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Best Types of Pillow

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If you’re wondering what the best pillows are but are also interested in what types there are and which ones would be the best for you, then you’re in the right place. Here we’re going through twelve different types of pillows and presenting three best ones in each category. 

Research shows that a better and more appropriate pillow improves an individual’s sleep. It also shows that a lot of people have made some poor decisions regarding their pillow choices – which is why it’s good to rethink your pillow if you’re having poor sleep. Please bear in mind that poor sleep may come from a large number of reasons. Your pillow is just one of the many factors that influence your sleep. 

We’ve been reviewing pillows for quite some time now and have finally decided to make this long unbiased list of the ones we think are absolutely the best based on our own review and reviews of customers. 

Our top picks

Here’s a short version of our list – only the best of the best pillows in each category.

Cooling pillows

If you need a cooling pillow, don’t skip these models:

  1. Saatva
  2. Nest Bedding Cool Pillow
  3. Coop Home Goods Eden

#1. Saatva

Check price | Full review coming soon

We love the natural materials used in the Saatva pillow – the cover is made of pure organic cotton and the core is made of shredded Talalay latex (the process behind this type of latex means there were only natural and renewable sources used in the production). There’s another layer between the core and cover – it’s made of microdenier fiber which makes the pillow soft and comfortable. The materials are very similar to the ones they use in their mattress.

All three of the components improve the airflow and keep the temperature down. 

Saatva cools you down but it also gives you good spine and neck support. You can find it in two sizes – Queen: 28” x 18” and King: 34” x 18”.

#2. Nest Bedding Cool Pillow

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This pillow contains phase change fabric that supports its cooling properties. What this means is that the material inside the pillow can absorb a lot of heat and keep the pillow temperature low. Once it becomes colder, e.g. when you get out of bed, this material will release the heat. So no need to flip the pillow in search of the cool side because you’ll always be on the cool side. 

The pillow is adjustable and you can easily decide how tall or hard you want it to be.

The Nest Bedding Cool Pillow comes in three sizes – Queen: 26” x 18”, King: 32” x 18”, and Side Sleeper 24” x 18”. 

#3. Coop Home Goods Eden

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Woman sleeping on Coop Home Goods Eden pillow

The Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow cools down through the gel-infused memory foam and microfiber fill blend. The gusseted case is made of a bamboo-derived fabric which increases the airflow even more. Eden is easily adjustable and provides excellent support to the neck and shoulders.

We love the size options Eden offers! It comes in standard 20” x 26”, Queen 20” x 30”, and the largest one is King 20” x 36”. 

Water pillows

Our favorite water pillows are these:

  1. Mediflow Water Pillow
  2. Blissbury SpineRight Adjustable Water Pillow
  3. Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow

#1. Mediflow Water Pillow

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Mediflow water pillow

Mediflow Water Pillow is the first and best out of water pillow brands. It has a water base and is really heavy which we liked because there’s no chance that the pillow “gets away” while you’re sleeping. You can choose a filling for the pillow, depending on your needs. The amount of water is also something you dictate – add or remove water for the best feeling and position.

Mediflow is famous for its pain-relieving properties and excellent support. 

Regular Mediflow pillows are sometimes too large for petite people, but luckily there are smaller options as well. Their sizes are: Travel size 13.5”x21”, Memory foam 18”x26”, Down and fiber 20”x28”.

#2. Blissbury SpineRight Adjustable Water Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

The Blissbury Pillow is a fantastic choice because it gives you the option of double adjustment – you can change the water level and the amount of microfiber filling inside the pillow. It may take some experimenting time until you find the perfect water-filling ratio and once you do, you probably won’t need a new pillow for years to come.

Blissbury is also great for those who suffer from neck pain, stiffness, and headaches. 

Blissbury SpineRight only comes in one size – Queen 17.7” x 6.7”. 

#3. Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

Chiroflow was developed by the same company that produces Mediflow. The main difference between the two is that Mediflow comes with more filling options whereas Chirflow contains a polyester fiber filling on top of the waterbase pouch. Otherwise, it gives excellent support and pain relief like the Mediflow.

This pillow is sold in many chiropractic offices around the US and Canada, but you can also buy it online. 

The size of the Chiroflow pillow is 19” x 27”. 


