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Best RV Mattress Topper (Top 5 Brands)

RV with open door

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Nowadays, RVs have become increasingly popular and are most commonly used for living quarters while traveling. If you’re looking for a mattress topper for your RV mattress, we’ve put together a list of the five best models available on the market. Our Editor’s Choice is the Mattress Insider Brookside Memory Foam Topper.

Top Five Picks for Best RV Mattress Toppers

  1. Mattress Insider Brookside Memory Foam Topper – Editor’s Choice
  2. Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper – Best for All Sleeper Types
  3. Best Price 3-Inch Egg Crate Topper – Best for Back Pain Relief
  4. eLuxurySupply RV Mattress Topper – Best Fiberfill Mattress Topper
  5. Premium Plus RV Camper Mattress Pad – Best Hypoallergenic Pad

#1. Mattress Insider Brookside Memory Foam Topper

Check Current Price | Editor’s Choice

mattress insider brookside mattress topper on bed
Mattress Insider Brookside Mattress Topper


  • Available in custom sizes
  • Made with ventilated memory foam
  • Provides great pressure relief
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Cooling
  • Affordable price point


  • Average edge support
  • Some sleepers might prefer a thicker topper
  • Product does not come with a warranty

Our Experience with the Mattress Insider Brookside Memory Foam Topper

The thing that sets the Brookside Memory Foam Topper apart as one of the best mattress toppers for RV mattresses is that it can be made in any size and shape upon your request. This is ideal for individuals who have unconventional size mattresses in their RVs and also for those who need a standard size RV mattress topper.

The Brookside Topper is made with high-quality memory foam that features an open-cell structure to provide airflow and offer pressure point relief. It’s also not too thick which makes it a great topper for hotter climates as it won’t be trapping as much body heat as a thicker memory foam topper. Sitting at an average price point, this RV mattress topper is made with premium materials and it offers great value for money.

Normally, the Brookside topper’s soft memory foam construction should make it an excellent choice for side sleepers. However, we found that its layers are not thick enough for side sleepers who weigh over 230 lbs, but it’s just right for light to average weight individuals.

We would recommend this topper for back sleepers because it supports your spine and allows your body to sink ever so slightly to provide pressure relief and contouring. Because of its plush memory foam build, this topper is only suitable for stomach sleepers who weigh 130 lbs. or less. If you weigh more than that, your hips might sink too deeply into the mattress, throwing off your spinal alignment and causing hip and lower back pain.

The Brookside topper is 2″ thick and is comprised of two high-quality foam layers. It’s encased in an organic cotton quilt that’s breathable, soft to the touch, and hypoallergenic. Beneath the cover is a 1″ layer of high-density memory foam that has an open cell structure that provides increased ventilation while also offering the conforming hug of traditional memory foam.

Next is a 1″ layer of Super Soft Comfort foam that provides additional pressure relief and contouring for your body, while also improving the topper’s durability. This topper is made in the U.S.A. and the foams used in its construction are CertiPUR-US certified, which means they have low VOC levels and zero heavy metals.

I should also mention that the Brookside topper has excellent motion isolation. This is great for couples who don’t want to be disturbed by their partner’s tossing and turning throughout the night.

For those individuals who like lying or sitting on the edge of the bed, this topper does not have good edge support so it might compress under your weight. But considering its overall performance and premium construction, we really think the Brookside Memory Foam Topper is one of the best RV/Camper mattress toppers on the market.

The Mattress Insider Brookside Memory Foam Topper is available in virtually any size or shape upon your request. From a twin size to an RV Queen mattress and even nonstandard sizes, your order will be handcrafted by Mattress Insider’s manufacturing team and shipped to your home.

This mattress topper comes with a 30-day trial period in which the customer is responsible for shipping if they choose to return the product. The topper is not backed by a warranty.

