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Dallas Mavericks are Getting Custom Pillows and Mattresses for the NBA Playoffs

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Most Dallas Mavericks players are understandably unhappy about being forced to stay in the “bubble” in Orlando during the playoffs. There is one silver lining, however: the players and coaches are all sleeping on custom mattresses, pillows, and sheets that are based on their own beds and bedding from home.

The Mavericks are anticipating staying at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa for four months total – depending on how successful their playoff run is this year. NBA athletes have extreme body types and have special requirements for their bedding, so fortunately they partnered with a company that is making custom products based on their unique needs.

The NBA team partnered with Bedgear, a company that has been supplying the Mavs with products focused on recovery for the past three years. The company says that each mattress, pillow, and set of sheets is customized to fit the body type, temperature, and sleeping position preference of each member of the team. The company is supplying beds for the players and the members of the coaching staff.

Boban Marjanović has the largest mattress, measuring 72″ wide and 84″ long. The company says that most players prefer a firm mattress since their larger bodies need more support to help with spinal alignment.

Bedgear first partnered with the Mavericks three years ago

Coach Rick Carlisle requested three pillows: two for his head, neck, and shoulders and one for his legs. JJ Barea, Luca Doncic, and Tim Hardaway Jr. all brought Bedgear-branded dog beds for their pets.

When the Mavericks first arrived at the resort, they complained that they weren’t sleeping well. The company expedited a shipment of Bedgear performance pillows to make sure they could recover properly. If this makes them seem like divas, remember that all of the best basketball players in history have prioritized sleep.

“We appreciate Bedgear’s focus on rest and recovery, and we can see the difference in our player’s energy levels each morning for practice. Thanks to them, we are ready for the playoffs,” head trainer Casey Smith told Bedgear.

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