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QuietOn Sleep Earbuds Pros and Cons (Reviews for All Models)

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Gone are the days when we would stuff our ears with cotton or foam earplugs to drown out unwanted noise. Nowadays, we have noise cancelling earbuds to help us deal with a world that is increasingly getting a little too loud. Developed in 2015 by two Finnish ex-Nokia engineers and launched in 2019, QuietOn has become one of the leading companies to revolutionize noise reduction and sleep quality with QuietOn noise cancelling earbuds.

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QuietOn Product Lineup

#1. QuietOn 3

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QuietOn 3 earbuds in charging case
QuietOn 3

Pros and cons

Comes with 4 ear memory foam eartipsDoes not come with additional sounds or modes
Smallest ANC device in the worldCannot be controlled by a mobile app
Ergonomic designCan be too pricey for some
28 hour battery life

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If you work in science and tech, you will know that scientists and engineers are always trying to create and improve. The makers of QuietOn are constantly looking for ways to keep up with the times as well as listen to the customers’ feedback. The QuietOn 3 is QuietOn’s latest iteration of their active noise cancelling earbuds.

There’s no question that humans need sleep to function fully. Without enough sleep (and by enough we mean a solid 6-8 hours), mood and energy levels are lower, skin and appearance can turn sallow and worse, immune systems are compromised. But getting a good, full night’s sleep is easier said than done. These days, with various stimuli coming at us from all directions and at all hours, getting even just a few hours of quality shuteye is next to impossible.

Like its previous successors, QuietOn 3 works by utilizing active noise cancellation and passive acoustic attenuation to reduce noise. QuietOn’s proven active noise cancelling technology is able to reduce low frequency sounds that ordinary passive earplugs are not able to address.

Who should buy QuietOn 3?

  • Light sleepers
  • Those who live in bustling areas such as by a busy road, a flight path or a densely populated city
  • Those who share a bed with a snoring partner
  • Those who enjoy using state of the art technology sleep aids

Design and construction

QuietOn 3 Sleep Earbuds all accessories
QuietOn 3 with box, case, cable and manual

The QuietOn 3 is QuietOn’s smallest earbuds and is currently the world’s smallest ANC device on the market. But don’t be fooled by its diminutive size – once inserted into the ears, the QuietOn 3 earbuds expand to create an airtight seal in your ears, thus effectively blocking out any passageways in which sound may travel through.

Its most ergonomic design to date, QuietOn has listened to numerous customer feedback and made the QuietOn 3 to fit perfectly into the ears that the device won’t even touch the pillow as you sleep, making it a great option even if you are a strict side sleeper.

Made from safe and Euro compliant materials, the QuietOn 3 gives off no radiation, which a good number of users were worried abouot.

Delving a little from its previous black theme, the QuietOn 3 is white with space grey foam tips and its case comes in a matching white with brushed metal detail . Dare I say, it looks a bit more modern and classy than its older brothers and would definitely stand out in anyone’s nightstand – I know it does on mine.

One thing of note with the QuietOn 3 is that they have done away with the fiddly buttons on the earbuds themselves. There are no hearing or silent modes anymore, it’s just pure and utter silence upon wearing the earbuds. This, however, could be an issue for some people who would like to have the options to choose. QuietOn 3 also does not provide ambient sounds nor does it have the ability to play music. I like that about QuietOn though. Just a straightforward and simple noise cancelling tech.

The charging case, again, works as its charging case and charging pins can be found on the little nooks you rest your earbuds in. QuietOn, once more, listened to customer feedback and made the nooks more secure and the buds won’t be rattling about even when you’re on the go. They have also made the charging cable longer and have included not 3 but 4 different sized foam tips to choose from – from a large to an extra small.


Quieton Sleep Earbuds foam tip
the QuietOn 3 earbuds are tiny

I have to say the QuietOn 3 would have to be my favorite out of all of QuietOn’s devices. The earbuds stayed inside my ear even throughout the night and I barely even felt them. I actually loathe having things inside my ears but with the QuietOn 3, it felt as though I had nothing on. There also was no annoying feeling of it being in any danger of falling out.

As for its active noise cancelling capabilities, I could say that the QuietOn 3 worked substantially better than both the 1 and 2. I had the tv blaring in the lounge a couple of times and even with my thin bedroom walls, I couldn’t hear a peep.

Battery life

QuietOn have outdone themselves by giving the QuietOn 3 a 28 hour battery life. Most of us sleep only 6 to 7 (realistically) hours a night, if that. The QuietOn 3 could definitely keep going for a few more nights of sleep before needing another charge. Like its predecessors, the QuietOn 3 has LED light indicators to let you know whether your device needs charging.

Upon receiving your QuietOn 3, do ensure that you fully charge your device before use.


In the case of ANC devices, smaller is definitely better. The ergonomic design of the QuietOn 3 makes for one comfortable pair of earbuds and its proven active noise tech has given us, without any doubt, better sleep quality.