Buy: Mattress Insider Brookside Memory Foam Topper

#2. Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Check Current Price | Best for All Sleeper Types

zinus green tea mattress topper on zinus bed
Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper


  • Multiple thickness options
  • Infused with green tea extract and charcoal
  • Antimicrobial
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Great motion isolation
  • Budget-friendly


  • Thicker versions might trap body heat
  • Slight off-gassing
  • Cover is not included

Our Experience with the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly RV mattress topper that’s made with high-quality memory foam, you should definitely check out the Zinus Green Tea Mattress Topper. This topper has three different thickness options to suit the unique needs and preferences of each individual; and as its name suggests, the memory foam used in its construction is infused with green tea extract and charcoal which help eliminate odor and reduce moisture on the bed.

Moreover, the topper’s memory foam design nicely conforms to your body and relieves pressure points to give you a more relaxed sleep. Because of its versatility, the Zinus Mattress Topper is suitable for most sleeper types, especially those who want to add some extra softness and cushioning on their RV mattress.

Side sleepers will love how this topper cushions sensitive joints such as their hips and shoulders. We recommend the 1.5 inch version for lightweight individuals and the thicker versions for sleepers who are on the heavier side.

Back and stomach sleepers should also be able to select a version of the Zinus topper that’s suits their needs and provides them with ample support. Memory foam is known to have great motion isolating properties and this topper is not an exception. If you sleep with a partner or a pet, it’s very unlikely that you will be disturbed by their movements on the mattress.

Since the Zinus mattress topper is available in different thickness versions, there are slight differences in the construction of each model. The 1.5″ and 2″ versions are made purely out of green tea infused memory foam but the 3″ and 4″ versions contain an additional layer of support foam which acts as a solid base for the topper.

All the foams used in each of these models are CertiPUR-US certified and free of toxic chemicals and ozone depleters. We did experience some off-gassing odor when we unboxed the topper but the new foam smell disappeared after letting it air out in a well-ventilated room for 24 hours.

One thing we didn’t like about this topper is that only the 2″ and 4″ versions come with a quilted plush cover, while the other versions are intended to fit under deep-pocket sheets.

The Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper comes in 6 sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Short Queen
  • Queen
  • King

This topper comes with a 100-night sleep trial. Should you decide against purchasing it, you can return it at any time within this duration.

It’s also backed by a 5-year limited warranty that covers structural and workmanship defects.

Buy: Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper

#3. Best Price 3-Inch Egg Crate Topper

Check Current Price | Best for Back Pain Relief

best price memory foam topper on bed
Best Price Egg Crate Memory Foam Topper


  • Relieves back pain
  • Low motion transfer
  • Cooling
  • Infused with lavender extract
  • Low price point


  • Cover is not included
  • Does not come with a sleep trial

Our Experience with the Best Price 3-Inch Egg Crate Topper

Coming up next in our list is the 3-Inch Egg Crate Topper by Best Price Mattress. This topper is quite unique because it has a convoluted foam structure that contours to your curves and relieves pressure points. Its egg crate design also provides you with a low motion transfer sleep surface as well as increased ventilation to keep you sleeping cool all night.

If you suffer from insomnia while traveling in your RV, adding this topper on top of your mattress might be a great help because it’s infused with naturally relaxing lavender to help you fall asleep. The Best Price 3-Inch Topper is one of the best egg crate mattress toppers on the market, and we highly recommend it if you’re looking for an RV mattress topper that has great value for money.

The topper features grooves that are great at relieving back pain and relaxing stiff muscles. We found that it works exceptionally well for back sleepers and side sleepers alike. However, it is not a good choice for strict stomach sleepers as their hips will easily sink into the egg crate foam and cause lower back pain.

If you tend to overheat at night, this topper’s design promotes a greater amount of airflow on the bed’s surface to keep it cool and comfortable. And because it’s made of soft memory foam, it isolates motions really well so your sleep won’t be interrupted if you have a restless partner or pet.

Although Best Price offers multiple thickness options for their toppers, this review is focused specifically on the 3-Inch Egg Crate Topper. As its name suggests, this topper is 3″ thick and is made of body conforming memory foam that has a convoluted structure. This type of foam provides pain and pressure relief as well as enhanced airflow to maximize your comfort.

The foam in this mattress topper is also infused with lavender, which is a natural relaxant that’s known for its stress-reducing benefits. Best Price uses CertiPUR-US certified foams which are free of ozone-depleting substances and heavy metals.

