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Zoma Mattress Review

Zoma Mattress

Zoma is a bed-in-a-box company that pretty clearly targets a narrow group of sleepers – athletes. We found that this mattress is good at responding to your body; isolating movement and relieving pressure points, but we haven’t found what exactly this mattress offers that’s better for athletes compared to other mattresses.

With Zoma (coupon code: SLEEPLINE) you can choose between two options – the memory foam and hybrid (foam + coils) mattress. Both options are pretty affordable and offer good support. Hybrid is more expensive, firmer and slightly cooler than the all-foam one.

Right now Zoma will gift you two memory foam pillows with every purchase of a mattress. Mattresses are also discounted so if you are on a budget, this might be just the right choice!

Who is the Zoma mattress ideal for?

The Zoma mattresses are good for pain relief and support. The memory foam-only mattress is softer and we recommend it for petite and lightweight sleepers – especially if you sleep on your side.

The hybrid option is firmer which makes it more appropriate for heavier sleepers as well as stomach and back sleepers

Zoma is not the best choice for very hot sleepers or for those who are not fans of memory foam and synthetic materials. The mattress regains its shape quickly after you get up, but you can still see the impression for a couple of seconds after pressure release. 

And as we already mentioned, Zoma is advertised primarily to athletes but we recommend it for everyone. People who are not physically active and have lower back, hip, and shoulder pain can enjoy their pain-free nights on Zoma mattresses. Zoma offers zoned support – it is slightly firmer in the middle than on the top and bottom so that the lower back doesn’t sink in. 

You should buy the Zoma mattress if you:

  • Don’t mind memory foam
  • Need zoned support
  • Have shoulder or hip pain
  • Are looking for affordable mattresses
Corner of Zoma mattress showing the logo

Features of the Zoma mattress

Zoma is one of the top-rated mattress companies. The plus is that they are not only affordable but will also ship to your door for free. 

Until recently, Zoma has had memory foam-only mattresses, but now you can also get a coiled hybrid that features two memory foam layers on top, a thick coil layer, and a support layer at the very bottom.

Zoma takes pride in the support and responsiveness of their mattresses. They are constructed to offer some airflow and thus avoid the heating problem that’s commonly present in memory foam products like Mainstays and AmazonBasics. This is a brand that is owned by the same company as Amerisleep, so even though it’s a new product the people behind it have a ton of experience.


Both Zoma options (foam and hybrid) are of medium firmness. The majority of users said it is just the right level of firmness and only a handful complained – some would have been happier with a firmer, and others with a softer mattress.

What this means is that Zoma is not the right choice only for those sleepers who specifically want either a very soft or a highly firm mattress. 

Sleepers who weigh below 230lb should be pretty satisfied with it, while heavier people may find it a bit too soft. The zoned support means that the mattress is constructed to offer different pressure relief in different parts of the body, but that can also mean that some people, especially petite females may feel the hip area to be too firm. The firmness difference is supposed to be barely noticeable and for the majority, it is. Only highly sensitive individuals can respond negatively to this.

Zoma can be used on a flat platform bed or on an adjustable bed

Construction and durability

Since Zoma mattresses use memory foam, they aren’t the most durable. Even so, we think that Zoma makes mattresses that are robust enough for long-term use, and the 10-year repair-or-replace warranty is quite generous.  

The cover is made of polyester (97%) and spandex (3%) mesh fabric. The mesh itself is made with tiny openings so as to be breathable but these materials don’t really have a reputation of being good for cooling. 

The first two memory foam layers are the same in both hybrid and foam options. 

The first layer is made of gel memory foam and it contains the three-zone support. This means that the foam is a bit softer in the head and leg area. Zoma accomplished this by carving the foam into small triangles at the top and bottom which makes these zones softer and more breathable because the air can circulate through the carved channels. The technology behind this is called Triangulex™. 

The three zones are supposed to provide each body part with the appropriate level of support. The top part is softer so your head and shoulders get the right amount of support. The middle area supports the hips. Since this part of the body is heavier than others, it needs more support to avoid sinking in and getting into a bad “sleeping posture”. Finally, the leg area is also soft because feet need less support.

The second layer also consists of foam but has a different purpose. It is a transitional layer made of Reactiv™ material (responsive polyurethane) that helps the mattress to contour and mold to your body but also to return to the original shape quickly. 

The third layer is either made of a thick slab of high-firmness memory foam (foam mattress) or of a pocketed coil system (hybrid).

In the first case, the high-density Support+ memory foam base offers stable support, especially for your hips and shoulders; in the second case, the pocketed coil system will allow the airflow, the special edge support is added, and at the very bottom lies a high-density foam layer. The coils offer more bounce and it gets back to the original shape faster.


Zoma mattress feels like a typical neutral memory foam mattress, although it contains cooling gel. The breathable cover and medium firmness (users don’t sink in) ensure that there’s no overheating.

If you are a hot sleeper, you should probably avoid this mattress as well as all memory foam mattresses for that matter or you can try the hybrid one and see how it goes.


  • Twin (38”x74”)
  • Twin XL (38”x80”)
  • Full (54”x75”)
  • Queen (60”x80”)
  • King (76”x80)
  • California King (72”x84”)
  • Split King (38”x80”)
  • The thickness of the memory foam mattress is 11 inches and the hybrid is 12 inches.

Zoma Mattress Price

Zoma makes affordable mattresses. But that’s not all, right now they are running a summer sale and you can get $150 off of all of their mattresses which means that right now you can get a good quality mattress at incredibly low prices! Here is the list: 

  • Twin – $399 (normal price $549)
  • Twin XL- $499 (normal price $699)
  • Full – $599  (normal price $749)
  • Queen – $699 (normal price $849)
  • King – $799 (normal price $949)
  • California King – $799 (normal price $949)
  • Split King – $998 (normal price $1148)

If you opt for the hybrid mattress, that would be $300 more per mattress except for the Split King which is more expensive. Again, we listed the sale prices with regular prices in brackets.

  • Twin – $699 (normal price $849)
  • Twin XL- $799 (normal price $949)
  • Full – $899  (normal price $1049)
  • Queen – $999 (normal price $1149)
  • King – $1099 (normal price $1249)
  • California King – $1099 (normal price 1249)
  • Split King – $1598 (normal price $1748)


The Zoma mattress is under a 10-year warranty. During this period, customers can ask for either a full repair or replacement. The warranty is valid for defects in structure and workmanship. All shipping is free.

Trial Period

Zoma gives you a 100-night trial period during which you can return it for free. Please note that shipping is free for the lower 48 states. You will have to pay a fee if you live in Alaska or Hawaii.

Zoma mattress on a dark background

About Zoma 

Customer satisfaction

Zoma has mainly positive feedback from their customers. The customer service is very fast and cooperative, so whatever problem you may have, rest assured you’re in good hands.

A small fraction of Zoma customers complained about the zoned support and a few had problems with firmness level – some said it was too firm and others that it was too soft.

Physical stores

Zoma is an online bed-in-a-box company. You can visit their official website for all information, but they don’t have any physical stores. You can contact them via email or phone on working days from 9 to 6 MST.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 888-400-8856

How we rate mattresses

We rate mattresses using the following criteria:

  1. Comfort
  2. Structural integrity and durability
  3. Firmness and support

Learn more about our mattress rating process and methodology here.

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