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Sleep Divorce is a Trend and It’s on the Rise

Couple sleeping separately

Many people were surprised to learn about “sleep divorce” when Carson Daly announced on the Today Show that he and his wife have been sleeping in separate beds for months.

This new trend isn’t just a celebrity quirk, however. Approximately 1-in-10 couples have adopted the practice of sleeping separately to help save their relationships. Sleep divorces help prevent issues when one partner snores excessively, steals the covers, or keeps tossing and turning; keeping the other person awake and exhausted.

In the case of Carson Daly and his wife Siri, her pregnancy and his sleep apnea led to the decision.

“I got sleep-divorced in September. We cited irreconcilable sleeping,” Carson said on the NBC morning show. “I have sleep apnea, my wife’s pregnant, and during a home renovation, we downgraded to a queen-size bed. We just felt like we’re better off sleeping in different beds.”

Of course, since Carson suffers from sleep apnea he has to use CPAP machine.

“That’s like sleeping next to Darth Vader. Really attractive, huh?” Daly said. “Most women would want to sleep in another bedroom. … I don’t snore anymore, but the noise of the machine keeps her up.”

Rather than ruining their marriage, like many people assume, the couple claims that the sleep divorce is the best thing to ever happen to them.

“Sleep is important, that’s an important part of this,” Carson said. “You’re going to be a better person if you are rested, which can help your relationship.”