We did notice some off-gassing when unboxing the topper, but it disappeared fairly quickly in a well-ventilated room. It does not come with a cover, yet it should fit in most deep fitted sheets.

The Best Price 3-Inch Egg Crate Topper comes in 6 sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Short Queen
  • Queen
  • King

This Best Price mattress topper does not come with a sleep trial, but it is backed by a 3-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

Buy: Best Price 3-Inch Egg Crate Topper

#4. eLuxurySupply RV Mattress Topper

Check Current Price | Best FiberFill Mattress Topper

eluxurysupply rv mattress topper
eLuxurySupply RV Mattress Topper


  • Available in both standard and RV mattress sizes
  • Increases the plushness of your mattress
  • Cooling
  • Machine-washable
  • Comes with a fitted skirt
  • Minimal off-gassing


  • Might be too thin for some
  • Does not offer deep pressure relief

Our Experience with the eLuxurySupply RV Mattress Pad

If you’re in the market for a product that can increase the comfort level of your RV mattress without drastically changing its feel, then the eLuxurySupply RV Mattress Topper could be the perfect choice for you. Unlike memory foam or latex toppers which are usually thick slabs of foam that are used for altering the firmness of a mattress, the eLuxurySupply Mattress Pad simply adds a touch of softness to your sleep surface with its plush cluster fiber fill that’s made of 100% polyester.

This material is also more breathable than the foams used in most mattress toppers, which makes this topper a great pick for individuals who sleep hot or tend to sweat a lot at night. RV owners will also appreciate this topper’s wide array of size options as well as its affordable price point. This mattress pad is not waterproof, but it is machine-washable so it’s easy to keep it clean and free of dust mites and other allergens.

The feel of the eLuxurySupply Mattress Pad is similar to that of authentic feather toppers. It does not offer much cushioning and it does not relieve pressure points very well. It does however, provide you with a slightly softer sleep surface especially if you use it on a medium- firm or firm mattress like the Amerisleep AS2.

We would not recommend this topper for side sleepers who need a bit of sinkage and pressure relief for their sensitive joints. On the other hand, we think that back and stomach sleepers will sleep comfortably on this topper as long as their existing mattress provides enough support to ensure neutral spinal alignment. And as I’ve mentioned earlier, this topper is suitable for hot sleepers because its fiberfill construction promotes more airflow than traditional memory foam.

At 1.5″ thick, the eLuxurySupply RV Mattress Topper is on the thinner side of the spectrum. It’s encased in a soft and breathable polyester cover that’s been blended with bamboo rayon. The fill of the topper is made up of a down-alternative called Revoloft, which is basically polyester with a cluster fiber structure that keeps its shape longer and allows more airflow within the topper.

A nice perk of this topper is that the entire thing is machine-washable as well as suitable for dry cleaning. eLuxury is a veteran-owned company, and all their products are manufactured in the U.S. with premium materials and dedicated workmanship.

This topper has little to no off-gassing odors, and it comes with a fitted skirt that can securely fit a mattress as tall as 18 inches.

The eLuxurySupply RV Mattress Topper is available in 8 sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • RV Full
  • Short Queen
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

This mattress pad comes with a 30-day trial period. It is also backed by a 1-year warranty that covers structural defects.

Buy: eLuxurySupply RV Mattress Topper

#4. Premium Plus RV Camper Mattress Pad

Check Current Price | Best Hypoallergenic Pad

premium plus rv camper mattress pad on bed
Premium Plus RV Camper Mattress Pad


  • Available in both standard and RV mattress sizes
  • Adds a layer of cushioning
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine-washable
  • Comes with an elastic skirt
  • No off-gassing odor


  • Might not be thick enough for pressure relief
  • Does not come with a sleep trial

Our Experience with the Premium Plus RV Camper Mattress Pad

The last model in our list is quite similar to the previous mattress pad above in that they both contain polyester fiberfill. The Premium Plus RV Mattress Pad is manufactured by Everest Supply and it’s best suited for RV/Camper mattresses. It’s available in multiple sizes and it’s machine-washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The mattress pad also comes with an elastic skirt that can accommodate up to 18-inch thick mattresses. If you’re looking to add a cushioning layer on your current mattress, the Premium Plus Mattress Pad by Everest Supply might be the right product for you.

