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These are the Five Best Sleep Books Available on Amazon (With Free Prime Delivery!)

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Reading before bedtime is one of the best ways to fall asleep faster. Books about any topic will do, but why not educate yourself about your sleeping problems instead? You can also view this best of list on Bookshop.org to support independent book stores.

The best books about sleep are:

  1. Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker
  2. The Promise of Sleep by William C. Dement
  3. The Happy Sleeper by Heather Turgeon
  4. Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day by Robert S. Rosenberg
  5. The Sleep Solution by W. Chris Winter

These books will help you learn more about why we sleep and how to overcome insomnia and other sleep disturbances. We read all of the highest-ranking books about sleep available and narrowed them down to the top 5. Here are our recommendations.

#1. Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

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Why We Sleep is by far the most popular sleep book thanks to Dr. Matthew Walker’s legendary appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

According to Walker, the Western world is in the middle of a “sleeplessness epidemic”. This groundbreaking – and downright terrifying – book is an indictment of our modern culture’s obsession with sacrificing sleep on the altar of productivity.

Do you really think that pulling an all-nighter is the best way to stay productive? Do you believe that you can “catch up” on sleep on the weekend? Walker puts those myths to rest by explaining the risks of poor sleep. They’re worse than you can imagine.

#2. The Promise of Sleep by William C. Dement

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Dr. William C. Dement is the director of the Stanford University Sleep Research Center and he has a few things to say about the importance of sleep, particularly as it pertains to longevity.

This book is very similar to Why We Sleep in that it lays bare the costs of the sleeplessness epidemic on our modern society. If you want to improve your health and live longer, Dr. Dement believes that longer and higher-quality sleep is the best prescription.

The Promise of Sleep tells you everything you need to know about every aspect of sleep: sleeping pills, how sleep affects the immune system, how to combat jet lag and insomnia, and more. It also gives you self-tests you can administer to determine exactly how much sleep you need.

#3. The Happy Sleeper by Heather Turgeon

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The Happy Sleeper is different from the previous two entries on this list in that it focuses specifically on the needs of new parents.

Many new parents stress out over their child’s sleep and feel the need to “helicopter” and “train” their baby to sleep. According to Turgeon, this is completely unnecessary. This book teaches you how to be nurturing while still giving your baby the space he or she needs so they can develop critically important self-soothing skills.

If you want to make sure that your baby falls asleep soundly, stays asleep throughout the night, takes healthy naps, and grows to develop optimal sleep habits; then this is the book for you.

#4. Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day by Robert S. Rosenberg

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Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day is a book that is dedicated to helping you identify your sleeping issues so you can apply targeted solutions to help resolve them.

The book focuses on serious sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep eating, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, sleepwalking, and snoring. Rosenberg gives you the tools you need to identify the specific sleep disturbance that you have and gives you the tools you need to fix it.

Rosenberg relies on clinically tested options to help relieve your symptoms and help you get better sleep so you can – as the title claims – feel fantastic every day.

#5. The Sleep Solution by W. Chris Winter

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Dr. Winter draws on his 24 years of experience in the sleep science field to offer you solutions that are designed to fit your lifestyle.

The Sleep Solution gives you information about how sleep works – how light, temperature, and other factors affect your sleep. He breaks down the science behind sleeping pills and lets you know whether he thinks they’re worth it.

Dr. Winter is a big believer in the benefit of napping and teaches you how to incorporate it into your life even if you’re a shift worker, busy parent, or stressed-out student. He offers targeted solutions for sleep apnea, insomnia, circadian sleep disorders, and more.

An interesting aspect about this book is the section that examines sleep technology. Ever wondered if those fancy sleep trackers are worth it? Dr. Winter will give you an in-depth understanding of them so you can decide for yourself.

What are the benefits of reading a sleep book?

Sleep is one of the most misunderstood topics out there – trust us we know. We started Sleepline with the goal of helping correct misconceptions and helping people like you get the sleep they need to function better throughout the day. We give you detailed information about the science of sleep and review beds, pillows, sleep trackers, and more so that you can decide for yourself what you need to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

I’m sure you’ve heard people brag about how they pulled an all-nighter (maybe you’re one of them). The not-so-subtle implication is that this makes them an extremely productive hard worker. Our culture glorifies sleep loss and looks down on people who make sleep a priority, branding them as lazy slackers who aren’t dedicated to their career.

This couldn’t be more wrong.

Reading Why We Sleep or one of the other titles in this best sleep books list will arm you with information. Information about the severe negative health affects of sleep deprivation, so you’ll make sleep a priority knowing that you can’t “catch up” on the weekend. It’ll give you information about how getting a good night of sleep will help you be more productive, not less. These books are full of data that reveals that sleep-deprived workers make many more mistakes than their well-rested counterparts.

Reading one of these books will make you a happier, healthier, and more productive person. You’ll be more effective at work. You’ll be a better parent to your children. You’ll be less likely to get into a car accident or die of a heart attack. You’ll live much longer than you would if you continue down the path of sleep deprivation.

Do the right thing for your health and read one of these books.

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