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Do Mattresses Come With Box Springs?

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Not necessarily. Most mattresses do not come with box springs. In fact, nowadays, only specialty mattresses readily come with their own box springs. That said, some mattress companies still offer a box spring and mattress set for those who prefer it. But unless your bed frame does not have a stable foundation and your mattress is one of the older innerspring mattresses, then you do not really need one.

While it’s true that innerspring mattresses and box springs typically go hand in hand, the newer iterations of innerspring mattresses – such as hybrids – do not need them. It can get confusing, I know. Especially since the term hybrids have been used interchangeably with innersprings. But here’s the thing to remember:

  • Innersprings – usually made of a steel coil core, a solid base (usually wood) and a comfort layer
  • Hybrids – are made up of memory foam layers, a transition later, pocketed coil layer, polyfoam base

You can call a hybrid an innerspring, but you can never call an innerspring a hybrid.

The differences may be minute but they make a world of difference when it comes to identifying which is which. Nowadays though, with the technology utilized by mattress companies rapidly advancing, we find the line separating them become thinner and thinner.

What exactly is a box spring?

The first box springs were actually called bedsprings and were especially popular in Western Europe and North America. Initially made out of metal frames and coils topped with a simple fabric, box springs evolved to be made out of wood since wood provided a better support system.

Today, with the height and thickness of mattresses ever increasing, manufacturers began making box springs in different heights so that the mattress and box spring pair maintained a height that was within industry standards. For reference, standard high profile box springs are 9 inches and low profile ones are between 5 and 5.5 inches. For this sole reason nowadays, box springs and mattresses are often sold as a set.

What exactly is the purpose of a box spring?

Aside from the obvious – keeping your mattress off the floor from all the nasties – the purpose of a box spring is to:

  1. help in elevating a mattress’ height
  2. act as a shock absorbent and reduce wear on the mattress
  3. create a flat and firm surface for the mattress
  4. provide better air circulation for the mattress, which in turn helps to prevent mold and mildew

Do you need a box spring?

You would need a box spring if:

  • Your innerspring mattress warranty requires one so be sure to double check if you plan on purchasing an innerspring mattress
  • You are using a bed frame that is collapsible
  • Your mattress is a traditional innerspring (not a hybrid, ok)
  • You prefer the added height
  • You want the added bounce and support
Closeup of box springs
Closeup of box springs

How come mattresses don’t come with box springs?

Simply put, they just don’t need it anymore.

Mattresses have come a long way from being just single layer of foam and just like the times have evolved to give us solar powered cars, zoom meetings and VR headsets, mattresses became the plush powerhouses they are today.

That said, we never want to stop you from doing you and if you want to get yourself a box spring, then by all means, go get one. Old school has never stopped being cool, I always say. Chances are, your folks are still holding on to their old box spring set, maybe you could surprise them with a new one.

Want the best of both worlds?

Try hybrids. Just like how 2 different species are bred to produce prime offspring, a hybrid mattress can give you the bouncy support of coils as well as the contouring comfort of memory foams. The best part? No need to spring for a box spring.

But… Which hybrids are the best, you may ask.

Watch this space.