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Best White Noise Machine – Top Brands Tested & Reviewed

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There are a lot of things that we still don’t know about sleep, but one thing is for certain: loud noises are one of the worst things that can interrupt your sleep. If you can’t sleep in a quiet area, one solution is a white noise machine. Unlike other noise-cancelling methods (such as earplugs), white noise machines don’t just block out external sounds. They also create a relaxing environment that is conducive to getting a good night’s rest.

Top Picks for White Noise Machines

LectroFan Evo – great value and produces white, brown and pink noises.

SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine – multi-use and can be controlled using your smartphone.

Marpac Dohm-DS All Natural Sound Machine – comes with an acoustic housing.

AVANTEK White Noise Sound Machine – generates natural and crisp sounds.

X-Sense Portable White Noise Machine – portable and travel-friendly.

Homedics Soundspa Sound Machine – AA battery operated.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light – great for babies and kids

#1. Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan Evo

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LectroFan Evo

Adaptive Sound Technologies’ LectroFan Evo comes in the heels of the popular LectroFan Classic. The Evo takes pride on its 22 unique digital sounds including 10 fan sounds, 10 white noise sounds, and 2 beach sounds specially selected to mask unwanted noises and provide a relaxing atmosphere conducive to sleeping.

Aside from the bedroom, this white noise machine is also ideal for use in the workplace. It can help create a productive working environment by blocking out distracting background noises. It can also function as a privacy tool if you need to speak with a colleague about private matters. Students can also benefit from this product when they need to maintain an atmosphere where they can focus while reviewing.

Best Features of the LectroFan Evo

  • 22 unique sounds that can provide a relaxing atmosphere
  • Headphone jack that allows users to use privately listen to the white noise machine
  • Uses White, Pink and Brown Noise
  • Multi-purpose device – can act as a sleeping, studying or as a productivity aid
  • Lightweight design makes it portable and ideal for use during travels

Who Will Benefit From White Noise

White noise machines are ideal for light sleepers, adults, babies, and kids as well. Thanks to the use of digitally recorded natural sounds, the machine masks external sounds. Also, it creates a great environment that promotes good night sleep.

#2. SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine

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SNOOZ White Noise Machine

Available in a portable design, this unit features a non-looping white noise. It has an adjustable volume control with 10 settings. This makes it ideal for adults, babies, kids, and pets too.

Controls are available at the top on a sleek touch surface. The power button is at the center and two other control buttons on the side. To adjust the tone, all I had to do was twist the outer shell. This makes the unit to produce a wide range of sounds. They include a light fan to deep fan drone like an airplane cabin.

To adjust the volume, I pressed the up and down button located beside the power button. Thanks to the 10 settings, it produces sounds ranging from a light stir a box fan. The SNOOZ lacks a rechargeable battery. This means you have it to plug it in all night.

As a fan based white noise generator, it uses a proprietary fan impeller.

Available colors include charcoal and cloud.

Best Features of the SNOOZ

  • Energy efficient – has a DC motor that consumes minimal power
  • Portable and a great travel companion – at 3.2 inches tall, it fits in your travel case
  • Remote controlled – comes with a companion app for easier control
  • Has the nursery calibration feature – useful in protecting your baby from loud sounds.
  • Multiuse – useful for drowning noise from barking dogs, snoring and loud neighbors

#3. Marpac Dohm-DS All Natural Sound Machine

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Marpac Dohm-DS

With a compact and adjustable acoustic housing, the unit has a two-speed electric motor. The motor has an asymmetrical fan. This creates a soothing sound without causing disturbance to the moving air.

As an all-natural white noise sound machine, it is effective in blocking noise. They include barking dogs, a car passing by and noisy neighbors. This ensures that you are able to sleep well at night.

It has two speeds, an adjustable volume, and tone. To change the volume, twist the cap. By doing so, you get to find a white noise level ideal for the environment you are in.

Best Features of Marpac Dohm-DS

  • Comes with a lightweight sleeping mask – for covering your eyes as you sleep
  • Has an acoustic housing – this helps to create the rushing sound that soothes you to sleep
  • Adjustable volume and tone – great for creating a custom environment
  • Comes with an 8-foot power cord – allows flexibility
  • Available in white and gray

#4. AVANTEK White Noise Sound Machine

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AVANTEK White Noise Sound Machine

With soothing sounds and a memory function, this unit can generate 6 white noise types. Also, it can produce 8 nature sounds. They include rain, wind, crickets, clock, campfire and ocean waves.

