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Saatva vs. ZenHaven Mattress Comparison (Pros and Cons)

Saatva and Zenhaven mattress comparison

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Saatva Classic and ZenHaven are not the same mattress model, but they do share the manufacturer – Saatva, Inc. They make several different models under the ‘Saatva’ brand but here we’ll focus on the flagship model, the Saatva Classic.

ZenHaven is a high-end brand of the Saatva company. As you’ll see from the table below and the rest of this text, ZenHaven uses premium natural materials which make it exclusive.

Since they both come from the same company, these two mattresses share trial and warranty policies as well as high customer satisfaction. Let’s get right in all the details that you need to know when deciding whether Saatva or ZenHaven is the right one for you.

FirmnessMedium Soft, Medium Firm, and FirmMedium Soft and Medium Firm
Height11.5 Inches or 14.5 Inches10 Inches
MaterialsPolyfoam, Memory Foam, Dacron Fiber, CoilsLatex, Wool, Organic Cotton
Warranty15 Years20 Years
Trial Period120 Nights120 Nights
Coupon CodeNot AvailableNot Available
ReviewSaatva ReviewZenHaven Review
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Construction Comparison

Saatva Construction

Saatva Classic has a complex construction consisting of several different layers.

It has a soft Euro-top cover on top. The padded cover contains either a 1.5-inch firm polyfoam layer for the firm model or a 1.25-inch soft layer for the other two models. Dacron fibers come under the cover.

Then come the comfort layers – a layer of polyfoam and a layer of memory foam. They make 1 inch of the total mattress thickness. The Plush Soft version offers an additional layer of soft polyfoam.

Below the comfort layers lies a transitional layer of medium-thickness pocketed coils. Finally, the support layer made up of Bonnell coils. All Saatva coils are made of recycled metal. This layer gives the mattress stability and edge support.

You can choose between 11.5-inch and 14.5-inch mattress thickness. The support layer is where the difference is constructionally apparent because the thinner version has 4-inch coils as opposed to 7-inch coils in the taller version. 

Saatva mattress
Saatva mattress

ZenHaven Construction

What we like and love to point out about the ZenHaven mattress is that it is a two-in-one mattress. It is flippable but not the same on both sides. One feels softer than the other side – a feature that makes this mattress perfect for a large number of people. 

The manufacturer used all-natural materials to build this mattress. It starts with an organic cotton cover that went through special antimicrobial treatment. The first layer is organic New Zealand wool. 

Talalay-latex-only layers are below this. The zoned comfort layer will provide appropriate support for all body parts. Hips get firm support with the most pressure relief, shoulders slightly less. Other zones of the layer have lower density latex.

Then comes the resilient support core. From the core to the bottom, you’ll find the same layers – mirrored – with firmness of each layer being the only difference. The soft side of the mattress has a softer core and softer comfort layer, whereas the firmer side has denser latex in every layer.

Zenhaven mattress
Zenhaven mattress

Price Comparison

Saatva Pricing: 

  • Twin – $699
  • Twin XL – $799
  • Full – $1,049
  • Queen – $1,199
  • King – $1,599
  • California King – $1,599

ZenHaven Pricing: 

  • Twin – $1,299
  • Twin XL – $1,349
  • Full – $1,699
  • Queen – $1,899
  • King – $2,499
  • California King – $2,499

Customer Service Comparison

Saatva warranty and trial period

Saatva gives you a 15-year warranty against manufacturing defects. This is the only difference in warranty and trial for the two mattresses since both of them are produced by the same company.

For the first two years of warranty, Saatva will replace the mattress with a new one. After two years have passed, until the end of the warranty, the company will repair and re-cover the mattress. You will have to pay a $99 transportation fee each way.

Saatva offers a “Fairness Replacement Option” in which you get a new mattress at a discounted price and you also keep the old mattress. Depending on the time you’ve had the mattress, you’ll get a higher or lower discount.

Their trial period equals 120 nights, starting on the day the mattress was delivered. Should you decide to return your Saatva mattress, you’ll have to pay for the transportation ($99) which will be deducted from your refund.

ZenHaven warranty and trial period

ZenHaven offers a 20-year warranty that the mattress won’t have any manufacturing defects. Just like the Saatva policy, within the first two years, you’ll get a free replacement and after that period, the mattress will be repaired and you will be billed for the transportation. 

You can also opt for the “Fairness Replacement Option” which allows you to avoid paying for transportation by buying a new mattress at a discounted price and keeping the old mattress after 2 years of the initial purchase. 

As soon as you receive the mattress, the trial period of 120 nights begins. If you return the mattress within that period, you’ll be charged a $99 fee for transportation. This amount will be deducted from your refund.

You should buy Saatva if

  • You are a hot sleeper.
  • You want free in-home setup and old mattress removal.
  • You have specific firmness and/or construction requirements.
  • You are on a budget but want a high-quality mattress.

You should buy ZenHaven if 

  • You are a back sleeper.
  • Sleep on the side (then the softer side is for you).
  • You are a hot sleeper.
  • You like or have to use all-natural material organic products.
  • You have aches or pains, especially in the hip, back, and shoulder area.

How we rate mattresses

We rate mattresses using the following criteria:

  1. Comfort
  2. Structural integrity and durability
  3. Firmness and support

Learn more about our mattress rating process and methodology here.

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