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Best Types of Mattresses

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Buying a mattress used to be so easy: just go to the local mattress store every ten years or so and pick out the one that you can tolerate the most. Fortunately times have changed.

When it’s time to upgrade your mattress you’re now spoiled for choice. You can buy a classic innerspring bed, memory foam, hybrid, Tempurpedic, air beds, and more. Manufacturers all claim that they are making the best product for your needs, so how can you determine which one is best?

In this guide we’ll review the top 3 brands from each mattress category. We’ll give you an overview of the technical specifications, what type of person each bed is designed for, and let you know their free trial and warranty policy.

You can use the table of contents on the left side of the screen to navigate this list. Let’s start with our top picks.

Top Picks

Our favorite innerspring mattress is the Brooklyn Bedding Titan. We really liked how it’s designed to support larger-weight individuals. It’s also great for back sleepers who are lighter in weight.

The best memory foam mattress is the Puffy Lux. Our favorite aspect of this bed is that it provides a large amount of pressure relief.

Our top pick for hybrid mattresses is the DreamCloud. We loved how it has above-average motion isolation, which makes it great if you’re sleeping next to a partner.

The #1 air bed is the SoundASleep Dream Series. The best thing about it is that the one-click internal pump inflates faster than competing models.

When it comes to folding and rolling beds, our favorite is the Sleep Revolution Getaway Premier. This bed earned its #1 spot because it’s easy to set up in just one step.

If you’re a fan of Tempurpedic mattresses, then you’ll really love the Tempur Pro Adapt. We liked how it has three different firmness options you can choose from.

Natural organic mattresses are growing in popularity, and the best one is the Awara. The best thing about this bed is that it has more support for the parts of your body that are heavier, and lighter support for lighter parts of your body.


Innerspring mattresses have been manufactured since the 19th century and are still one of the most popular types of bed out there to this day. One of the main reasons why this classic type of mattress still enjoys a large amount of popularity is because of the amount of support it provides. Many consumers report that their innerspring mattress provides an even, comfortable base of support for a wide variety of sleeping positions.

The best innerspring mattresses are:

  1. Brooklyn Bedding Titan
  2. Saatva
  3. Avocado

#1. Brooklyn Bedding Titan

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The Titan is a mattress that is designed specifically for the needs of overweight people. This means that it is an extremely firm mattress (rated at level 8), since obese and overweight individuals put large amounts of pressure on their bed.

The good news is that even though it’s marketed towards overweight customers, the Titan is great for people who are average weight or lower as well. If you know that you like firm mattresses (looking at you, back sleepers) then this hybrid-style innerspring mattress is a great choice.

The comfort layers are made out of cooling gel and memory foam on top of a pocketed coil support core and a 2″ high-density foam base to reinforce the core.

The Brooklyn Bedding Titan comes with free shipping within the contiguous U.S. You’ll also get a 120-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

#2. Saatva

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Our favorite thing about the Saatva is that there are three different firmness levels: medium-soft, medium, and firm.

The mattress is made out of a Euro-top cushioning layer made out of polyfoam and dacron fibers. Underneath the cushioning layer is the comfort layer made out of memory foam, polyfoam, and pocketed coils for support.

Our reviewers found that the mattress did a great job of providing pressure relief and contoured to the shape of their bodies.

Saatva offers free white glove delivery service within the contiguous U.S, which includes in-home delivery and old mattress disposal. The mattress is backed by a 120-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty.

#3. Avocado

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The Avocado is an all-organic, sustainable brand that is committed to making products that don’t damage the environment or your health.

The company uses eco-conscious materials when making the Avocado Green Mattress. The mattress features GOLS organic certified latex foam, 100% GOTS organic wool, and 100% GOTS organic cotton.

Avocado mattresses are handmade in America and features up 1,414 individually tuned, tempered, steel coils in three gauges arranged in five distinct ergonomic zones. These independently floating coils make the mattress feel more supportive, relieves back pain, and keeps your spine aligned while contouring to your body’s natural curves.

If you like to use non-toxic materials in your home and you value sustainable manufacturing processes, then the Avocado is a great choice. It comes with a 1-year trial and a 25-year warranty.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a substance that was invented by NASA to help keep their astronauts safe from collisions and G-force. It’s made out of polyurethane combined with other substances that are designed to give memory foam its unique look and feel.

The market for memory foam mattresses is exploding in popularity due to its ability to mold and conform to your body shape while sleeping. The best thing about memory foam is that it bounces right back to its original shape once you take pressure off it.

