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Jeff Bridges aka “The Dude” Starts a Sleep Club

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Quick View of What Happened

  • Jeff Bridges appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live November 12th, 2018 where he mentioned his new project Sleep Club.
  • The Sleep Club claims to be passionate about sleep, recommends products and also sells a supplement called Sleep Stripzzz. These are strips that dissolve in your tongue and promote falling asleep quicker.
  • You can also listen to recordings of Bridges to help you fall asleep quicker. But, that is just like their opinion man.
  • Jeff Bridges is best known as The Dude in the movie the Big Lebowski – A Coen Brothers Classic.

Jeff Bridges Appearance on Kimmel

What is Jeff Bridges “Sleep Club”?

The website is made up of two parts – Asleep and Awake.

Asleep is made up of products like Sleep Stripzz, Copper Fresh mattress topper and sleeping tapes recorded by Jeff Bridges himself.

The Awake section is made up of Bridges’ inspirations and interests. It is meant to be uplifting.

How Did The Dude Get Involved With Sleep?

Big Lebowski

According to the about us page, Sleep Club exists to help people sleep better in this over stimulated world we all find ourselves in.

It looks like Jeff Bridges has become aware of this big issue and wants to help the many people suffering from sleeping issues.

At Sleepline, we are in full alignment with that. We like your style, Dude.

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