By Robert Pagano


Last Updated: December 24, 2019


The Guy Who Designed the iPod, iPhone, and Nest Buys This Sleep Product For His Friends

Last updated: December 24, 2019


You may not recognize the name Tony Fadell but you’re definitely familiar with his work: He’s the superstar designer who helped create the iPod, iPhone, and Nest.

Fadell was a guest on a recent episode of the Tim Ferris podcast where he discussed a wide range of issues including sleep. When Ferris asked him if there are any products that he recommends for sleep, Fadell didn’t hesitate to answer.

“On the sleep side, I have this device called the OOLER, which I think is the next generation chiliPAD. Oh my god, oh my god, it is a lifesaver. So now I swear by it. I buy ’em as gifts for friends and get them to try mine like ‘you’ve gotta try this’. But you gotta try to get good sleep. And that’s also important. As much as it’s possible.”

I’m not an expert on many things, but there is one piece of advice I feel more than qualified to give: When someone as accomplished as Tony Fadell stands behind a product without any financial compensation, you should definitely pay attention.

What is the OOLER?

Even though I write for a sleep site, I’m embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t heard of this product until Tony mentioned it on this episode.

The OOLER is a mattress pad made by Chili Technology that uses a water-based system to help regulate the surface temperature of your bed, with a range of 55-110F. The company has an Android and iPhone app that you can use to control the temperature, set programmable sleep schedules, and set a warm-awake alarm notice. It has a variable speed fan for white noise and a built-in cleaning UV light. The control unit noise level operates at less than 45 decibels at a 3-foot distance.

Oh my god, oh my god, it is a lifesaver. So now I swear by it. I buy ’em as gifts for friends and get them to try mine like ‘you’ve gotta try this’. 

– Tony Fadell, referring to the OOLER

I’m definitely looking into ordering one of these for myself since I have issues with staying cool while I sleep.

What else did Tony Fadell mention about sleep?

Tony Fadell had a lot to say when Tim Feriss mentioned the effects of alcohol on sleep.

“…I’ve tracked [my sleep] using various devices, the Oura Ring and others. I am astonished that there is such a binary change in sleep quality”, Tim said.

Fadell replied, “Four-to-five hours after that last drink, my heart would race. And then you would wake up, and since you’re such a type A personality you start thinking and you can’t go back to sleep. Then you’re sweating and you’re having a horrible night of sleep.”

So you’ve heard it from two of the most high-achieving people out there: alcohol and sleep do not mix. They didn’t mention anything about marijuana, however. 🌿