more throughout the episode.

After the first hour of the podcast, Dubner steered the conversation towards sleep. Since Joe Rogan is notorious for being obsessive about his health habits, if you’re like most viewers you are going to be extremely interested to see how he handles sleep. Joe is one of the most productive people in the entertainment world and he claims that he always gets a full eight hours of sleep per night.

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Joe Rogan’s sleep habits revealed on the podcast

“What’s your sleep regime?”, Dubner asked Rogan.

I have a Whoop. And my Whoop tells me every night how much I sleep. It made me accountable. Because I was like ahhhh I get seven or eight hours every night. I was getting four or five. And I was oh you lying bitch. It made me concentrate more on getting more sleep.

– Joe Rogan

“What do you do to sleep better? Or sleep well?”, Dubner inquired.

It’s just a matter of the time. The time when I decide I have to get up. I don’t have a problem sleeping. I sleep well. The problem is doing things and waking up early. And I realize, OK, if I have to get up that early then I gotta go to bed earlier.

– Joe Rogan

“You don’t nap?”, Dubner asked.

No I don’t nap. I just never enjoy it. It doesn’t work. When I’m done I’m done.

– Joe Rogan

“Have you ever tried the caffeine nap? Do you know what it is?” Dubner continued.

Yeah I know what it is. But that’s not my problem. My problem is when I shut down I shut down. I’m not interested [in napping]. I’ll lay down for hours.

– Joe Rogan

This isn’t the first time that Joe Rogan has talked about sleep issues. In a previous episode with Christopher Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn, he talked about his struggles with sleep apnea. Matthew Walker, author of Why We Sleep, was also a guest on the podcast in an episode that Joey Diaz claims changed his life.

Should you buy a Whoop?

The Whoop is a great fitness tracker, no doubt about it. If you can swing the $500 dollars to buy one you almost certainly will not regret it. But if plunking down half-a-grand on a single product doesn’t sound appealing, there are other sleep trackers out there that are a much better value.

Our favorite alternatives to the Whoop for sleep tracking are:

Check out our sleep tracker buyer’s guide before you make your decision. It can be hard to tell which trackers are legit and actually worth spending money on. We might be biased, but we think that this is the best guide out there to help you decide which sleep tracker is best for your needs.

If you want to sleep like Joe Rogan, it’s important to take CBD oil. He recently revealed the exact brand and the exact amount of CBD he takes.

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