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Infinity Pillow Review

Infinity pillow

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If you’re looking for a new way to get some shuteye while traveling then you’ve ended up in the right place. This review is all about the Infinity Pillow, a travel pillow that has a uniquely versatile design.

After extensive testing, our favorite thing about the Infinity Pillow is that you can mold its shape to accommodate whatever space you happen to be in. Our least favorite aspect of the Infinity Pillow is that it didn’t include any instructions or diagrams, making it somewhat non-intuitive to use.

Is the Infinity Pillow the right choice for you?

After trying out the Infinity Pillow and receiving feedback from real customers, we’ve determined that the Infinity Pillow is best for frequent travelers who know that they’ll need to sleep in a variety of different places (window seat, middle seat, car, train, etc).

You should buy the Infinity Pillow if you:

  • Travel frequently
  • Want the freedom to configure your pillow the way you want
  • Suffer from neck pain and need additional support
  • Hate the feel of traditional “horse collar” travel pillows

Features of the Infinity Pillow

The Infinity is a travel pillow that is completely adjustable, meaning that you can alter its shape to better meet your sleeping needs. This pillow was designed by Amsterdam-based BCXSY and definitely has a unique appearance. It’s made out of bamboo fabric, which we felt was much softer than the material that other companies use to make their travel pillows.

It’s available at a very competitive price point – $39. This is definitely a little bit more than you would expect to spend when buying a traditional horseshoe-style travel pillow, but we feel that it’s worth the extra cost.

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s take a deep dive and look at all of the different features of the Infinity Pillow.


We rate the Infinity Pillow as being a soft level of firmness.

The pillow is made out of a blend of bamboo, polyester, and cotton. We found that this combination gave it an extremely soft feel. The fill seems to be properly distributed since we didn’t notice any clumping of the material while testing it out in a variety of different travel situations (airplane, car, and more).

If you like extremely firm travel pillows you might want to pass on this one. The biggest selling point of the Infinity Pillow (other than being able to mold its shape any way you want) is its softness. If standard horseshoe travel pillows are way too firm for you, then you should definitely consider the Infinity Pillow.


The Infinity Pillow is manufactured out of bamboo fabric (60% nylon, 40% bamboo rayon), lining (95% polyester, 5% cotton), and polyester filling.

We found that it held up well after rigorous use. We ran this pillow through extensive testing during common travel sleeping arrangements (airplane seat, car seat, waiting area at an airport, etc). In all of these situations, we didn’t notice any rips or any other type of damage to the pillow.

The Infinity Pillow is machine-washable at low temperature. The company recommends that you don’t tumble dry the pillow, however.

The feedback we’ve received from real customers who’ve purchased and used the Infinity Pillow confirms that this is a well-constructed product that will hold up well with normal use.


This pillow is sized at 100 x 17 cm, giving it similar dimensions as a scarf. It’s loop-shaped, which is designed to give you the ability to conform it to the perfect shape for a most common traveling situations.

The best thing about the construction of the Infinity Pillow is that it can be molded and twisted to be any shape you want it to. Even though it’s an extremely soft pillow it still provides a lot of head and neck support. This can be attributed to the materials that Infinity used to construct this pillow: bamboo, cotton, and polyester. The bamboo and cotton give this pillow that super-soft feel, while the polyester fill adds some extra support.

Temperature control

Maintaining a cool body temperature is one of the most important components of sleep hygiene, the best practices you should follow if you want to get a full night of refreshing, restorative sleep.

The soft bamboo and cotton fabric helps make this pillow extremely breathable, even when you have it twisted and wrapped around your head while you’re wedged into a tiny economy class airline seat. We never once woke up from overheating, and we weren’t covered in sweat when we finally woke up after our flight.

Since this pillow conforms to your body shape without allowing you to sink in too deeply, it allows a greater degree of airflow and helps to push heat away from your body. Obviously if you’re using a travel pillow you’re most likely sleeping in a cramped space, so preventing overheating is definitely a priority. When it comes to temperature regulation, the Infinity Pillow definitely delivers.

What sizes and colors are available?

The Infinity Pillow is only available in one size. It weighs in at .55 kg, the dimensions are 20 x 14 x 14 cm, and the pillow size is 100 x 17 cm.

The Infinity Pillow is available in the following colors:

  • Navy
  • Grey
  • Burgundy
  • Tan
  • Pink
  • Green


Since it’s a considered a “premium” travel pillow, the Infinity is going to be slightly more expensive than what you’re used to. In our opinion, the extra cost is justified. If you’re on a really tight budget, you might want to pass on this pillow and invest in a standard horseshoe travel pillow instead. But if you have cash and want to invest in your own comfort, the extra price is more than worth it.

How much does the Infinity Pillow cost?

  • Infinity Pillow – $39
  • Bamboo Sleep Mask – $15
  • Travel Case for Infinity Pillow – $8.15


We couldn’t find any information about a manufacturer’s warranty for the Infinity Pillow. We reached out to the company for additional information and we will update this section once we know more.

Trial period

Infinity does not offer a trial period for their pillow. They do accept returns of unopened and unused items purchased from infinitypillow.co within 14 days of the receipt of your parcel.

Once the company receives your package, you will receive a full refund minus a 15% restocking fee within 5 business days. Taxes and all shipping costs are nonrefundable.

To initiate a return, email [email protected]

Care and maintenance

It’s important to take care of your pillow if you want to extend its lifespan. Fortunately Infinity has made their pillow extremely easy to clean.

The good news is that this pillow is machine washable. You can toss the Infinity Pillow into your washing machine on the cold, gentle cycle. The company does not recommend tumble drying the pillow.

You can also use a gentle detergent to spot clean any small spills or stains as they appear.

About Infinity

Customer satisfaction

The Infinity Pillow currently has a four-star rating on Amazon with 543 reviews. It has a five-star rating on the manufacturer’s website with 242 reviews.

Physical stores

Infinity does not have any physical stores. You can purchase the pillow at InfinityPillow.co or on Amazon.

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