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QuietOn EarBuds Review

QuietOn Sleep earbuds

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Noise-cancelling earbuds make everything better. You’ll no longer have to deal with noisy neighbors who like to party all night, your snoring partner, or loud traffic. Noise-cancelling tech from QuietOn (discount code: sleepline10) gives you peace and quiet in any situation.

QuietOn is a Finnish company that just released one of the coolest products of 2020. Their noise-cancelling earbuds are designed specifically to help you sleep better. QuietOn Sleep earbuds are small enough not to disturb you if you toss and turn at night and are optimized to better filter low frequencies – excellent if you’re trying to block out snoring.

Let’s start by figuring out whether these earbuds are best for your needs or if you should look elsewhere.

Buy: QuietOn Sleep Earbuds, $169 from QuietOn.com

Are QuietOn earbuds right for you?

QuietOn earbuds are great if you sleep in a noisy environment. Snoring partners, loud airplanes, and noisy neighbors can all wreak havoc on your sleep cycle. QuietOn uses active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation to cancel any unwanted sounds.

It’s important to note that these earbuds don’t just block out the sounds but they use active technology to stop the noise from reaching your ears. The technology that QuietOn uses is tailored for low frequencies, which makes them great for blocking out snoring. We’ve noticed that most noise-cancelling products have a hard time with those low frequencies, so we’re glad to see that a company is making something that will actually help you sleep if you’re dealing with a snoring partner.

QuietOn earbuds are expensive. The retail price of $200 may be too much to stomach for budget-conscious shoppers. But if you’ve tried inexpensive foam earplugs and found that they don’t do anything to help you sleep, then we think that it’s a great idea to buy this product.

You should buy QuietOn earbuds if you:

  • Sleep in a noisy environment (traffic, snoring, neighbors)
  • Have tried foam earplugs and want something better
  • Enjoy using state-of-the-art technology
  • Travel frequently on airplanes
  • Want a rechargeable, wireless product

QuietOn Earbuds with charging case
QuietOn Sleep Earbuds have a sleek, high-end appearance

QuietOn features

QuietOn earbuds work using active noise cancellation (ANC) and active noise reduction (ANR) technologies. They reduce unwanted sounds by adding another sound that was specifically designed to cancel it out. Each earbud contains a microphone to pick up sounds and a speaker that plays phase-shifted sounds that cancel the unwanted noises and cause you to hear nothing but silence.

The earbuds were designed by industrial designer Antti Ylisassi, who has worked on projects throughout Europe. They include three different-sized earpieces so you can choose the one that fits most comfortably for you.

You can flip a selector to switch between hearing and silent modes. When using hearing mode, there is no noise cancellation and you can talk normally. If the surrounding volume starts to become dangerous, QuietOn Sleep will begin to reduce volume using passive attenuation. Active attenuation is not used in hearing mode. When you switch the device to silent mode, it uses both active and passive noise-reduction technologies.

The company claims that these earbuds are the smallest noise-cancelling device ever made. Let’s take an in-depth look at the features of QuietOn Sleep earbuds and find out if they’re good for you or if you should look elsewhere.

Buy: QuietOn Sleep Earbuds, $169 from QuietOn.com

Man wearing QuietOn Sleep earbuds
QuietOn Earbuds are useful when you want peace and quiet

Noise-cancelling technology

QuietOn cancels unwanted noise by using a microphone to detect sound and a speaker to create phase-shifted sound to silence the original noise.

You can cancel noise across the audible spectrum using QuietOn Sleep earbuds. We love how the company tailored this product specifically for the needs of people who are having sleeping problems.

Low frequencies are the level of sound that encompasses snoring, noises through walls, and airplane cabin noise. Normal earplugs only block high-frequencies. This is helpful but it’s not enough. Most of the sounds that interrupt your sleep are low frequency. Most competing brands of noise-cancelling earbuds have problems at the low frequency range. For their part, QuietOn published information on their website showing that their product blocks lower frequencies better than foam earplugs.


You’ll find three different earpieces included with your earbuds: small, medium, and large. This might not seem like a big deal, but this feature is extremely important.

Even if the technology works perfectly, most people won’t want to sleep wearing earbuds if they don’t fit right. If they’re too small for your ear then they will fall out. If they’re too large then you’ll be extremely uncomfortable and may take them out while you’re sleeping, negating the benefit of wearing them in the first place.

We recommend starting with the medium size. Medium will fit almost everyone. If they’re too small or large, then you can move up or down to the next size. You should barely notice you’re wearing them.

QuietOn earbuds are constructed with your ear’s anatomy in mind. They fit snugly and securely. The soft memory foam tips make the earbuds virtually unnoticeable from a feeling standpoint. I’m a side sleeper and I’m able to wear these without any discomfort.

Buy: QuietOn Sleep Earbuds, $169 from QuietOn.com


QuietOn earbuds are available as a standalone product or as part of a bundle. The company also sells sleep masks and other accessories.

  • QuietOn Sleep earbuds – $199
  • Travel pack (earbuds + sleep mask) – $209
  • Couples pack (two pairs of earbuds) – $359
  • Sleep mask – $19
  • Replacement memory foam tips – $18

Buy: QuietOn Sleep Earbuds, $169 from QuietOn.com

Warranty and money-back guarantee

QuietOn offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your earbuds for any reason, contact the company within this period and they will give you a full refund.

A one-year international warranty protects you from defects in materials and workmanship. If you have a problem with your device contact the company to get it repaired or replaced. The warranty applies for two years within the European Union and for one year outside of the EU.

According to the company, the warranty does not apply to accidents or unauthorized use. It only applies if you bought your product from an authorized retailer.

About QuietOn Ltd

QuietOn – based in Finland – is the result of a popular IndieGogo campaign. After raising 1.3 million USD, two Nokia engineers developed a prototype and launched a brand new company. QuietOn Ltd has sold thousands of units and that number is increasing every year.

Customer satisfaction

Quieton earbuds currently have a 3/5 star rating on Amazon with 69 reviews.

Contact info

Phone: +358 44 970 2292

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuietOnEarplugs

IG: https://www.instagram.com/quieton/

Buy: QuietOn Sleep Earbuds, $169 from QuietOn.com

Woman sleeping while wearing QuietOn Sleep earbuds

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