The memory function has 30 levels of volume. Once you set your preferences, you don’t have to keep setting it again. The machine will adjust to your previous preferences when turned on.

This sound machine can produce 6 fan sounds in a natural manner. As such, it helps to lock out external noises. This creates the best environment for a good night sleep.

The AVANTEK White Noise Sound Machine has a user-friendly timer. You don’t have to wake up to turn it off. All you have to do is set the timer and the machine should turn off.

What I liked about AVANTEK

  • Portable and travel-friendly – at 9.8 ounces in weight, the machine is lightweight. Does not occupy a lot of space in your travel bag
  • Has a memory function – can store your volume and timer settings.
  • Can soothe restless babies – it’s ideal for soothing your crying baby
  • Anti-snore – helps to block out external sounds close to you such as snoring
  • Has 20 soothing sounds – allows you to find a sound suitable for your environment
  • Generates crisp, realistic and natural sound that is free of scratches

#5. X-Sense Portable White Noise Machine

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X-Sense Portable

Want to enjoy natural white noises free of scratches? The X-Sense Portable White Noise Machine can generate 6 white noise types and 6 fan sounds. Also, it is capable of producing 8 ambient sounds. They include birds, water drops, frogs and campfire.

At the top of the unit, you have easy to use control buttons. They include the power button, volume control, and timer.

With a 12-hour capacity rechargeable battery, this unit offers a cordless experience.

Best Features of X-Sense

  • Portable and stylish – It is a great travel companion
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery – offers a cordless experience all night
  • Has a timer and memory function – allows you to set the auto-off timer
  • Produces superior sound quality – thanks goes to JBL and Harman Kardon experts.
  • USB and AC powered – makes it easy to recharge the Lithium battery

#6. Homedics Soundspa Sound Machine

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Homedics White Noise

The Homedics Soundspa Sound Machine offers the option of selecting six relaxing sounds. Available sounds include thunder, ocean, brook and summer night. Designed to mimic natural sounds, this unit provides a relaxing experience. As such, it is beneficial to light sleepers.
Not only do the sounds mask external noises but they create a relaxing environment. This allows you to enjoy your sleep. Small and portable, it is an ideal traveling companion. It can fit in your travel case bringing with you the best sleep sounds.

To conserve energy, this sound machine comes with an auto timer off. You can set it to 15, 30 to 1 hour. If you have kids, this is a great option. For a cordless experience, the machine is battery powered. Instead of a rechargeable battery, you have to use 4 AA batteries.

Best Features of Homedics

  • Portable and lightweight – this makes the unit a great travel companion. Now you can enjoy a good night sleep
  • Adjustable volume control – set the right sound for quality sleep
  • Multiple uses – useful at home, work, and school
  • Auto timer off – helps to conserve energy
  • Comes with recorded natural sounds – this helps you and your baby to sleep

#7. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light

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Hatch Baby Rest

Want your baby to enjoy a good night sleep? I recommend the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light. For starters, it comes as a sound machine with a nightlight and time to rise alert. This nightlight is customizable. You can customize the color, the sound, volume, and brightness too.

Users have the choice of downloading the Hatch Baby Rest app. Using the app, you can set the time to turn off the sound machine. Also, you can set the unit to turn on based on the baby’s sleep schedule.

To set color combinations and sounds approved by sleep experts, use the app. Not only is the device going to mask all noise but it illuminates the right color too.

This app can work on your tablet running iOS (9 and above) or Android (KitKat and above).

Best Features of Hatch

  • Grows with your baby’s needs – moving from a bassinet to a normal bed is easy
  • Generates light colors – this helps to promote healthy heart rhythms and skin health
  • Programmable – the app allows you to select settings ideal for your baby
  • Comes with a nightlight – this allows kids to feel secure as they sleep
  • Easy to use – the app has an intuitive interface