Buy: QuietOn 3 Sleep Earbuds

#2. QuietOn 2

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quieton 2 ear buds with case, box and sleep mask
QuietOn 2 (sleep mask sold separately)

Pros and cons

Great for travellersCharging cable is too short
Smaller than the QuietOn 1Can be too pricey
Effectively blocks out snoringWill not provide total silence if that's what you're looking for
Comes in Silent and Hearing modes

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Much like their first iteration, the QuietOn 1, QuietOn 2 works by reducing active noise. A quieter environment helps you relax, focus and rest better. QuietOn even recommends their QuietOn 2 for office workers who need a little solitude from the din and fray of the office or students who desperately need their study time.

Who should buy the QuietOn 2?

  • Frequent travellers
  • Those who work in a very noisy environment
  • Students

Design and construction

Similarly designed to QuietOn 1, QuietOn 2 also comes in a small and sleek black plastic case that also works as its charging case. Each earbud is nestled magnetically into little grooves with charging pins within the case. The earbuds of the QuietOn 2 are slightly smaller than that of the first QuietOn.

The USB charging cable of the QuietOn 2 is slightly longer than that of the QuietOn 1 but not by too much, we still think they need to improve on this as a lot of people prefer longer charging cables for convenience.

The QuietOn 2 comes with memory foam eartips which you can easily switch out between sizes that are included in the package. There are three sizes – a small, medium and a large. The QuietOn 2 comes prepackaged with the medium foam tips as this is the size that fits most people.

The earbuds themselves are tiny and fit snugly within the inner ear without any danger of travelling up further into the ear canal, even when you’re asleep. I know I’d rather have an earbud fall out than fall in! We like the fact that QuietOn is considerate enough to include three different sizes of foam tips as ears come in all shapes and sizes.

Unlike foam earplugs that block out passive noise, the QuietOn 2 cancels active noise by a proprietary tech called Active Noise Cancellation. QuietOn uses a microphone to sample whatever sound it picks up – including low frequency sound – and a speaker to create a phase-shifted sound that cancels the original sound. If you are expecting total silence with the QuietOn, then this may not be the earbuds for you.

It does, interestingly, come with a ‘Silent’ mode and a ‘Hearing’ mode, just like the original QuietOn. The Silent mode offers total noise reduction and noise canceling whereas the Hearing mode allows you to hear all the frequencies without the attenuation. This makes it a great companion for travellers who need to rest but keep an ear out for any important announcements, unforeseen events or the rolling out of the food trolley.

Best part: the QuietOn 2 does a good job of blocking out the sound of a snoring partner.


It appears as though almost everyone is now used to wearing earphones that comes with their smartphones so wearing the QuietOn 2 would, in fact, be a softer more comfortable fit. Smaller than the original QuietOn earbuds, the QuietOn 2 sits snugly in the inner ear without any danger of falling out even with any sudden movements.

Battery life

QuietOn 2 has a very substantial 20 hour battery life every time it completes a full charge. This works great for long haul flights.

QuietOn recommends to charge the earbuds fully prior to first use. The charging case has a LED light indicator to show whether your earbuds are fully charged or still charging. The earbuds turn on as soon as you take them out of the charging case and turn off when you return them.


If you’re the type of traveller who’s a light sleeper and get bothered by the tinniest of sounds then the QuietOn 2 would certainly be a great addition to your travel kit.

Buy: QuietOn 2 Sleep Earbuds

#3. QuietOn 1

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quieton 1 with case and box
QuietOn 1

Pros and cons

Blocks out active noise as well as passive noiseNo mobile app control
Memory foam eartips are gentle on the earsButtons can be fiddly
Utilizes state of the art techMay be too large for certain people

QuietOn’ s flagship earbuds , the QuietOn 1 was released in late 2019 to a public that has backed its conception via an IndieGogo campaign. Fast forward a couple of months to early 2020, QuietOn was made available for purchase via its official website.

The construction of the QuietOn 1 is straightforward and simple but the technology it features packs a punch in its tiny little package. QuietOn uses active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation to cancel out any unwanted sounds such as a partner’s snoring or nighttime city noise .

Unlike a lot of other companies, QuietOn utilizes a technology that is tailored to block out even very low frequency sounds, which makes it great for active noise like snoring. In a bit of a strange twist, I am actually the snorer and my partner is the poor soul who has to put up with it and I have to say we have both woken up cranky because of it. The QuietOn 1 may have just saved a few relationships.

While traditional earplugs may help, their designs are far from ergonomic which means they can slip out from your ear whilst you’re asleep or worse, even keep you from getting a good night’s sleep because of its often bulky and hard shape, which completely negates the purpose of using earplugs in the first place.

Who should buy the QuietOn 1?

  • Couples
  • Those who live in noisy areas such as densely populated cities, within flight paths, perpetually busy roads, etc
  • Those who prefer only active noise cancellation with no added piped in music and ambient sounds

Design and construction

With memory foam eartips and specifically designed plastic earbuds, the QuietOn 1 is small and light. Coming encased in a small, reflective, hard plastic case that also doubles as the charging case, the earbuds are nestled magnetically into their charging position.