Like the previous model, this mattress pad only provides an extra layer of softness on your mattress instead of significantly affecting its firmness and feel. We still wouldn’t recommend it for side sleepers because it’s too thin to offer good pressure relief. However, it is a suitable option for stomach and back sleepers who need some body contouring as long as their existing mattress provides ample spinal support.

Moreover, if you’re a hot sleeper, this mattress pad is a more cooling option when compared to heat-trapping traditional memory foam. If you’re searching for something that can alter the firmness of your mattress to a greater extent, you should check out thicker foam mattress toppers.

The Premium Plus RV Camper Mattress Pad is 1.5″ thick, and it has a deep-fitting skirt that securely wraps around your mattress. It’s encased in a hypoallergenic cover that’s made of breathable microfiber fabric which is soft to the touch. The filling used in this mattress pad is made of 100% polyester down alternative which is baffle-box stitched so it doesn’t move around.

A very convenient thing about this pad is that it’s completely machine-washable, and you can tumble dry it low heat as well. And since it’s made with polyester fiberfill rather than memory foam, this mattress pad does not emit off-gassing or chemical odors.

The Premium Plus RV Camper Mattress Pad comes in all standard sizes as well as RV mattress dimensions.

One thing we didn’t like about this mattress pad is that it does not come with a sleep trial period and it’s not backed by a warranty.

Buy: Premium Plus RV Camper Mattress Pad

How to choose a mattress topper for an RV?

These are the important factors to consider in choosing a mattress topper for an RV:

  • Material – The type of material is probably the most important factor to consider in buying an RV mattress topper. You have to keep in mind that the specific material used in the topper influences its performance as well as its durability. The most common types of materials are: memory foam, polyurethane foam, latex foam, high density foam, fiberfill, wool, and feather mattress toppers. You have many choices with regards to the type of material you prefer, just make sure that it fits your needs and your budget.
  • Thickness Mattress topper thickness ranges from 1-4 inches, depending on the material used and the number of layers. If a topper is thinner that this, then it might not make any difference at all to the feel of your mattress. However, if you find that you need a topper thicker than 4 inches, then you might want to think about replacing your mattress altogether to experience better sleep.
  • Size It’s absolutely key that the topper fits your mattress perfectly. RV mattresses may have slightly different measurements than standard mattresses, and it’s important to take measurements prior to purchasing a mattress topper. Selecting an incorrect size will likely lead to a worse sleeping experience.
  • Body support Another vital factor to consider is the suitability of the mattress topper to your body weight and sleeping position. Generally, lighter sleepers will be comfortable on a 1.5 to 2 inch topper since they don’t apply much compression on a mattress. Heavier individuals, on the other hand, need a thicker topper that’s at least 2.5 to 4 inches thick because they sink further into a bed and they need more cushioning.
  • Temperature regulation When choosing an RV mattress topper, you must also consider the climate of the places that you will be traveling to. If you’re going somewhere with a warmer climate, then you should opt for a topper that provides good ventilation such as a latex or a open cell memory foam mattress topper. In contrast, if you’ll be visiting a colder place then you should have no problem sleeping on traditional memory foam mattress toppers.
  • Price and Quality Lastly, you should also check if the mattress topper has good value for money. As much as possible, try to choose a topper that’s durable and made with high-quality materials. We also recommend that you look for products that are manufactured by well-known companies and have been awarded with various safety and environment-friendly certifications.


Does adding a mattress topper really help?

Yes. A mattress topper can help prolong the life of your existing mattress and it can provide extra comfort or support for you to have better sleep.

What size mattress is in a camper?

Twin is the most common mattress size for most RVs and campers.

Does the thickness of a mattress topper matter?

Mattress topper thickness matters because each individual has different needs and preferences. Some sleepers want a topper that’s a bit thick for added cushioning and pressure relief. While others may prefer a thinner topper that will provide more comfort but won’t drastically affect the feel of their mattress.

Can you fold mattress toppers?

You can, but it’s best if you avoid doing so because the pressure from folding can cause creases that could damage the foam over time. It’s much better to roll your mattress topper when storing it to prevent creases from appearing.

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