Our favorite memory foam mattresses are:

  1. Puffy Lux
  2. Leesa
  3. Nolah

#1. Puffy Lux

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We made the Puffy Lux our #1 pick because it’s a medium mattress that does a great job of blending comfort with support.

The Puffy Lux is a 12″ four-layer mattress that includes all of the features of the standard Puffy along with a layer of “Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam”. The best thing about the Luxe is that it provides pressure relief and that it conforms to your body shape even better than most other memory foam beds.

We really liked the fact that the company clearly uses high quality components when manufacturing the Lux. Everything about this bed feels premium and it seems like the type of mattress that you’ll still be sleeping on decades from now.

The Puffy Lux comes with 101-night money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

#2. Leesa

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Leesa is a medium mattress that we love because of its ability to isolate motion, making it great for couples who share the same bed.

We think that stomach sleepers will love this mattress because the memory foam conforms their body shape and the medium level of firmness ensures that it still gives more than enough support to maintain back alignment.

This mattress does a great job of absorbing weight without sinking or sagging, which makes it great for heavier people.

Leesa gives you a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. They also offer free shipping on all orders within the continental United States.

#3. Nolah

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Nolah is a memory foam mattress that is available in both 10″ and 12″ versions. We gave it a spot on this best-of list because it does a great job of providing pressure relief and back support.

This 100% made-in-America bed uses a proprietary version of memory foam that they call “Nolah AirFoam”. The company claims that AirFoam is “scientifically proven” to provide 4x less peak pressure on hips, shoulders, and back compared to other high-end memory foam mattresses. While we can’t confirm the scientific accuracy of that claim, our testers can definitely confirm that this is one comfortable bed.

The Nolah features 2″ of AirFoam on top of a high-resilience foam support layer. This is all layered on top of a 7″ layer of high density base foam to reinforce the support and comfort layers.

The Nolah is available with free shipping and returns. It comes with a 120-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty.


Hybrid mattresses combine latex, memory foam, and innerspring parts into one bed with the goal of creating a balanced sleeping experience. They usually feature at least two inches of memory foam and latex in the comfort layer, which is supported by pocketed coils in the base layer. Manufacturers hope that they can take the best aspects from other types of mattresses to create a one-of-a-kind product.

We recommend the following hybrid mattresses:

  1. DreamCloud
  2. Leesa Hybrid
  3. Bear Hybrid

#1. DreamCloud

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The DreamCloud is a medium-firm mattress that features and innerspring core surrounded by a layer of cooling gel. Believe it or not, there are actually eight different layers in this mattress!

We rank the DreamCloud in the #1 spot because it has above-average motion isolation. If you sleep with a partner then you know how annoying it can be when they toss and turn all night. According to our reviewers, the DreamCloud minimized disruptions caused by their partners’ movement.

If you’re located within the contiguous US, you’ll qualify for free shipping on the DreamCloud. The company also offer a 365-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty on all of their beds.

#2. Leesa Hybrid

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The Leesa Hybrid is a medium-firm mattress that has three foam comfort layers – including a middle layer of memory foam. We found that these comfort layers did a great job of contouring to the shape of our bodies while also providing back support.

Like most hybrid mattresses, the Leesa contains a pocketed-coil support core. This layer is designed to, as the name suggests, provide support for the comfort layers. The pocketed-coil design also helps circulate air away from the surface, giving you a cooler sleeping experience.

Leesa offers free shipping to all 50 US states. The mattress is backed by a below-average 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

#3. Bear Hybrid

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Bear Hybrid mattress on wood floor

We placed the Bear Hybrid mattress on this list because it has the best pressure relief of any hybrid mattress we’ve reviewed thus far.

Bear uses a proprietary substance that they call “Serene foam” that they claim provides 4x more pressure relief compared to regular mattresses. While we can’t confirm that the bed provides exactly 4x the amount of pressure relief (how would you even quantify that?) but we can verify that this is an insanely comfortable mattress.

This is another medium-firm mattress that is great for a variety of different people with different sleeping styles. Back and side sleepers in particular will love the Bear Hybrid.

The Bear Hybrid comes with a 100-night free trial and a 20 year warranty. They also offer free shipping and returns on their mattresses.


Air mattresses are a type of bed that you can inflate using a pump any time you need to use it. They are generally used for temporary purposes (e.g. when moving, as a guest bed, while camping) and aren’t suitable for use as your regular everyday mattress.

The best air mattresses are:

  1. SoundASleep Dream Series
  2. InstaBed Raised
  3. Intex Raised Downy

#1. SoundASleep Dream Series

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The Dream Series by SoundASleep is a raised air mattress that inflates to the following supersized dimensions: 78” x 58” x 19”.