White Noise Machines Compared

ProductNumber of Sound ChoicesPortabilityOur ReviewBuy Now
LectroFan EvoGreatPortableRead Full ReviewCheck Price
SNOOZGoodPortableRead Full ReviewCheck Price
Marpac Dohm-DSGreatNot ideal for travelRead Full ReviewCheck Price
AVANTEKAverageNot ideal for travelRead Full ReviewCheck Price
X-Sense PortableGoodUltraportableRead Full ReviewCheck Price
Homedics Soundspa Sound MachineGoodPortableRead Full ReviewCheck Price
Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night LightAveragePortableRead Full ReviewCheck Price

Benefits of white noise machines for sleeping

There are a few key benefits to using a white noise machine:

  • They block out external sounds – If you live in a loud area then you know how annoying traffic, car alarms, and other noises can be when you’re trying to fall asleep. White noise machines are an effective way of drowning out that outside noise and creating a pleasant environment for you to sleep in.
  • They help you stay asleep – By creating a consistent sound; white noise machines prevent any loud, jarring noises from interrupting your shuteye.
  • They block annoying sounds from your partner – If you have to deal with a partner who snores loudly or with people talking when you’re trying to fall asleep, white noise machines will help drown out that noise.

Who should use a white noise machine?

White noise machines are great for a variety of different people. Here are some of the people who will benefit:

  • Babies – Infants are notorious for being light sleepers. Any sudden sound can cause them to wake up. A white noise machine can help your baby stay asleep by providing a stable, consistent, and relaxing sound that drowns out any external stimuli.
  • Snorers (and their partners!) – If you or your partner snores, a white noise machine can help drown out the sound so you can fall asleep.
  • People who suffer from tinnitus – If you have tinnitus – a persistent ringing sound in your ears – then you know how difficult it can be to fall asleep while a high pitched sound is blaring in your ears. White noise machines can help distract you and ensure that you only here peaceful, relaxing sounds instead of a constant high-pitched whine.
  • People with ADHD – People who suffer from ADHD are easily distracted. Even the smallest sound can cause them to lose focus. This is obviously a massive problem when trying to fall asleep, so a white noise machine comes in handy by creating a steady sound.
  • Pets – Ok, strictly speaking pets aren’t people. But they’re an important part of your family and their sleep is important too. Soothing sounds can help cats and dogs relax and fall asleep, thus improving their health and mood.

What is white noise and how does it differ from brown and pink noise?

This is a noise source used by sleep experts to mask sounds and help people sleep at night. It is also a combination of sounds the human ear can listen to.

As humans, we are able to hear sounds within the following range – 20 to 20,000 Hz. This means the human ear is capable of listening to 20,000 varying tones of sound.

When it comes to pink noise, it is much deeper. Brown noise is sound with a deeper tone than pink and white noise. Also referred to as Brownian noise, it sounds like a gentle surf in a storm.

Unlike pink and brown noises, white noise contains frequencies audible to people. As such, sleep therapists use white noise to help patients have a better night sleep.

Sound engineers create pink noise in a sound lab. To compensate for extra frequencies, they reduce the volume for each octave. For brown noise, it is harder to produce. For white noise, it’s easy to create. Also, it has more frequencies- 20,000 – compared to both brown and pink noise.

What does natural white noise sound like?

As I said earlier, white noise contains close to 20,000 frequencies. This is a combination of natural sounds. They include crickets chirping, sea waves, and rain. Other sounds include ambient soundscapes such as crowd noise or a crackling campfire.

White Noise for Adults & Babies

Can you use white noise to induce sleep in adults?

Yes, you can. The best sleep sound machine works by masking external noises. This is beneficial to light sleepers. To mask external sounds, white noise generators work by canceling out the noise. For this to be effective, you need to turn up the volume of the sleep sound machine.

How long should white noise be used for a baby?

According to sleep experts, white noise sounds are the most effective and inexpensive sleeping aid for babies. If used well, it can help to reduce the frequency which babies wake up at night. I have come across parents who are not willing to use white noise machines. The reason is they fear their babies will become addicted.

Well, what they don’t know is that white noise generators are ideal for babies aged 1 year. To prevent addiction to white noise sounds, parents should wean their babies between age 2 to 3.

How We Rate White Noise Machines

White noise machines are judged by 4 standards: 

  1. Set Up Process / Ease of Use
  2. Functionality
    1. Size  – just for home or can be included in your luggage
    2. Volume Control
    3. Does it loop? Is it too obvious that it distracts you?
  3. Number of Sound Choices
  4. Portability

View the full details of how we think about each of these metrics here.

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