We picked these three as the best polyester pillows:

  1. Sobella Polyester Pillow
  2. PillowFlex Premium Polyester Filled Pillow
  3. White Classic Down-Alternative Soft Pillow

#1. Sobela Polyester Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

Sobella is one of our favorite polyester pillows. The Sobella Polyester Pillow provides amazing support, especially for side sleepers. It is not entirely made of polyester – the case is 100% cotton which makes it pleasant on your skin. Sobel feels very soft and you can see the high quality as soon as you glance at the pillow.

Their polyester is hypoallergenic and they use virgin microfiber (0.9 dernier) to ensure good support. 

You can choose between three pillow sizes – Standard, Queen, and King.

#2. PillowFlex Premium Polyester Filled Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

PillowFlex Premium Polyester Pillow is thick, firm and comfortable. They are perfect for shams and tend to keep their firmness for a long time. We liked that these pillows are also very good for sleeping and are odorless and hypoallergenic. 

The polyester fiber is slick and it doesn’t form lumps so you can enjoy the “new” pillow form for a long time. The cover is a blend of polyester and cotton.

This pillow is in Standard, Queen, and King size, but you can also find a wide variety in square pillow sizes. 

#3. White Classic Down-Alternative Soft Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

White Classic Down-Alternative Pillow is made of Hollow Cluster Fiber. Hollow fiber contains strands of fiber that are hollow and trap the air which gives the pillow a lofty feel. These fibers are clustered which means that there are small fiber balls that help keep an even filling distribution. The filling makes this pillow plump and soft, just like down pillows.

Our favorite thing about this pillow is that it doesn’t flat out and doesn’t overheat due to its high-quality filling.

You can get it in  Standard, Queen, and King size.


Our gel pillow choices are these:

  1. Leesa Hybrid
  2. Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Pillow
  3. Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Pillow

#1. Leesa Hybrid

Check price | Full review coming soon

We chose Leesa Hybrid as the best gel pillow because it is so high-quality and customizable that it left us speechless. First, it has a gel layer that makes the pillow cool to the touch. The top layer on one side is quilted in large cushions that feel like down. You can customize the pillow by removing an insert. 

The inside is made of polyester and microfiber and at the bottom, there’s a ventilated gel layer for cooling. The outer fabric is made of Tencel and Nylon.

Leesa Hybrid Pillows exist in Standard and Queen sizes.

#2. Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

Brooklyn Bedding’s cooling pillow is made to increase the airflow and cool you down while offering outstanding support and hypoallergenic properties. 

The memory foam is made of open cells and it has the pin core ventilation (thin straight hollow spaces that stretch from the top side to the bottom side) which increases breathability. The cooling gel surface takes the heat away, allowing pleasant sleep throughout the night. 

The Luxury Cooling Pillow comes in two sizes – King and Queen. This pillow is also available in low and high profiles so depending on your sleep position, you can choose the right pillow.

#3. Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Pillow got its name from the casing that is made of bamboo. The inside is filled with CertiPur-US certified gel-infused memory foam which is blended with microfiber. This means you can enjoy excellent support, cool sleep, and high breathability. Snuggle-Pedic is very heavy (a quality that some may not like) and it doesn’t go flat.

Snuggle-Pedic offers to customize the foam for you at no additional charge. You can also customize the pillow yourself by adding extra or taking out some of the foam.

Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo is in Standard, Queen, and King sizes.


The best feather pillows we came across are:

  1. Three Geese White Feather Pillow
  2. Pacific Coast DownAround
  3. JA Comforts Goose Feather Down Pillow

#1.Three Geese White Feather Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

This ultra-comfortable feather pillow is made of three chambers – soft microfiber on top and bottom and a feather chamber in between, in the very core of the pillow. This pillow is perfect for those who can’t get proper neck and spine support with 100% feather pillows. The Three Geese Pillow is great at providing pain relief and the cotton shell makes it breathable.

This pillow is of medium firmness and is excellent for side and back sleepers.

You can get the Three Geese White Feather Pillow in Queen size. 

#2. Pacific Coast DownAround

Check price | Full review coming soon

The Pacific Coast DownAround has a popular pillow-in-a-pillow design. A feather-filled pouch is surrounded by down, which is a fantastic solution because the feathers aren’t prickly and the pillow feels softer and fluffier. 

