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Jane Fonda, 82, Says That Weed Helps Her Sleep Better Than Pills

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda, the 82-year-old Oscar winner, was announced as a celebrity ambassador for weed and CBD brand Uncle Bud’s back in May.

She recently revealed that she’s been using a weed vape pen to help her fall asleep.

“I use a [weed] pen that limits how many doses you get, which is way better than taking sleeping pills.…” she said. “But I was never majorly into pot to tell you the truth. However, I have osteoarthritis, so things that help with pain and inflammation are good.”

Fonda lives in California, a state that legalized recreational marijuana in 2018.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has followed her career. Fonda has been talking about her weed consumption since 2015, when the actress told DuJour, “”I still smoke pot every now and then.” She also told the publication that she can’t smoke pot while watching movies because it impairs her judgment.

“I cannot see a movie on pot,” Fonda stated. “The number of movies I’ve seen thinking, ‘This is probably the best I have ever seen,’ and then I’ll see it again sober and think, ‘What was I thinking?’”

The actress also mentioned that she’s a huge fan of CBD oil since it helps relieve the pain she experiences from osteoarthritis.

Even though the THC in marijuana can help you fall asleep, it can interrupt your REM (rapid-eye movement) sleep. REM is the most important part of the sleep cycle since it’s the part where your body actually recovers. Many people also use CBD gummies and capsules to help fall asleep. Lots of companies – like Hemp Bombs and CBDfx – are making special products that are formulated for sleep that include both CBD and melatonin.

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