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Best Sounds to Fall Asleep To: Introducing Sleepline Audio

Woman sleeping while listening to white noise

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America is currently in the middle of what Matthew Walker, author of Why We Sleep, refers to as a sleeplessness epidemic; all demographics are reporting that they are sleeping less than the recommended 8 hours per night. We always recommend that you get your sleep hygiene in order first if you are trying to cure your onset insomnia (when you have trouble falling asleep). Once you make sure that your room is the right temperature, you eliminate all lights, and reduce your stress the next step may be to play soothing audio sounds while you fall asleep.

Common sounds that help people fall asleep include relaxing acoustic guitar or piano-based music, ocean sounds, running water, animal sounds, and white noise. There are numerous tracks on Spotify and YouTube that promise to help you fall asleep. We found that most of these are hit or miss, and finding the right track for you can cause even more stress that could ironically contribute to your insomnia.

Since there are so many “sleep enhancing” audio tracks out there made by people with dubious levels of expertise, we decided to create three tracks of our own that we believe will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Our team of sleep experts created and tested each of these tracks and we can verify that they are the best sounds you can listen to if you want to fall asleep.

Here are descriptions of our three tracks and which type of insomniac they’re best for.

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Chilled Out Kitten + AC

There’s nothing more relaxing than a cute, cuddly kitten sleeping right next to you. If you don’t have a cat or if you’re traveling and can’t be near your furry friend, this track is great for you.

A constant rhythmic purring is reminiscent of a cat chilling in the sphinx position, sound asleep but with one eye always open. The soothing hum of an air conditioning machine activates randomly, replicating the feeling of being at home on a crisp summer day.

Who it’s for: This track is great for animal lovers. If you have a cat that you normally sleep next to, then this track will give you a taste of home while you travel. Or if you own a moody cat who likes to sleep alone then you can play this track while you sleep instead.

Max Relax Pink Noise + Ocean

Pink noise is the latest innovation in sleep audio so we’ve decided to integrate it into this new track for maximum relaxation.

You’ve heard of white noise, but what exactly is pink noise? While it’s very similar to white noise, pink noise enhances the sleep-improving benefits of white noise by adding additional low frequencies for a more even, relaxing sound.

Who it’s for: If you’ve already tried every white noise audio track and white noise machine out there (we like the LectroFan Evo) and still can’t get any sleep, it’s worth trying pink noise. It’s extremely uncommon in most audio tracks like this, so you most likely haven’t encountered it before. If nothing else works, try listening to this.

Pure Bliss White Noise + Rain

This is a classic sound combo that you’ve most likely heard before, but we believe that this unique mix is even better than anything else like it.

We combine the pure bliss of white noise with the relaxing, comforting sound of gentle rainfall. This combination of rain and white noise is so common for a reason: it simply works. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, this track will knock you out quick.

Who it’s for: This track is for people who want that perfect blend of white noise and rain in an extended audio track that will keep playing for as long as it takes for you to fall asleep. If sleeping in silence isn’t working for you, playing this track will help relax your mind and calm your racing thoughts so can doze off peacefully.

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