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Oura Ring Review

Oura sleep tracking ring

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The Oura Ring is a ring-sized advanced body-monitoring tool that works like a multi-purpose fitness tracker. According to its website, the ring “tracks you 24/7 so you can build an accurate, insightful baseline of information about yourself from which you can grow and improve”. 

We no longer recommend the Oura Ring as our favorite sleep tracker. We think you should consider the Garmin Vivosmart instead, which is a great lower-price alternative

How do they perform as sleep trackers?

We found it impressive to learn that for such a diminutive device, the Oura Ring packs enough sensors including the Body Temperature Sensor, Infrared Optical LED Sensors, and the 3D Accelerometer and Gyroscope. Through these sensors, the ring detects the pulse waveform and amplitude variation, and exact time between heartbeats. Through this information, it can accurately measure your heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), respiratory rate, movement and activity, body temperature, and sleep data including sleep stages, sleep latency, and wake times.


Wearable fitness trackers have been trying to outdo each other when it comes to design. And rightly so, if you’re expected to wear something 24/7 then it should look good on you. Nobody wants a health tracker that looks like a health tracker. This is where Oura pulled off a coup. The Oura Ring looks like a nondescript wedding band. It is designed to look closer to that of jewelry rather than a health device. The current Oura Ring is the second version.

The new Oura Ring is slimmer and lighter than the first one. You can choose between two models – Balance and Heritage. Both of these models come in silver, black, and rose gold. If you want to make the Oura Ring a part of your jewelry ensemble, you can have a Balance with diamonds in the center. You don’t have to worry about the ring not fitting on you since Oura sends out a sizing kit to customers to make sure that you will get the right size. For this Oura Ring Review, we used a Balance in matte black.

Oura Uses Titanium

Oura opted to use titanium in the new rings and ditched the zirconium with a carbon coating. Titanium is a very strong material, and it will make the ring more durable than it already is. Since the ring is designed to be worn at all times, the inner molding that houses all of the sensors is made of hypoallergenic material. The inner part where the sensors are located is the only weak point that I can see in this ring. But that part is sandwiched between your finger and the outer part of the ring, so it is pretty protected.  

It is also waterproof so you can wear it even while you are in the shower or if you are swimming. The device is temperature resilient as well which means that you can wear it during summer or even in the dead of winter. The electronic components of the ring are dust and moisture resistant. This is primarily because of the wireless charging design. The non-metal molding that holds the sensors is made from hypoallergenic materials. This is important since the inner part of the ring is the one that is in constant contact with your skin via your finger.


This sleep and health tracker focus on three key areas: Readiness, Sleep, and Activity. Since there is no screen on the ring, the information it collects can be accessed on its companion app. The said app is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Upon opening the app, if the Bluetooth on your phone is switched on, the Oura app will immediately sync with your ring to make sure that the latest data is recorded.  In the Home Screen, the first thing that you’ll see is your Readiness Score. Beneath this are your scores for Sleep and Activity. You can access data from several days ago. There is also a menu located at the top-left corner where you can get a more in-depth analysis of those areas.

Sleep Tracking

Of course, this is the feature we really care about. With the help of the sleep data from this ring, you can get valuable insight on what it is that affects the length and quality of your sleep. It shows you what happens when you sleep on a particular bed or if you sleep right after a heavy meal or a few glasses of wine. You can use these data to think of ways to improve your sleep quality.

The Sleep Tracking feature tracks your sleeping patterns. You will get a Sleep Score that is based on your total sleep, sleep efficiency, tranquility, latency, timing, and the amounts of light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep that you got. Each of these areas has their corresponding scores, and you can easily find out what is causing a low Sleep Score just by looking at these figures. You will also get your resting heart rate while you sleep.

A great way to use the sleep tracker feature is by using it to find your natural circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is your natural wake and sleep cycle. Instead of immediately going to a doctor to seek help, you can perform your own sleep staging analysis. If you get a low Sleep Score, try sleeping a bit earlier and check how that slight change affected your sleep score. Pay particular attention to the improvements on your deep sleep and REM sleep because these two sleep stages are crucial. Deep Sleep is also known as restorative sleep because this is the stage when your body heals itself. REM sleep, on the other hand, restores the mind and is essential for one’s memory and learning.  


