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Zoma Pillow *Actually* Helped Me Recover Faster From My Workouts

Zoma Pillow

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Zoma mattresses are loved by many, but does the same go for their pillow? In this review we look at the Zoma pillow; there’s only one model so far and it comes in two sizes. 

The online reviews are mainly positive but that doesn’t necessarily mean this pillow is for you. So to help you out, we’ve collected all the important information you need so that you can decide whether you really need this pillow or if it’s better to pass.

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What type of sleeper should use the Zoma pillow?

Zoma pillow – like their mattress – is advertised as helping recovery for athletes. Since it is very firm and high profile, Zoma works best for side sleepers and males (especially larger ones). Lovers of very firm pillows who sleep hot will be quite content with it. The pillow itself doesn’t produce much of a cooling effect, but it allows the airflow which keeps the temperature at a desirable level.

Although it is a high-quality pillow, back sleepers find it too high which results in neck pain, and stomach sleepers may find it practically impossible to sleep on. 

Features of the Zoma pillow


This pillow is very firm. So firm that it causes neck ache to many petite people and back and stomach sleepers. The Zoma pillow is advertised as adjustable – and what they mean by this is that you can push/rearrange the foam inside the pillow by making pressure from the outside. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t help the people we mentioned above. A lot of them have either given up on the pillow or opened it up and removed the foam before sewing it back. The great news is, those who decided to adjust the pillow in this way were more than happy with it. They said it was comfy, high-quality, and cool.

Sleepers who have no problem with the size of this pillow (and those are mainly larger side sleepers) were more than happy to pay the high price because Zoma is worth it.

Durability and Construction

The Zoma pillow is made of these materials:

  • Foam and polyester fiber blend (filling)
  • Polyester and spandex blend (cover)

The Zoma pillow is filled with only one thing – memory foam blend. However, their memory foam is not a simple heat-retaining block of foam. It is filled with many MicroCushins™ which are made to keep you cool throughout the night with internal airways which allow the heat to escape. 

The cover is made of 97% polyester and 3% spandex which sounds pretty bad if you know what those materials are like, but the way their threads are made into a fabric really improves breathability. 

Zoma deserves respect for the technology employed behind this pillow. Still, we have to admit that the pillow isn’t 100% cool – the memory foam still does retain some of the heat. 

The mesh fabric cover and shredded memory foam take washing very well. The entire pillow is firm and very durable. 

Temperature control

The Zoma pillow regulates temperature very well. It does so in two ways – through spaced out shredded memory foam cushions that allow the airflow and through the ventilated fabric which features tiny holes that allow more airflow and heat escape.

What sizes are available?

Zoma makes pillows in two sizes – King and Queen. 

  • King 16 inches  x 34 inches 
  • Queen 16 inches x 27 inches 

The manufacturer says that both pillows fit in regular pillowcases, but also that buyers should double-check the size in inches specified above just to be sure.


Zoma pillows are quite pricey, although you can save some money by using discount code SLEEPLINE . With their Queen size at $75 and King at $95, they are among the more expensive products in their category – especially since Zoma makes memory foam-only pillows.

As the pillow is too high and firm for smaller people (especially women but also some men), it would be good to at least have the option of unzipping and removing the excess foam. Users are forced to open it up and sew it back again if they wish to change the pillow profile and firmness.

Buy: Zoma Pillow, $75 from ZomaSleep.com (coupon code: SLEEPLINE)

Warranty and Trial period

Zoma gives a generous 10-year warranty on their pillows. During this time, you may get a full repair or a pillow replacement. The warranty covers defects in workmanship and structure.

The manufacturer’s website doesn’t mention a trial period for their pillows.

Care and maintenance

Zoma recommends that their customers clean the pillow with a mild detergent every 6 or 12 months or if there are any spills, immediately after them. 

The cover should be removed and washed in cold water on a gentle cycle, turned inside out. Do not machine dry.

The pillow core should be washed in a machine, on a delicate cycle, and dried on the low setting in the dryer. 

Both the pillow and the cover should be completely dry before putting them back together and using them.

About Zoma 

Customer satisfaction

Zoma has largely positive feedback – with 4.7/5 on their website and 4.4/5 on Amazon, we think this pillow is worth the money as long as you like very firm high-profile pillows.

The main complaints were about the height and firmness while the cover received the best reviews.

Physical stores

Zoma operates online just like any bed-in-a-box company. They have no physical stores but you can buy their products on their website and on Amazon.

Contact Zoma

You can contact Zoma support over the online form, email, or phone on workdays from 9am to 6pm MST.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 888-400-8856

Buy: Zoma Pillow, $75 from ZomaSleep.com (coupon code: SLEEPLINE)

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