DownAround is a very soft pillow so you shouldn’t opt for it if you’re a side sleeper but it’s a perfect pillow for stomach sleepers! We loved this because it’s almost impossible for stomach sleepers to find a decent pillow.

It can be found in Standard, Queen, and King size. 

#3. JA Comforts Goose Feather Down Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

This pillow is filled with 95% goose feathers and 5% down. It offers excellent neck support with medium firmness and a strong 233-thread-count pure cotton shell that prevents feathers from sticking out. 

If you sleep on your side, you’ll probably love this pillow! JA Comforts Goose Feather Down Pillow is extremely comfortable and can help relieve neck and back strain.

This Goose Feather Pillow comes in Standard, Queen, and King size. 

Memory foam

It wasn’t easy to make a selection of memory foam pillows and this is what we finally came up with:

  1. Coop Home Goods Original Pillow
  2. Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
  3. Mainstays Memory Foam Cluster Pillow

#1. Coop Home Goods Original Pillow

Check price | Read full review

Coop Home Goods Original Pillow on an orange background

Coop Home Goods Original Pillow offers excellent support for side and back sleepers. We love adjustable pillows, and Coop makes them. The Original pillow comes with ½ lb of fill extra so you can add some if necessary. You can also take the fill out until you make it perfect for you.

The case is made of viscose rayon and polyester while the fill is made of viscoelastic polyurethane and polyester.

You can choose between Queen and King sizes. 

#2. Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

Snuggle-Pedic’s Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is in a special Kool-Flow™ bamboo cover which gives you a cool night of sleep. It’s important to mind the temperature and pillow covers when you buy a memory foam pillow because the nature of the filling is that it can accumulate heat.

The shredded memory foam offers great support and keeps the pillow in a good shape so there’s no chance of it going flat or needing to be readjusted. We were amazed to see a 20-year warranty period for this Snuggle-Pedic pillow.

This pillow can also be found in Standard, Queen, and King sizes.

#3. Mainstays Memory Foam Cluster Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

Foam clusters make the pillow firmer and bulkier, which is a great way to describe this memory foam pillow from Mainstays. It’s made for lovers of firm pillows – side and back sleepers. The pillow conforms well to the body but it won’t lose firmness and support. 

Its cover is made of polyester, but it is a durable pillow that you can expect to last for a long time.

Mainstays is available in Standard and King size.


We made a separate category for Tempur-pedic because it is the original memory foam developed by NASA. All the other memory foam pillows are just inspired by, or if you will, copied from Tempur-pedic. Their best pillows are:

  1. TEMPUR-Cloud
  2. TEMPUR-Symphony
  3. TEMPUR-Down Precise Support

#1. TEMPUR-Cloud

Check price | Full review coming soon

TEMPUR-Cloud is a low-profile pillow that was designed to support all types of sleepers. Some reviewers say that they expected it to be too low for their needs but we think it turned out just right. The Cloud molds to everyone’s individual body to support the correct alignment. 

TEMPUR-Cloud is very likely to solve or at least decrease pain and stiffness in the neck and spine. 

This pillow comes in one size: 24″ x 15.75″ x 5″.

#2. TEMPUR-Symphony

Check price | Full review coming soon

TEMPUR-Symphony has amazed us with the innovation in the shape. It has one side that’s slightly arched inwards to provide more comfort for back sleepers. The other side is flatter to make Symphony good for stomach sleepers as well. 

This pillow uses a softer TEMPUR so it may not be the best for all side sleepers. The cover is made of polyester.

Symphony comes in Standard size – 24″ x 17″.

#3. TEMPUR-Down Precise Support

Check price | Full review coming soon

TEMPUR-Down Pillow is a mix of the Tempur material and natural down. Its firmness is medium and it’s highly comfortable. TEMPUR-Down can help you relax and fall asleep faster.

On the outside, it feels soft but the supporting firmness of the core is very noticeable. This makes the perfect neck and head support.

TEMPUR-Down Precise Support can be found in Queen and King sizes.