Although not as space age-y looking as say, the Bose SleepBuds II case, the QuietOn case would still look good on anyone’s bedside table or desk for those who are particularly concerned about aesthetic appeal. More importantly, the case is sturdy and compact – able to withstand being tumbled about in a travel bag or in my case, a ladies handbag (which is considerably worse).

The earbuds themselves are tiny and come with three different memory foam tip sizes – small, medium and large. The memory foam ensures that the earbuds are nestled nicely within the crevices of the ear without any danger of falling out, especially when you’re asleep.

Upon unboxing the QuietOn earbuds, the medium foam tips are already put in place as this is the size that fits most people. Immediately after unboxing and before the first use, QuietOn recommends that you charge the earbuds to full capacity, just like you do with most electronics. The case comes with a 6 inch USB powered cord which you can plug into your laptop or any other USB enabled outlet. The 6 inch cord can be a little bit annoying and inconvenient as some may find it to be a bit too short. Upon charging, you can see the LED lights light up. You’ll know when the earbuds are fully charged when the LED lights turn off.

I found the medium tips to be the one that fit my ear shape the most but it’s nice that QuietOn offered a full range of options without any extra charge.

The QuietOn 1 is not controlled by an app on your phone. Its program modes are preset unto the earbuds already. The earbuds themselves turn on when you take them out of their case. When you want to turn them off, you simply return them to their case. I appreciated the no fuss, no muss approach.

Once you have the earbuds in, all external noise is immediately blocked. The active noise cancelling technology works by creating an airtight seal between the earbuds and the ears. The initial mode is the silent mode, wherein all noise is completely blocked out.

There are only 2 modes to the QuietOn 1 which you control via miniscule buttons on the earbuds themselves – imagine all those spy movies where people communicate with each other by pressing a finger to some high tech earpiece they’ve got hidden in their ear – it’s similar to that. I must admit this can get a bit fiddly, and if you’ve got big fingers or long nails then I wish you the best of luck.

The modes are ‘Silent’ and ‘Hearing’. While it’s definitely up to you to choose whichever mode you prefer with a particular activity, the Silent mode is mostly used for getting some much needed shuteye, for meditating or for when you just want to tune out from the outside world for a while. The Hearing mode dulls most noise to the barest minimum, which is great if you need to keep an eye on your surroundings such as subway or bus rides.


Unlike regular earphones, the QuietOn 1’s foam eartips are specially designed to be worn during sleep. It fits comfortably into the ear canal and can be worn even by side sleepers who sleep with the sides of their faces pressed onto the pillow.

Some verified user reviews however, found that they were a little uncomfortable to sleep with and that they were a bit too big for the ear – even with the small tips. Understandably, everyone’s ear shape and sizes are different so this is something to bear in mind.

Battery life

The QuietOn 1 definitely has a long battery life. As per QuietOn, a single charge can last up to 20 hours but we have found that it was closer to 18 for a full night’s use. More than enough time for two sleeps, I would say.

QuietOn guarantees that their charging cases can withstand thousands of charging cycles and although we have yet to wear out that guarantee, we have no doubt that it would.


If you have trouble sleeping or just want to drown out background noise while you work and you are willing to splurge a little, QuietOn 1 earbuds may help get you a good night’s rest.

Disclaimer: As of this writing, we have just very recently discovered that the QuietOn Earbuds 1 have now been discontinued.


QuietOn provides a 2 year warranty if you are located in Europe and 1 year warranty if you are based in other countries.


Q: Do noise cancelling earbuds work?

Yes. Noise cancelling earbuds certainly work. Unlike normal foam or putty ear plugs, noise cancelling earbuds work by not only blocking out passive noise but active noise as well. Each company has their own proprietary technology when it comes to ANC devices.

Q: Do QuietOn earbuds play music?

No. QuietOn earbuds do not play music nor do they provide additional ambient sounds.

Q: Are noise cancelling earbuds safe?

Noise cancelling earbuds are safe provided that they are made by a reputable company who are transparent about the materials they use and are compliant with regulatory bodies around the world. Reputable companies also readily provide certifications.

Q: Can you sleep with noise cancelling earbuds?

You can definitely sleep with noise cancelling earbuds. Tips can come in different sizes to ensure you get the most comfortable fit.

About QuietOn Ltd

QuietOn – based in Finland – is the result of a popular IndieGogo campaign. After raising 1.3 million USD, two Nokia engineers developed a prototype and launched a brand new company. QuietOn Ltd has sold thousands of units and that number is increasing every year.

Customer satisfaction

Quieton earbuds currently have a 3/5 star rating on Amazon with 143 reviews.

Contact info

Phone: +358 44 970 2292

Email: info@quieton.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuietOnEarplugs

IG: https://www.instagram.com/quieton/

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