We gave the Dream Series the #1 spot in our best air mattress list because of its one-click internal pump that makes inflating this bed easier than other brands. We also liked how the material on the exterior of the mattress helped it stay in place and prevented sliding.

The bed is made out of a thick PVC material that held up well during our stress tests. If you’re using the SoundASleep Dream Series normally you shouldn’t have any issues with air leakage or other types of damage.

The SoundASleep Dream Series comes with a one-year warranty and free shipping when you order using Amazon Prime.

#2. InstaBed Raised

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The InstaBed is another raised air mattress that earned a spot on this list because we loved how the integrated “Never Flat” pump inflates rapidly and has an auto-shutoff feature.

We also really liked how the sueded top helped keep our sheets in place, even after a night of tossing and turning. Our reviewers noted that there is no air leakage, even after using this bed for an extended period of time.

The integrated Never Flat pump constantly monitors the air pressure while you sleep and silently pumps more air into the mattress as needed to maintain a consistent level of firmness throughout the night.

The InstaBed comes with a limiited one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

#3. Intex Raised Downy

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The Intex Downy is a raised air bed that inflates to a height of 22″ in five minutes or less. This rapid charging ability is one of the main reasons why we decided to review it in this best-of list.

One cool feature of the Downy is that is has indented sides to help keep your bedding attached to the mattress. Our testers tried this mattress out over an extended period of time and noted that it definitely did a great job of keeping the sheets attached.

The Intex Raised Downy features a waterproof top, a 600 lbs weight capacity, and comes with a duffel bag for easy transport and storage.

Rolling and Folding Beds

Rollaway beds are a great option for when space is at a premium. If you frequently have guests over but don’t have the space to have a standalone bed, then a rollaway bed that you can store in your closet when not needed is a great option.

Our preferred brands for rolling beds are:

  1. Sleep Revolution Getaway Premier
  2. Milliard Premium
  3. LUCID Rollaway

#1. Sleep Revolution Getaway Premier

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The Sleep Revolution Getaway Premier is a folding rollaway bed that is 5″ thick with a 1″ memory foam comfort layer.

The memory foam helps eliminate odors due to using natural coconut oil and green tea infusion in the manufacturing process. The frame is made out of steel with a black powder finish and is easy to set up in one step.

If you’re looking for a premium rolling bed, we highly recommend that you consider the Getaway Premier from Sleep Revolution.

This mattress comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

#2. Milliard Premium

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We placed the Milliard Premium in the #2 spot because the all-metal bed frame features assisted-folding bars with double-reinforced stabilizing bars, meaning that it’s easy to set up and can support a large amount of weight (400 lbs capacity).

This bed folds out clamshell style, making it easy to set up in a short amount of time. If you need a more permanent setup, the Milliard Premium includes brackets so you can set up a headboard and footboard.

#3. LUCID Rollaway

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The LUCID is a rollaway that features a 3″ support layer and a 1″ memory foam comfort layer.

The main feature that we love about the LUCID is the fact that it has locking wheels. This safety feature is great if you’re using this bed for children, since they won’t be able to accidentally move it around and injure themselves.

The cover is made out of rayon from bamboo, which is great for sensitive skin. There is 11″ of clearance underneath the steel frame, so you’ll be able to store luggage and other items underneath the bed.

LUCID comes with a 10-year warranty, which is significantly longer than most other folding beds. It’s available with free shipping on Amazon Prime.


Founded in 1992, Tempur-pedic is one of the most prominent names in the mattress industry. The company currently has over 10 different individual mattress models belonging to one of three collections: Adapt, Cloud, and Contour. Most products are memory foam beds, but they do have a few hybrid options as well.

Our top Tempur-pedic mattress picks are:

  1. Tempur Pro Adapt
  2. Tempur Luxe Adapt
  3. Tempur Pro Breeze

#1. Tempur Pro Adapt

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The Pro Adapt is a memory foam mattress that is considered the premium model in their new Adapt line of beds.

Available in three different firmness options (soft, medium, and firm), the Pro Adapt is also available in a hybrid configuration. The wide variety of firmness and composition options make this a good choice for people who know exactly what they’re looking for.

The soft and medium options have convoluted polyfoam in the base layer, and the firm version uses a solid foam core. We recommend the firm option for heavier individuals and for people who sleep on their back. Stomach sleepers should consider the soft option, and side sleepers will most likely love the medium.

