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HOMUS Box Spring Review

Homus box spring in a bedroom

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HOMUS box spring with zoomed-in sections

We always put a premium on the durability of the products that we buy, and the same goes for bed foundations. Bed foundations like box springs bear the weight of not just the mattress but the people who use them. This is why it is imperative that we get a box spring that is durable and can help support not just our mattress but our bodies as well. The HOMUS 9 Inches High Low Profile Box Spring is one box spring that is synonymous to durability.

What Makes the HOMUS a Great Box Spring?

Easy to Assemble

The HOMUS box spring is easy to assemble. We love that the package came with picture-based instructions. We felt like children trying to assemble their toy and it made setting up the box spring easier and fun. The entire set-up uses just 12 screws. The screws are also standard sizes so you can easily find a replacement if you ever lose one. It also doesn’t need any complicated parts and tools. We did encounter some issues with the slat-based design since it meant that you need to make sure that all pieces are precisely in place before screwing them in. It even has a fabric cover that perfectly fit the box spring. There is also a little storage space formed under the box spring once we have it assembled. You can place two of these box springs side by side if you have a queen size mattress.

Heavy Duty Box Springs

As we have mentioned earlier, durability is the main selling point of the HOMUS. They use a durable steel frame to make sure that their box spring can handle any type of mattress you place on it in addition to the weight of the people laying down on them. They also make sure that the box spring is stable through the use of their seamless welding techniques. The stability of the HOMUS also means that it is noise-free since there are no moving parts that can cause squeaks. The reinforced metal bed frame means that even if you turn over during your sleep, you won’t hear any squeaking noises. The legs of this platform are firmly in place on your floor so it won’t scratch your hardwood or tiled floor. Our son moves a lot while he sleeps and his old box spring squeaks a lot during the night. When we changed his box spring into a HOMUS, we no longer hear any annoying squeaks in the middle of the night. This noise-free feature is one of the reasons why those with kids to need get the HOMUS Box Spring.

It Can Help Ease Back Pains

If you have difficulties sleeping due to back pains, the HOMUS can help you sleep better. The sturdy support that it provides means that you have adequate back and spine support while you sleep. You won’t sink in your bed which usually results in muscle cramps. Whether you have a memory foam latex mattress, foam mattress, or innerspring mattress, this strong and sturdy box spring will be able to hold it up and keep it perfectly level so you can sleep comfortably all the time.

Pros and Cons of HOMUS

What We Liked

  • Easy to store
  • Can help ease back pains
  • Strong and sturdy
  • It is noise-free

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is a bit heavy
  • It only comes in one size


Customer Satisfaction

HOMUS has an average of 3.9 stars in Amazon. Most of the positive reviews praised the sturdiness of the products. The most common complaint aired by customers stemmed from the difficulty in assembling the foundations they purchased.

Physical Stores

HOMUS doesn’t have physical stores where customers can go to purchase their products. Their products are available through online partners like Amazon, Sears, and Walmart.

Accolades & Praise for HOMUS

Our Verdict

When buying a box spring, we always want one that can last longer and support whatever kind of mattress we have. The HOMUS box spring is one of the most durable box spring we have tested. The steel frame is stable and doesn’t emit any noise.

Assembling the box spring is quite easy and it can be folded to make storing it a breeze. Back pains are no laughing matter and the HOMUS can help ease sleeping discomfort by providing sleepers a steady box spring and mattress combination.

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How We Rate Box Springs

Box Springs are judged by 3 standards: 

  1. Ease of Assembly
  2. Durability & Support
  3. Box Spring Cover

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