Our favorite and most comfortable down pillows include:

  1. Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow
  2. Helix Down and Feather Pillow
  3. Brooklinen Down Pillow

#1. Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

We think that the Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow is a high-quality product. It’s filled with goose down which is superior to duck down and comes at a reasonable price. The cover is made of Egyptian cotton and it is thick enough not to let out the pieces of down. The pillow feels firm but not too much – you can get good support and enjoy the comfort. 

It’s really good for side and back sleepers. We can’t recommend this pillow for stomach sleepers, although the company states it’s good for them as well.

The Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow comes in two sizes: Standard/Queen and King size.

#2. Helix Down and Feather Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

Helix has taken its Down and Feather Pillow to the next level. It has a feather-down-blend core and two down-only chambers (one on top and one on the bottom). This design gives it a really soft feeling on the surface while offering proper, firmer support at the core.

The head doesn’t sink like with most feather/down pillows because the three chambers work so well – especially the core which creates a firm zone. It does a great job of keeping the head and neck in the right position.

You can find Helix Down and Feather Pillow in Standard and King size.

#3. Brooklinen Down Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

Brooklinen Down Pillow

The Brooklinen Down Pillow is one of our favorites because of its versatility. It comes in two sizes and three support levels for different kinds of sleepers. 

The Plush version is by far the softest. It’s filled with down clusters only and this makes it perfect for stomach sleepers. The Mid-Plush is about medium firmness. Its filling has a dual-core design and contains an additional layer of feathers. The Firm version has even more feathers so it gives stronger support while still being soft at the top.

If you’re unsure which firmness option to pick, we recommend trying the Mid-Plush because it accommodates the needs of the majority of people. The sizes are Standard and King.


We love bamboo pillows and our reviews showed these ones to be the best:

  1. Coop Home Goods Adjustable Loft
  2. Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim
  3. Cariloha Bamboo Retreat

#1. Coop Home Goods Original

Check price | Read full review

Woman sleeping on Coop Home Goods Eden pillow

Coop Home Goods is our favorite pillow with a bamboo cover. To be precise, they use 40% bamboo-derived rayon and 60% polyester which makes it fantastic to touch, keeps cool temperature and doesn’t allow odor and bacteria development. 

The case is openable and it allows you to adjust the pillow by adding or removing the memory foam fill to suit your needs. This is a perfect option because your sleep needs may change over time – and there would be no need to buy a new pillow.

Choose between a King and a Queen-sized pillow.

#2. Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim

Check price | Full review coming soon

Bluewave has the same bamboo rayon – polyester ratio as Coop (40-60%). We like this pillow because it is excellent for stomach and some back sleepers with its ultra-thin profile (2.5-3.25 inches, depending on the size and model). 

Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim has gel particles and ventilation holes which helps improve air circulation of the one-piece CERTI-PUR memory foam. We love how Ultra Slim is designed – it’s rounded at the top and gets flatter at the bottom. They really made sure that the needs of those who need a flat pillow are met.

Bluewave comes in sizes Standard and King and you can choose between Ultra Slim Original and Ultra Slim Full Pillow (the Full Pillow is not uneven, but rather has the same top and bottom sides). 

#3. Cariloha Bamboo Retreat

Check price | Full review coming soon

Cariloha Bamboo Retreat has a 100% Bamboo Viscose cover, which is a huge plus. Their cover has a microfiber/bamboo viscose blend fill and finally, the fill is made of bamboo (bamboo charcoal memory foam). 

This pillow has medium firmness and excellent support. The plush layers make it feel soft and comfortable while the memory foam resists the weight really well and keeps the head in the right position.

You can find the pillow in Standard or King size. Bear in mind that this is a high-profile pillow so it works best for taller people with broad shoulders.

Down alternative

Down alternative pillows that grabbed our attention and remained at the top throughout the testing are:

  1. Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow
  2. Parachute Down Alternative Pillow
  3. Boll and Branch Down Alternative Pillow

#1. Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

Brooklinen has an excellent Down Pillow but they have an even better Down Alternative Pillow. Their pillow is incredibly soft and cozy with a good amount of support. Brooklinen uses shaved microfibers to mimic how real Down feels. 

You can choose one of three different designs, depending on your needs. The Plush Pillow is the softest (mainly for stomach sleepers), Mid-Plush Pillow is somewhat firmer and it is very versatile in that the majority of sleepers could find it useful, and Firm Pillow which is great for side sleepers. 

