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Nursing pillow

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Ensuring that a newborn baby gets all the needed nutrients is of paramount importance to any parent. Whether you are breastfeeding your baby or feeding via a bottle, a good nursing pillow will make nursing so much easier and comfortable. Lactation consultants developed nursing pillows to help moms and their babies have adequate support while performing this important task. Nowadays, nursing pillows have evolved into pillows that can also function as bed pillows, travel pillows, pregnancy pillows, or body pillows. With so many choices available, it may be hard especially for a first-time parent to choose the best nursing pillow. This is why I came up with this list so you can compare the top nursing pillows and decide for yourself which is the best nursing pillow according to your needs.

Top Picks for Nursing Pillows

Twin Z Nursing Pillow – Best Twin Nursing Pillow

Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow – Best Nursing Pillow for Large Moms

Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow – Most Versatile Nursing Pillow

Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow – Nursing Pillow with the Best Support

#1. Twin Z Nursing Pillow

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Two babies laying on Twin Z Nursing Pillow

The first thing that you’ll notice is that the Twin Z Nursing Pillow, as its name implies, can be ideal if you have twins. There are two holders available so you can fit two babies at the same time. It’s a niche that the manufacturers wanted to take advantage of. Parents of twins often have a hard time getting a pillow that can hold their twins. Most of the time, they end up having to purchase two nursing pillows and that can be expensive. That doesn’t mean that you can only use this pillow if you are the lucky parent of twins. This pillow is perfect to use even if you are only nursing one child.

The fill that they use for these pillows is synthetic fiber. This is a departure from most nursing pillows that use foam as filling. The fiber that they use has flame-retardant chemicals. The said fill is also resistant to insects so you don’t have to worry about insects boring inside the pillow and potentially harming your young one. Babies skins are very sensitive and I love that the makers of Twin Z decided to go with materials that reduce the likelihood of insect bites that may harm babies. Another benefit of using synthetic fiber as a fill is it allows you to wash the entire pillow. Although most nursing pillows have removable and washable covers, the fill that they use is often non-washable.

Speaking of washable covers, the Twin nursing pillow went another step further. They also sell their pillow covers in a wide variety of colors and designs. Instead of having to content yourself with the pillow cover that comes with the nursing pillow, you have the liberty to purchase additional covers. I like this concept for a couple of reasons. First, it gives me the chance to wash the default pillow cover and still use the nursing pillow. Second, I know most mothers have their own preference when it comes to the design and color of the pillows that they use for their babies. This is your chance to have a pillow cover that you personally chose.

The strongest suit of these pillows is their design and easy mobility. I love that these pillows don’t have any detachable parts. Call me paranoid, but I don’t like the idea of a nursing pillow having small parts that may get detached and become a choking hazard. The design of these pillows also makes them ideal whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. And if you do have twins, these pillows save you the hassle of having to carry two nursing pillows.

What makes the Twin Z Nursing Pillow unique?

  • Designed for nursing twins at the same time.
  • The entire pillow is washable.
  • There are no detachable parts.

Why should I buy a nursing pillow?

Although a nursing pillow is not vital for you to properly nurse your newborn baby, they can be very helpful in ensuring that you go through the said task in a comfortable manner both for you and your baby. This is especially true for first-time parents. With a first-born, a mom will be learning the ropes and trying to figure out what will be the best way to feed the baby while maintaining a semblance of comfort. The use of a nursing pillow can help reduce that learning curve. Making sure that you have a good latch will help in a pain-free nursing. If you have both of your hands free, you can guide your baby into a good latch. You can also make sure that your baby is always in a safe and secure position while feeding.
The use of a nursing pillow can also make sure that you are comfortable when feeding your baby. You will be feeding your baby multiple times throughout the day so you might as well find a way of making the said task as easy and comfortable as you can make it. Babies may be small but holding a baby in your hand throughout the entire feeding time may leave you feeling numb or sore. With a nursing pillow, you can just rest your baby on top of the pillow, and you can effectively avoid muscle cramps or soreness. You can also use a nursing pillow to prop up your baby, so you don’t have to hunch over for long periods of time. This is an effective way of avoiding lower back or shoulder pains.
Some mothers had to deliver their babies via C-section. This adds another layer of difficulty in breastfeeding. C-section wounds can take a long time to heal. Through the use of a nursing pillow, moms can feed their babies without the need to move a lot. A nursing pillow can also be used to put your baby in the “football hold” which can make a c-section mom more comfortable.

