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A New Streaming Service is Being Dubbed the ‘Netflix for Sleep’ and You Can Get a Free Trial Now

Restflix streaming service on various devices

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This review is about Restflix, a subscription streaming service designed to help you sleep better. Learn more at Restflix.com or download the app from Amazon.

Our modern lifestyles are making harder to fall asleep. Bright screens, annoying phone notifications, and stressful jobs all conspire to rob us of the sleep we need to function properly. Being sleep deprived isn’t just annoying, however. Studies show that sleeping less than 8 hours per night can actually be hazardous to your health and make it more likely that you’ll develop severe health complications. If you’ve done everything you can think of to fall asleep but find that you’re still counting sheep while your clock is ominously reminding you that it’s 3 AM then it might be time for a Restflix subscription.

Dubbed by reviewers as the “Netflix for sleep”, Restflix is a streaming service that is focused on one thing: helping you get more shuteye.

The service is debuting with 20 personalized channels. Some of them stream guided meditations and stories while others play relaxing music (similar to our very own free Sleepline Audio) and calming visuals. Restflix also has content that’s designed specifically for kids, so you can queue up some child-friendly content if your son or daughter is having difficulty falling asleep.


The design feels like a standard video streaming platform. If you have a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription you’ll feel right at home when you boot up Restflix’s homepage.

There’s a familiar search bar in the top right corner. Scroll down a bit and you’ll find a list of categories with a side scroller to find additional content.

If you can’t find anything to watch, you can tune in to Restflix TV. You can tune in to one of the service’s 21 channels and sit back and relax while it runs.

Restflix streaming on a smart TV
You can stream Restflix on your smart TV.

Does it help you fall asleep?

Restflix adds new content on a weekly basis. Most of the relaxation-value comes from the audio tracks. The audio uses binaural beats, a type of sound wave therapy that combines two different frequencies in a way that gives you the illusion of a single frequency. Binaural beats are believes to induce melatonin, the hormone that tells your body that it’s time to go to sleep. There’s also some evidence that they can treat anxiety, stress, and other disorders.

Many of Restflix’s channels play sounds that are similar to white noise machines. Others incorporate pink noise similar to how we did when creating our audio album.

Restflix founder Kevin Hillman explained his motivation for launching the streaming service: “After months of laying awake wide-eyed, not being able to relax my mind and fall asleep, I realized no solution out there was solving the heart of the sleep issue and the conflicts that are causing the stress and division in everyday life. As a creative entrepreneur, I wanted a solution that would make a major difference in the hearts of people like myself who are struggling to rest because of the stress and conflicts in our present time, and through Restflix’s sound technology and content, people awake rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day.

Restflix smart TV app
Restflix has apps for most smart TV platforms.

Restflix is available on a subscription basis for $7.99 per month. A yearly subscription will run you $59.99. You can try it out free for seven days to see if Restflix will help you fall asleep before committing to it. Apps are available for Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, other smart TVs, iOS, and Android. Learn more at Restflix.com.

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