The sizes that they offer are Standard and King.

#2. Parachute Down Alternative Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

Parachute Down Alternative Pillow is made of microfiber and the cotton shell is our favorite – it’s 100% sateen cotton. Recycled products are used in the production of this pillow, so apart from being super silky and pleasant, it is also environmentally friendly.

You can choose the pillow firmness – the Parachute is available in soft, medium and firm options. 

Parachute Down Alternative Pillow is available in Standard and King size.

#3. Boll and Branch Down Alternative Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

Boll and Branch uses organic cotton shells on their pillows and their PrimaLoft™ fiber is hypoallergenic, lightweight and soft.

This down alternative pillow feels almost like the real down and it offers excellent support as the head sinks in the soft plush. It conforms to the shape of the body well and offers two firmness levels – soft and medium firm.

Boll and Branch makes Down Alternative Pillows in Standard and King size.


Here are the best latex pillows according to our reviews:

  1. Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow
  2. PlushBeds Organic Shredded Latex Pillow
  3. Nest Bedding Easy Breather Natural

#1. Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

Talalay Latex Pillow by Brooklyn Bedding is, as the name suggests, made of the advanced and superior type of natural Latex. The material is more breathable than other latex types and on top of that, it is infused with parallel holes that increase the airflow. Talalay Latex is hypoallergenic and extremely responsive. It has a high level of support and contours well to the body. 

We can recommend this pillow for every type of sleeper (side, stomach, back, combination sleepers). 

You can get this pillow in Queen and King Sizes and for both of them choose between high and low loft.

#2. PlushBeds Organic Shredded Latex Pillow

Check price | Full review coming soon

PlushBeds Organic Shredded Latex Pillow is made of GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop latex. It’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain any dyes or harsh chemicals. Its filling is excellent – although it’s shredded latex, it doesn’t clump up but rather feels like a whole. Yet, you can fluff and mold this pillow and after putting pressure, it bounces right back.

The PlushBeds pillow is quite lofty and it’s not adjustable, although some users opened them and took some of the filling out, after which they reported having fantastic sleep.

This pillow comes in three sizes – Standard, Queen, and King.

#3. Nest Bedding Easy Breather Natural

Check price | Read full review

Nest Bedding Easy Breather Natural is an OEKO-TEX® Certified Shredded Latex pillow. It’s comfortably soft (not too soft) and you can easily adjust the amount of filling. The pillow gives a cooling and dense feel and it doesn’t sink too much when you put the head on it.

We recommend this pillow for all types of sleepers because it can be soft and medium-firm, depending on how much fill you personally want to use.

The Easy Breather comes in four sizes – Standard, Queen, King, and Side Sleeper (28”x16”).


Buckwheat pillows of our choice are listed below. They are all filled with organic buckwheat, are adjustable, and offer excellent support.

  1. Zen Chi
  2. Hullo
  3. Beans72

#1. Zen Chi

Check price | Full review coming soon

You can add or remove buckwheat from the Zen Chi Pillow until you find the right amount for you. The pillow is very firm but you can easily arrange the buckwheat in it and mold it to your liking. 

Zen Chi sell pillows in these sizes: Japanese/Personal size (14”x20”) Twin size (20”x26”), Queen size (20”x30”) and King size (20”x36”). Zen Chi is the most affordable buckwheat pillow, but you need to buy the case separately.

#2. Hullo

Check price | Full review coming soon

Hullo is a US company and it has an organic cotton twill case, which we really liked. It’s not the most affordable buckwheat pillow but the twill makes it extra breathable and pleasant.

Hullo makes pillows in Small (14”x20”), Standard (20”x26”), and King (20”x36”) sizes. 

#3. Beans72

Check price | Full review coming soon

Beans72 are made by a Japanese maker residing in the US, using local materials. This pillow has a natural unbleached cotton casing.  

What we love about this product is that you can choose the aromatherapy option, which means that your pillow will arrive with a small portion of dried lavender that you can add into the pillow (as per your liking) and make the pillow smell wonderfully.

Sizes available are Travel/Child size (11”x16”), Japanese size (14”x20”) Twin/Standard size (20”x26”), Queen size (20”x30”) and King size (20”x36”).

When is the time for a new pillow?

