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Sleepline Unveils New Social Distancing Logo As a Reminder to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Sleepline social distancing logo

We’ve decided to remix our logo as a reminder for our readers to continue practicing social distancing – avoiding gathering in crowds of people – to prevent the spread of the novel Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve separated the “Sleep” and the “Line” and staggered our tagline: Better Sleep Starts Tonight. The space between the words represents the six feet of space that we should be maintaining when interacting with other people.

Sleepline social distancing logo

What is social distancing?

The CDC and the WHO both recommend that people practice extreme social distancing: don’t leave your house for anything other than necessities and make sure that you stay six feet away from the people you interact with outside of your household. COVID-19 spreads via droplets in the air that occur when an infected person sneezes, coughs, talks, and sometimes even just by breathing. It’s estimated that the virus can’t travel further than six feet in the air.

Social distancing can help slow the spread of the pandemic by reducing the probability that a non-infected person will come into contact with an infected person. Along with other nonpharmaceutical interventions – like hand washing and good respiratory hygiene – this practice can reduce the total number of deaths.

Social distancing practices can also help flatten the curve, meaning that infections are spread out over time so that our healthcare system doesn’t get overburdened with a large number of patients over a short period of time.

While we don’t think that coronavirus is worth losing sleep over, we do think it’s something that everyone should be taking seriously, even though we initially didn’t.

We’ll be using our new social distancing logo in select parts of the site – especially ones that focus on the coronavirus pandemic – for the remainder of the crisis. If our reminder helps prevent even one person from becoming infected then we’ll consider it a job well done.

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