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How We Rate White Noise Machines

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Overview & Methodology

White noise machines are judged by 4 standards: 

  1. Set Up Process / Ease of Use
  2. Functionality
    1. Size  – just for home or can be included in your luggage
    2. Volume Control
    3. Does it loop? Is it too obvious that it distracts you?
  3. Number of Sound Choices
  4. Portability

Before we go deep into the particulars, first and foremost before you purchase a White Noise Machine make sure that you can really sleep with that in your background as you lull yourself to sleep as not everyone does.

Set Up Process / Ease of Use

This is probably one of the major factors when deciding to purchase a product, whether it is a gadget for your home, health or personal purpose.  Primarily, consumers purchase products that can make their lives easier.

Since the machine is an aid for sleeping, it should not be complicated to set up or use. Ask yourself, would I buy something that I may need to spend at least a couple of hours to figure out? If you’re new to using the machine it may take some time before you can determine which sound works best for you, with that you may need to adjust the level of sound and particular noise whilst in bed. Wouldn’t be great not to have to turn on the lights to see the controls of the machine?  We take all these little details into account.


There is a growing number of consumers who have difficulty sleeping that are inclined to purchase noise machines.  As their number grow so is their expectation that it can definitely help them have a good night’s sleep or at least fall asleep easier.  Most of them have difficulty sleeping not just because of medical reasons but also noisy environmental noise like barking dogs, noisy neighbors, travelling  or even sleeping next to someone snoring. These can make falling asleep a lot harder.

Many white noise machines promise to ease the difficulty of sleeping by having a selection of white noise sounds. But, do they deliver the functionality?

Our rating for functionality depends on three sub-criteria:

Size – Not everyone has a spacious nightstand, will the size of the machine fit in the regular sized nightstands or would it require a special table?

Volume Control – there are those who would be inclined to just playing it on a regular volume but there are those who might have a bigger room, or would want to really drown out the noise and would opt to increase the noise level to a certain decibel.

Loops – are the loops noticeable that it too disrupts sleeping?

Number of Sound Choices

There are a number of household device that can produce white noise like fans or hair dryers when turned on. But, your not going to fall asleep with the hair dryer on! These noise machines are ideal if you do not have a fan. Many of the options on the market have a lot of noises to choose from crashing waves, crackling fire, birds chirping and all other natural sound to white noise, brown noise, pink noise and beige noise among others.

These noises can drown the sound of others that makes it hard for some to fall asleep. It even helps babies sleep soundly and stay asleep until the following day. But, one sound doesn’t fit all and in this case one generic sound cannot be the choice for everyone. A variety of sounds in important and we take it into consideration when reviewing any white noise product.


Not everyone who needs this devices stays at the comfort of their own home. Sometimes people who need it travel a lot thus explains the difficulty in sleeping.

It can be hard enough to get a good night sleep at the comfort of your own bed, but what if you have to travel and stay in an unfamiliar surroundings? Because of this we also have to consider if the device is portable.  Portable sound machines are now being introduced to the market to cater to those who travel a lot. Unlike the earlier versions of sound machines, there are now new sleek designs that can fit your lifestyle.

These are not just for traveling adults. Any parents who travel with their children could use a portable sound machines as well.  As mentioned previously, soothing sounds from these machines can calm babies and help them fall asleep faster.

Bottom lineCan the machine be easily moved from place to place? Can you travel with it? We explore these questions so you can get the ultimate use out out of your white noise machine.

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