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Why Buying a Cheap Mattress on Amazon is a Dumb Decision

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A search for “cheap mattresses” on Amazon reveals that there are tons of off-brand beds available at shockingly-cheap prices. Since name brand mattresses can cost $1000+, it’s definitely tempting to save hundreds of dollars and buy a mattress that appears to have the exact same specifications as the expensive brands but at a much cheaper price.

Should you buy one?

Generally speaking the answer is NO. Here’s why.

Realize how important a mattress is

Some of the mattresses on Amazon.com are insanely cheap. For example, you can get a Linenspa queen-sized mattress for only $139.03 at the time of writing. Compare that to the $2000+ you’ll spend on a similarly-sized Amerisleep AS5h mattress and you can see why it would be tempting to cheap out and go for the bargain.

In my opinion you’re doing yourself a huge disservice by looking for cheap deals on something as important as a mattress. You’re going to spend approximately 8 hours of your life laying down on this thing. I know that if I’m going to spend a third of my life laying on one piece of furniture that I’m going to get the very best that I can possibly afford.

If you’re completely broke then sure, go for one of the no-name brands on Amazon so you have something to sleep on. But if you have a full-time job and feel financially secure then you should be willing to stretch your budget a little bit for something that’s going to be perfect for you. Trust me it’s so so so worth it. My Amerisleep makes me feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud, especially with the Comfort Classic pillow and some high-end sheets. It might not be on Drake’s level but it’s pretty amazing.

Poor quality sleep has such a huge negative impact on your daily life. We can’t express enough how much sleep deprivation absolutely destroys your life. It’ll make you perform worse at school and work. Your lack of sleep will make you irritable, which can cause problems with friends and family. It makes thinking harder. You’ll find that it’s more difficult to heal from injuries and recover from workouts. There is nothing good about being sleep deprived.

Sleeping on a high-quality mattress like an Avocado or Casper will provide you the opportunity to get that deep sleep that your body craves. You won’t toss and turn throughout the night as much as you would on a cheap mattress. You’ll sleep soundly throughout the night instead of waking up multiple times like you usually do. Have problems with overheating? Not anymore. High-end mattress brands are made with cooling technology that will prevent you from waking up drenched in sweat.

If you suffer from aches and pains then a high-end mattress is a must. Many brands – like Amerisleep – make mattresses that have zoned support, meaning that it applies more pressure on the parts of your body that need it and less pressure on the heavier parts of your body that don’t. This is phenomenal for relieving pain. If you normally wake up feeling creaky and stiff, you owe it to yourself to avoid buying a cheap Amazon bed.

This Linenspa mattress is cheap and looks great. Looks can be deceiving, however.

Durability issues

Sure, it’s a great feeling knowing that you scored a huge deal and got a queen-sized mattress for less than 200 bucks. It might even feel great for the first month or so that you own it.

But over time you’ll notice a few things. Maybe the mattress is starting to sag in the middle, making you feel like you’re sleeping in a taco. You’ll notice creaking sounds that weren’t there before. The memory foam will start to take the shape of your body instead of bouncing back quickly like it used to. These are all factors that you’ll experience if you go with a bargain mattress.

Expensive mattress brands use more robust materials and spend more time making their products so that they last. A brand like “Linenspa” on Amazon doesn’t have a reputation to uphold. They most likely are operating out of China and if enough people have a problem with their product they’ll shut the company down and launch a new bed under a new brand name. They don’t care.

American mattress companies will be more expensive but they’ll actually stand behind their product. Most mattress-in-a-box brands offer 20-year warranties and 100-night sleep trials so you can return your bed if you have a problem with it. Maybe Amazon will accept your return if you initiate it quick enough, maybe not. Most mattress issues will present themselves well outside of Amazon’s return window, so if you end up with a bed that falls apart you may be out of luck.

Popular internet mattress brands like Layla and DreamCloud will arrange your return or replacement with minimal issues. A lot of the time they’ll even arrange to have your old mattress disposed of or donated to charity if you don’t want it any more. How cool is that?

Bear mattress
Premium mattresses like Bear are more expensive but so worth it.

Health issues

Almost 100% of those ridiculously cheap memory foam mattresses you see on Amazon are no-name brands from China. In order to sell a mattress in the United States they do have to meet certain safety standards, but at the prices these companies are selling their beds you can be sure that they are barely meeting the minimum requirements.

For example all mattresses sold in the US have to have fire-resistant material. The cheap Amazon mattresses generally use a layer of fiberglass directly under the cover. While fiberglass does have excellent flame retardant properties it also can pose a health hazard.

If you take the cover off your memory foam mattress (which you definitely shouldn’t) them the fiberglass shards will get on *everything*. You’ll have to pay thousands of dollars for a professional to come into your home and remove the shards before it will be safe for you to live in.

Even if you don’t take the cover off, there are some anecdotal reports from consumers who have found shards of fiberglass poking through their mattress cover and their sheets. While the risk of this is low, why not eliminate the risk completely by spending a little more on a premium or at least mid-range memory foam bed (or other type of mattress) instead?

Wait a minute. Don’t you sometimes link to Amazon?

Yes, we’ll occasionally recommend that you purchase a bed from Amazon. If we see an approved brand that is for sale much cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else, there’s nothing wrong with buying it there. The free shipping that you get from Amazon Prime makes it worth it in a lot of cases.

In general it’s better to purchase a mattress directly from the brand. There are a few key reasons for this. The first is that by doing so you’ll get all of the customer service and warranty benefits that you’re entitled to. If you buy a name brand from Amazon the company will be less likely to be able to help you out if you experience any issues. In some cases the 100-night free trial period and the warranty may not apply. There are some rare cases where buying from Amazon will actually protect you more (like the St. Regis Hotel Bed), but those instances are few and far between. In general you should always buy directly from the brand’s official website to protect yourself.

A second reason is that Amazon doesn’t allow you to enter coupon codes. Mattress-in-a-box retailers discount their products frequently, either by offering a coupon code or an across-the-board price decrease for holidays. If you buy from Amazon you’re always going to pay full price, which could end up costing you hundreds of dollars more.

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