Readiness is something unique to Oura. It takes into account the quality of your previous night’s sleep, the quality of your sleep during the last 2 weeks, your balanced activities the day before, your body temperature, resting heart rate and recovery index. This smart ring combines all of those data and gives you your Readiness Score. You can drill down on this score to help you figure out in which areas you need to improve on.


When it says Activity, that is precisely what the Oura Ring is tracking.  This is an activity tracker and not a fitness tracker. You won’t see any detailed fitness metrics from Oura. Although it detects the intensity of your movement, it won’t track what physical activity you are doing. The app will give you a daily activity goal based on your how well you’ve been sleeping and how active you’ve been. You will get help in balancing your activity levels to make sure that you have enough rest and action. This way, you can avoid overextending yourself or getting too relaxed.

Battery Life

According to its website, the Oura Ring should last a week before recharging. This is a pretty decent battery life for something that has a lot of sensors working 24/7. The ring comes with a wireless charging stand and you just have to slot the ring on top of the charger. It usually takes up to 2 hours before the ring is fully charged.

One way of extending the battery life of the ring is by enabling its Airplane Mode. Much like what it is in mobile phones, Airplane Mode means that the ring won’t be sending or receiving any wireless signal from other devices. You can enable Airplane Mode in the companion app. The Airplane Mode is also great for those who are wary of non-native electromagnetic fields or nnEMF. In Airplane Mode, the Bluetooth transmitter is disabled, but the sensors continue to work. You can reactivate the Bluetooth transmitter by merely placing the ring on the charging pad for a few seconds.

Pros and Cons of Oura Ring

What We Liked

  • Classy design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use app
  • Waterproof
  • Accurate sleep tracking

What We Didn’t Like

  • Matte design is easily scratched
  • Minor discomfort over extended periods of sleep

History of Oura

About Oura

Ouraring Inc operates as a health technology company. The Company offers wellness ring and application that measures and monitors sleep patterns. Oura Ring serves customers worldwide.

Physical Stores

Oura’s products can be bought from through their website. They don’t have physical stores.

Contact Oura

[email protected]

Oura Ring on Social Media

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Our Verdict

The Oura Ring is a great sleep tracker for those who are looking for unobtrusive sleep trackers. It fits right into your wardrobe and looks just like an ordinary ring.

The amount of data that this seemingly modest ring gathers is immensely valuable and can help in altering your sleep habits so you can improve your sleep.

Most people think of sleep trackers as just a way of monitoring a sleep activity, but in truth, sleep trackers can help us improve not just our sleep quality but our mental and physical well-being. It may be expensive compared to other sleep trackers, but when it comes to health and wellness, you should never shortchange yourself.

Oura Ring Compared to Other Sleep Trackers

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Oura RingBest AvailableExcellentYes via App - iOS and AndroidRead Full ReviewCheck Price
Garmin Vivosmart 4Best AvailableVery GoodYes via App - iOS and AndroidRead Full ReviewCheck Price
Withings Sleep Tracking MatGoodBattery Not NeededYes via App - iOS and AndroidRead Full ReviewCheck Price
Fitbit Charge 3GoodGoodYes via App - iOS and AndroidRead Full ReviewCheck Price
SleepScore MaxGoodBattery Not NeededYes via App - iOS and AndroidRead Full ReviewCheck Price
Emfit QS HRV Sleep MonitorGoodBattery Not NeededYes via App - iOS and AndroidRead Full ReviewCheck Price

How We Rate Sleep Trackers

Sleep trackers are judged by 8 standards: 

  1. Accuracy
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Functionality
  4. Reliability
  5. Data Accessibility
  6. Aesthetic Design (wearable only)
  7. Comfort (wearable only)
  8. Battery Life (wearable only)

Read about our rating process for sleep trackers.