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SleepScore Max Review

Sleepscore Max 3 sleep tracker

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SleepScore Max is a contactless sleep tracking device. This is convenient for those who don’t like wearing sleep tracking devices like the Fitbit Ionic. But more than the device itself, the real beauty of this device is on the algorithms that it uses to analyze the data it collects and provide you with feedback on how you can get a good night’s sleep.


At first glance, one might mistake the SleepScore Max for a speaker because it looks like one of those USB speakers that you plugged into your PC. The device is pretty unassuming with its cover of gray fabric. For this device to work, you need to plug it into a power outlet. This might pose a minor dilemma since aside from having to be near a socket, you also need to place it where it can have a good view of your chest so it can observe your breathing patterns. We recommend that you place it bedside a table that is a bit taller than your bed. It is also better to have the bottom part of the device above the level of your mattress for it to get a more accurate reading.

Initial App Setup

After you have plugged it in and placed it in an optimal position, you need to complete the initial setup process. This process took us longer than what we expected because of the amount of information that we needed to input. You need to download and install the companion app so you can begin the setup. And yes, this app is available on both Android and iOS. Create your account and be ready to answer questions about yourself, your health, your sleeping habits, and your sleeping environment. There are many questions that you need to answer and even though you have the option to skip this part and resume it later, I would advise against doing so. Your answers will help the device to get the best possible picture of your health and sleeping patterns.

Once you’re through the setup, you’re ready to use the device. You need to tell the app when you’re going to sleep so it can begin tracking. This is something that you can quickly forget to do each night, especially during those times when you’re dead tired and just want to crawl into bed and sleep. It is essential to religiously do this each night since a single missed night might affect the accuracy of your data. You can just leave the app once you’ve told it’s your time to fall asleep. Leave it but do not close the app. There is an option to set a smart alarm within the app that you can use. This smart alarm will keep the app open even if you turn off the screen of your phone.

The only downside with the setup is that it can be troublesome for those who frequently travel. The device might be too bothersome to carry in your luggage. Another limitation of this device is its lack of heart rate monitoring capacity.

How does it work?

This advanced sleep tracker uses echolocation which is a sound reflection technique just like the ones used by bats. The device sends out ultra-low power radio waves that enable it to monitor your breathing patterns. Echolocation-based technology also allows it to take note of your body movements while you are sleeping. Just like what we mentioned in the initial set-up, the device should be positioned so that it faces your chest. This will allow it to monitor your breathing accurately. The guidelines that came with the device also placed the optimum location of the SleepScore Max as between 1.3 feet and 3.9 feet. The line of sight should be free of any obstructions like lamps, books or anything that may obscure its view.

Sleepcore Max utilizes a scoring system that takes note of your sleep duration, wake time, deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, and the time it took for you to fall asleep. Each of these has their own weights and their totality is your overall sleep score for the night. There are also added scores for “Body” and “Mind”. These scores provide you with an idea of how much positive impact your sleep had on each.

A hypnogram shows you how you moved through the different sleep stages during the night. There is also a summary at the bottom that shows how light your room was and the average temperature. These two are factors that can affect the quality of sleep that you got.

Sleep Guide

All of your sleep data are used by the SleepScore Max to provide you with feedback that you can use. This is where the real strength of the device lies. The Sleep Guide is the first tab in the app and what it does is show you rolling timeline feedback based on your sleep data. It also dispenses general tips that can help you get better rest each night. What is nice about this sleep tracker is that the data it gathers is put into actionable feedback that is easy to understand and follow. It doesn’t try to intimidate you with overly complicated information.

For example, if you reported that you consumed alcohol during the day and the data showed that your REM decreased, the app will instruct you to reduce your alcohol consumption when its close to your bedtime. It will even provide you with a link to an article about the adverse effects of alcohol on your sleep cycle and how it can disrupt your circadian rhythm. It can even make dietary recommendations and psychiatric therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

This personalized advice can be immensely useful towards not just healthier lifestyles but significant improvements in users’ health and wellbeing.

You cannot rely on a device like this to cure you of sleeping disorders like sleep apnea and it doesn’t pretend that it can. What it can give you is a 30-night sleep report that you can present to your doctor. The sleep report is a PDF containing the mean average, range and standard deviation of your variations derived from 30 nights worth of data.


Like what we mentioned earlier, respiration is also being analyzed by this device. Respiration is a crucial aspect of getting quality sleep and the SleepScore Max fully utilizes this information. The efficacy and accuracy of this sleep tracker have been the subject of numerous scientific reports. These reports found that SleepScore Lab’s methods are about 85% as accurate as those of polysomnography (PSG) labs. PSG is a sleep study that involves the use of multiple parameters. Imagine how powerful the SleepScore Max is to be able to go toe to toe with an entire sleep lab.

Pros and Cons of SleepScore Max

What We Liked

  • Great algorithms
  • Contactless device
  • Useful companion app

What We Didn’t Like

  • Long initial setup
  • Not ideal for people who travel frequently

About SleepScore Labs

Customer Experience and Service Rating

SleepScore Max scored good marks from its customers.

History of SleepScore Labs

The SleepScore Max is a product of a company called SleepScore Labs which is a joint venture between ResMed and celebrity doctor Dr. Oz. Resmed is a medical equipment company based in San Diego, California. It primarily deals with sleep products related to treating sleep-related breathing disorders like sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and other respiratory conditions.

Physical Stores

SleepScore Labs has an exclusive retail distribution partnership with Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

BBB Rating

No BBB rating for SleepScore Labs. Resmed has an A- BBB Rating for its failure to respond to 3 customer complaints.

Contact SleepScore Labs

[email protected]

SleepScore Labs on Social Media

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Accolades & Praise for the SleepScore Max

Our Verdict

The SleepScore Max presents us with a contactless alternative to wearable sleep trackers. Just set it up near your bed and it’s ready to track your sleep and crunch your sleep data to help you improve your sleep.

The algorithms that it uses in giving you insightful feedback are at par with modern sleep laboratories. Although the initial set-up of the device and the companion app can take long, the effort we put into it is all worth it. 

This device and the action plans that it comes up with are easy to understand and follow. With the SleepScore Max, it’s like having your sleep doctor right at your bedside.

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  8. Battery Life (wearable only)

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