If the pillow started causing you pain or irritating your skin or eyes, became too lumpy and uneven, smells bad and there’s nothing you can do about it (airing, cleaning, and fluffing don’t help), then you should get a new pillow.

Sometimes it’s not about how old a pillow is, but how appropriate or inappropriate it is for you personally. If you just can’t have a restful sleep after a week or two on a new pillow, return it and get a new one – one that’s good for your body size and sleeping position.

Washing a pillow – how often?

This one is quite individual. Some pillows can’t be washed at all, like memory foam pillows and for some, the manufacturer will give you clear instructions on how often you can wash the pillow to ensure a long lifetime.

There’s a vague recommendation that we should wash our pillows between three and six months. People prone to allergies may need to wash theirs more often.

Does hypoallergenic bedding really work?

All our bedding collects moisture from sweat, oil, and drool as well as dead skin cells. They serve as food for dust mites, whose excrement is an allergen. Dr. Anna Feldweg says that dust mites grow in all sorts of bedding and can cling onto all materials, as long as they have food. She further says that the best way to protect yourself from them would be to use tightly woven covers that would serve as a barrier between you and the dust mites.

When you see that a pillow is hypoallergenic, it means that the way it was produced is very likely not going to cause an allergic reaction (for example, feathers or buckwheat shells were thoroughly cleaned, or harsh chemicals weren’t used in the production of latex or other foams)

So the best way to keep them away is to use good sheets and keep everything clean by regularly washing or leaving your bedding in the direct sunlight (the hot and dry conditions kill them).

What’s the best type of pillow for me?

A lot depends on what you prefer and what you’re used to. For example, water pillows and buckwheat pillows are like heaven for some people because they are adjustable, provide excellent support, and are very likely to reduce or completely eliminate neck and back pain.

However, some people find it annoying that the water or hulls sometimes make sounds when they move. For them, it’s very unpleasant and they may end up returning these products.

When you narrow your choices down, when it comes to pillow materials and fillings, check the pillow size and profile. Also, pay attention to the purpose of the pillow – some say they’re specifically made for a certain type of sleepers (stomach, side, back) whereas some manufacturers claim their pillow is good for every type of sleeper. 

If you see such claims, dig a bit deeper because although their pillow could indeed be good for a broad-shouldered side sleeper, it will be too high for a petite combination sleeper.

All in all, take into consideration pillow firmness, size, profile, filling, specific purpose, and materials.

How spine alignment impacts your sleep and life

Slight misalignments are probably the case in almost every sleeper – it’s something most of us don’t even notice. After all, it’s impossible to be perfectly aligned in every single position you may end up while you’re sleeping.

Misalignment becomes a big problem when it causes you pain or when you have a condition or prior injury that requires proper posture. Some people are not in pain, but they wake up frequently to adjust their pillow or find the right position, which could cause pain in the future.

Poor sleep causing pain? That’s true. As much as the pain itself can prevent people get proper sleep, poor sleep decreases pain tolerance, worsens health conditions, and may result in injury.

A really bad pillow (either low-quality, too old, or just not your type) can make your neck stiff, cause an arm to fall asleep, and increase the misalignment. Some of the signs of spine misalignment are unevenly worn heels, headaches, constant muscle tension, inability to turn or twist your head and hips to both sides equally, frequent need to crack the back or neck.

Proper alignment means that the neck and head are in a neutral position. Not elevated and not facing downwards. If you need to elevate your upper body, you can get a wedge pillow and still enjoy good alignment.

Different sleeping positions may require a different type of pillow. For side sleepers, it’s a firmer, taller pillow (profile depends on each person’s size), and for stomach and back sleepers, it’s a softer, lower pillow. Stomach sleepers are the most compromised as their position is the least favorable for the neck. 

Professionals advise sleeping on the left side because this way you get good alignment, it prevents heartburn, and the brain toxins are most efficiently cleared out.

Should the pillow match the mattress?

We’re not talking about brands here, but about firmness. If your pillow is soft, it may feel even more so on a soft mattress, and vice versa. This is why it’s a good idea to have your mattress in mind when you’re choosing the perfect pillow for you. A softer pillow goes well with a firmer mattress while a firm pillow feels better on a softer mattress.

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