#2. Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow

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Luna Lullaby Nursing Pillow on white background

When I first saw the Luna Lullaby Nursing Pillow, the first thought that came to my mind is how it resembles a boomerang. It has a wide V-shaped design. The advantage of this design is it makes it ideal for use of mothers of all sizes. A common problem with C-shaped nursing pillows is they can be hard to use if the mother is on the heavy side since the pillow might not fit around the mother’s torso. The shape also means that you can quickly remove it after use since you don’t have it anchored to your body while you are nursing. The downside is you need to make sure that the pillow is secure at all times because it doesn’t have any footing to keep it in place while you use it. The design of the pillow also makes it ideal for pregnant women who need back or leg support. This makes this pillow a practical purchase since you don’t need to buy separate pillows for pregnancy and for nursing.

Another feature that I like about this breastfeeding pillow is the amount of arm support that it provides. Although firmer pillows offer great support, they may be too hard for the comfort of your baby. The soft fiber fill that they use in this pillow makes it comfortable for your baby while still delivering more than enough support. The use of synthetic fibers as fill means that the pillow is soft but airy. The fiberfill creates their own ventilation vents that allow air to properly circulate so your baby will never feel hot.

The cover that they use is also very soft and cool to the touch. You have a choice between 11 different colors and designs so I’m confident that you will find one to your liking. The fabric has a liquid-repelling property so you won’t have to worry about spills that may seep into the pillow. One downside of this is it can make washing the cover a bit harder. A workaround that I came up with is to let the cover soak in water for a few minutes to make sure that the fabric gets completely wet before I wash it. Otherwise, the fabric will just repel the soapy water and some patches of the cover may not be as clean as the others.

What makes the Luna Lullaby ideal for nursing?

  • It provides excellent arm support.
  • This pillow is ideal for women of all sizes.
  • The fill is soft and allows air circulation.

#3. Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow

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Woman sleeping on Leachco Nursing Pillow

Although it is more popular as a maternity or pregnancy pillow, the Leachco Snoogle also makes for an excellent nursing pillow. Its strength lies on its body pillow design. This pillow can get shaped into any type of pillow that you want it to be. You can mold it into a bed pillow or a maternity pillow. You can shape it to be a pillow for alleviating back pains or leg cramps during your pregnancy. And you can definitely make it a great nursing pillow. This is one of the most versatile pillows that I have ever seen and that makes it a real value for money purchase. Its multi-functional design means you don’t have to purchase a nursing pillow on top of your regular pregnancy pillow. You don’t even have to purchase multiple pillows since this pillow can serve as your head pillow and your side support pillows.

During those times when you have to feed your little one, all you have to do is sit on a chair and mold the pillow to your torso so you can have a pillow to support your baby while feeding it. The poly fiber fill that they use in this pillow gives it a medium plush density that will be able to support your baby while delivering comfort. This fill is also hypoallergenic so you are sure that you and your baby will always be safe against harmful allergens. Another thing that I like about the fill that they use is the way that it compresses without lumping. Some pillows get lumpy when the compress and you end up having a pillow that is uncomfortable to use.

The pillow cover that they use is a variant of a poly/cotton blend that has a looser weave. This loose weave means that the cover allows more air to flow through the pillow so your pillow won’t get too warm after prolonged use. The said cover is also washable and you can even get it in multiple colors to match the theme of your nursery. The pillow cover is washable so you can always have a cover that it clean and hygienic. The only complaint that I have with this cover is that its sham-style makes it a bit difficult to remove and even more difficult to replace.

Why should I get the Leachco Snoogle?

  • It is an all-around pillow.
  • It uses hypoallergenic fill.
  • The pillow cover is machine washable.
  • It is a value for money purchase.

#4. ERGObaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

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Ergobaby Nursing Pillow on white background

When it comes to nursing pillows, the ERGObaby is as classic as it can be. The said pillow is how most nursing pillows look like. It has a shape similar to a comma so you press it against your waist or belly while you nurse your baby. One thing that sets this pillow apart from other nursing pillows is the way the top of the pillow looks. Unlike other nursing pillows that feature a flat top part, this pillow has a downward curve instead. So, what does it mean for you or your baby? This means that whenever you place your baby on the curve of the pillow, your baby’s belly will tilt toward your belly. The raised sides of the pillow will ensure that the baby’s head is in a higher position than the body. A higher head position while feeding aids with digestion and may help prevent reflux. The raised edges also mean that your baby is always in a secure position while feeding.