The Pro Adapt is available at an above-average price point, but does come with free shipping and setup.

#2. Tempur Luxe Adapt

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Like the Pro, the Luxe is part of the same Adapt lineup from Tempurpedic. It comes with many of the same features and options (including three choices for firmness), but with one major difference: it has an extra inch of height.

The extra inch comes from the use of something the company calls “Advanced Pressure Relief Plus memory foam” in the central layer. Our reviewers found that this helped with motion isolation and added a lot more support, which is great for people suffering from chronic pain and for overweight individuals.

As with most other Tempurpedic beds, the Luxe Adapt is expensive. It is available with free shipping, however.

#3. Tempur Pro Breeze

Check price | Full review coming soon

The Tempur Pro Breeze is a rather unique offering from Tempurpedic: it’s a mattress that is specifically designed to keep you cool. If you have issues with overheating during the night, this is definitely a product that you should consider if you’ve exhausted all other options for staying cool while sleeping.

The Pro Breeze is 3 degrees cooler than a standard mattress. If that isn’t cool enough, they also offer a Luxe Breeze model that is 8 degrees colder. The Pro Breeze has a dual cover cool-touch system, phase change material to help maintain the same temperature, and a breathable comfort layer.

We noticed that this mattress did a great job of relieving pressure, particularly at the hips and shoulders. For this reason we think that side sleepers will definitely love the Pro Breeze.

The Pro Breeze is an extremely expensive mattress, but if you’re considering a Tempurpedic you already know that.

Natural Organic

Times are changing and many consumers now prefer to purchase products that are made out of natural components without any hazardous chemicals that can harm your health. Environmental sustainability is also extremely important to a lot of people, and these mattresses are made out of natural materials and are constructed with environmental sustainability in mind.

The best natural organic mattresses are:

  1. Awara
  2. Brentwood Cedar
  3. Nest Bedding Certified Organic Hybrid Latex

#1. Awara

Check price | Full review coming soon

We rate the Awara as our top pick for natural organic mattresses because it’s handmade from Rainforest Alliance Certified latex, 100% natural wool, and chemical-free fire retardants. Other eco-friendly components include an organic cotton and natural wool cover, a certified-organic Dunlop latex comfort layer.

We’re happy to report that Awara doesn’t sacrifice comfort for environmental sustainability. Awara is a medium-firm mattress with a multi-gauge pocketed support core designed to prevent sagging on heavier areas such as your hips and shoulders, and a lighter gauge of coi for less heavy areas like your head and feet.

Awara gives you free shipping on their mattress to all 50 US states. It’s backed by an industry-standard 365-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty.

#2. Brentwood Cedar Natural Luxe

Check price | Full review coming soon

The Cedar is the premier flagship organic mattress from Brentwood. We gave it a spot on this best list because it has 5 different innerspring support zones made out of GOLS organic certified latex.

We rate the Cedar as being a medium level of firmness with a moderately plush feel. If you like to “sink in” to your mattress then this is not the bed for you. It has more of a buoyant and uplifting feel to it, which is great for people who like a “floaty” type of feeling when they sleep.

In addition to the GOLS organic certified latex the company also uses 100% natural wool from New Zealand, 100% organic certified Indian cotton, and 100% natural imported cocount shell husk buttons in its eco-friendly construction. Brentwood doesn’t use chemical adhesives or glues in between the comfort layers.

When you buy a Brentwood mattress you get a 1-year sleep trial, free shipping and returns, and a 25-year warranty.

#3. Nest Bedding Certified Organic Hybrid Latex

Check price | Full review coming soon

The Natural Hybrid Latex is a medium mattress from Nest Bedding. It has 5 separate layers and measures 12″ in total. It features an organic cotton cover, Dunlop latex foam, pocketed coils, and a support base made out of foam.

The mattress comes in two different models: natural and certified organic. The organic version is manufactured in OMI’s Eco-Factory using materials that are processed in a Certified Organic Mattress Facility in California. The company is so dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the manufacturing process that they don’t allow the assembly workers to wear scented deodorants or perfumes.

The Nest Bedding Certified Organic Hybrid Latex mattress comes with a lifetime warranty.

Choosing a mattress – where do I start?

Choosing a mattress can be overwhelming if you just look at all the options and mattress types. To narrow your choices down start with yourself – your needs and preferences. Here are the questions you should consider.

When considering the right level of firmness think about:

  • What’s your preferred position?
  • How much do you weigh?

When considering right material ask yourself:

  • Do you sleep alone or with a partner?
  • Do you tend to overheat when you sleep?
  • Do you have any allergies?