The fill that they use in this pillow is high-density polyurethane foam. This results in a pillow that is firmer than other nursing pillows. Although most will prefer a plush and soft nursing pillow, a firm pillow also has its own advantages. A firm pillow provides more support for your baby. The firmness will also ensure that your baby won’t sink into the pillow while feeding. The fill also means that this pillow will not lose its shape.

I also like the removable cover that they use in this pillow. It uses a fabric that is soft and comfortable even to the baby’s sensitive skin. There is also an inner lining that can help shield the foam fill from any spills or moisture. If you need to clean the pillow cover, just remove the cover and place it in your washing machine. You can even dry it in your dryer to hasten the cleaning process.

What makes this nursing pillow unique?

  • It has raised edges that keeps babies secure while feeding.
  • This pillow can help prevent reflux after feeding.
  • It won’t lose its shape easily.

What are the usual shapes of nursing pillows?

Just like regular bed pillows, nursing pillows also come in different shapes. Each shape has its own advantages and can be ideal in one or more breastfeeding positions. It is up to the user to determine which shape will be most beneficial to them.

C-shaped nursing pillows are the most common ones. You can use the opening of the pillow to latch it onto your waist while you feed your baby. The curved section of the pillow is where you can place your baby during feeding time. What I like about this shape is you can repurpose it for other needs once your baby is big enough to feed on their own. If your baby is still on the process of learning how to properly sit up, you can use the pillow to prop your baby up. It can act as a support mechanism which you can remove later own when your baby is able to sit on his/her own. You can also use this type of pillow as a support for your lower back if you’re experiencing lower back pains. This can also function as a travel pillow if needed. The Boppy Nursing Pillow and the Leachco Cuddle U are examples of C-shaped pillows.

A wrap-around nursing pillow, on the other hand, is ideal for mothers who experience back pain while nursing their babies. You can wrap it around your midsection so that you can get support for your lower back while you sit. The front part can then act as a support for your baby. What is great with this kind of pillow is you don’t need to use two pillows while you feed your baby.

L-shaped pillows are ideal for moms who are on the larger side. The shape of the pillow doesn’t require you to fully latch it on your person. L-shaped nursing pillows also have a larger surface where the baby can rest. Some moms prefer this shape because it gives more room where the baby can lie down on while feeding.

Comma-shaped pillows have one end that is larger than the other hence the name. These pillows are also perfect for larger moms. This is also the preferred nursing pillow of those who underwent c-section because these pillows have a reduced tendency of disturbing the wounds brought about by the c-section. A comma-shaped pillow is also easy to incline so you can position your baby with the head part higher than the tummy part. This is a good position for a baby to avoid reflux after feeding.

What should I take note of when buying a nursing pillow?

Support and Loftiness. The way that a pillow supports a baby while nursing is very important. Whatever nursing pillow you choose, it is essential that you purchase a pillow that can prop up your baby to the right height while nursing. Make sure that the pillow you get won’t require you to hunch over your baby. This is so you can avoid developing back problems. If you are prone to back problems, it might be a good idea to look for a nursing pillow that also offers lumbar support, so you don’t aggravate the back pain you are experiencing. On the other hand, it is also vital that the pillow you choose can provide adequate support to your baby. A firm pillow is ideal if you have a newborn child and you can move to softer ones as your baby gets older.

Fill and Cover. The material used in making a nursing pillow is also a consideration in making sure that you have the right pillow. Due to the sensitivity of a baby’s skin, you need to make sure that the pillow you will purchase uses materials that won’t cause irritation. Polyester covers are ideal if you’re looking for a soft pillow cover. You can also get a pillow made with all-natural materials if you are wary about using a pillow with synthetic materials. Although most nursing pillows use foam or poly fiber, there are some that use organic fill like buckwheat hulls. Look up the advantages and disadvantages of each type of fill so you can choose one that you and your baby will be most comfortable with.

Multi-purpose. As a matter of practicality, it is best to get a nursing pillow that you can use for other purposes. It is unwise to purchase a pillow that you can only use for breastfeeding and nothing else. Some nursing pillows can also be used as tummy time while others can be used to support your baby while he or she is learning how to sit up. You can also use some nursing pillows as support pillows while your baby sleeps. There are also nursing pillows that can make excellent lumbar support pillows like the boppy pillow. There are also nursing pillows that you can use as bedroom pillows later on.

How We Rate Pillows

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  2. Loft & Adjustability
  3. Hypoallergenic
  4. Hygiene
  5. Comfort
  6. Structural integrity & Durability

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