When considering affordability:

  • Is your desired mattress within your means?
  • Is it overpriced (price to quality ratio)?
  • Is it too inexpensive (really cheap mattresses tend to be of poor quality)?

Both material and firmness can be important factors if you suffer from any health issues including pain and sleep apnea.

What’s the right mattress type for me?

Your perfect mattress type depends on the type of person you are.

Sleep position. Side sleepers typically need a mattress on the soft side because a part of their body should sink in the mattress, but not too much. Stomach and back sleepers should feel better on firmer mattresses.

Weight. People whose weight is 130lb and below should use mattresses that are soft to medium firmness. If you are in the frame between 130-230lb, you could look for medium-soft to medium-firm mattresses whereas people heavier than that should look for medium-firm to firm mattresses.

Partner. Sleeping alone is easy but having a partner who tosses or wakes up at night affects your sleep. Those who are not alone in bed should consider buying mattresses that absorb the movement well such as memory foam, air mattresses, or high-quality hybrid (coil and memory foam).

Overheating. People who often complain of being cold can enjoy any type of mattress, but those who sweat or tend to overheat may find memory foam mattresses too hot because they can trap the heat and cause inconvenience.

Allergies. Mattresses made of artificial materials can cause allergic reactions either because of the materials they are made of or because they allow the growth of mold and dust mites. Mattresses made of natural materials (natural foam and latex, wool, cotton, etc.) prevent allergic reactions. Remember to get a pillow made of similar materials. What you put your face on could be even more important than the mattress.

Health issues. People who suffer from sleep apnea are advised not to sleep on their back but rather on the side or in an elevated position using a wedge pillow. Make sure your mattress is good for the position that you should sleep in. Memory foam mattresses showed to be the best with certain types of pain such as arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia. It reduces joint tension and allows your body to sink in. Bear in mind that memory foam can make it hard to switch positions.

Try a mattress before buying it

You prefer shopping online? No problem, it’s very easy to buy a mattress on the Internet. Just bear in mind that it’s usually better to try it out first. Feel free to visit stores and lie on different mattresses. Wear loose clothes (that resemble pajamas) and leave enough time – about 20 minutes – for simple lying and relaxing in your favorite sleep position. You should get a feeling of whether the mattress is good for you or not.

If you’re not sure or if you want to be 100% certain that you’re buying the right mattress you can check with the manufacturer whether or not they offer a trial period. That’s what’s great about some companies – they will let you use a mattress for up to 12 weeks and you can exchange or return the mattress if you don’t like it. Just make sure you get well informed because these rules and policies differ from one company to another.

What is a bad mattress and what does it do to you?

Any mattress that doesn’t support your body well and keeps your body in a bad position is a bad mattress. Poor support can come from a mattress that’s too soft or hard for your body, too old, or simply low quality. 

Sleeping on a bad mattress results in:

  • Stiffness in the neck, back or joints
  • Soreness
  • Waking up tired

A suitable mattress means sound sleep

You’ll know the mattress is right for you if:

  • It supports your body well and keeps your spine in a neutral position (this may depend on your preferred sleeping position)
  • There’s no tension on the pressure points or the heaviest parts of your body
  • Your weight is evenly distributed across the mattress surface

A good mattress helps you get proper rest – you won’t have to switch positions too often and are not likely to be sore or feel pain in the morning. 

What is a foam mattress? 

A foam mattress can be made of one of three foam types: poly foam, memory foam and foam latex. 

Polyurethane (poly) foam mattresses are made of a crude oil derivative. They greatly vary in density and resilience.

Memory foam takes the shape of your body and once you move, it slowly comes back to its original position. It was made by NASA for its aircraft and now it’s widely popular for mattresses, pillows and much more.

Latex is a type of foam that’s made of natural substances aerated into the foam. They offer firm support.

What’s an innerspring mattress?

Innerspring mattresses are some of the oldest types of mattresses. They contain a system of steel coils that offer support. Coils lie under layers of foam, padding, or fiber.

Pocketed coil mattresses have each of the coils placed in an individual pocket which allows better support, more durability, and less motion transfer.

Search for mattresses with a higher number of coils for excellent support.

What’s a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are those that combine more than one system of support. Most of them combine coils with memory foam or latex. This way they provide the pressure relief that foam offers as well as little heat-trapping and the general feel of the innerspring mattress.

How We Rate Mattresses

We rate mattresses using the following criteria:

  1. Comfort
  2. Structural integrity and durability
  3. Firmness and support

Learn more about our mattress rating process and methodology here.