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Watch: Anderson Cooper Aggressively Berates MyPillow CEO Over COVID-19 Cure Claim

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Anderson Cooper and Mike Lindell got into a heated argument on the air Tuesday when the MyPillow CEO appeared on CNN to promote oleandrin as a cure for COVID-19.

Cooper set the tone at the beginning of the interview by aggressively pointing out that Lindell doesn’t have a medical background and accusing him of being a modern day snake oil salesman. The CNN host – who also doesn’t have a medical background – continuously smirked, chuckled, and interrupted Lindell during the interview. Lindell, for his part, didn’t do a good job of explaining his position and made Cooper’s job extremely easy with his lack of credibility.

Lindell is widely known as one of the biggest Trump supporters in the business world and has been outspoken about his support for the president.

The argument got personal, with Lindell claiming that Cooper “probably sleeps on a MyPillow.” Cooper responded by claiming that he “doesn’t know who” the MyPillow CEO is.

Cooper made sarcastic, condescending remarks such as “this is just sad”, and “how do you sleep at night?”. The host clearly had an agenda and didn’t ask any good-faith questions about the treatment, instead preferring to insult and ridicule Lindell. He also attacked Lindell for manufacturing masks instead of pillows at the beginning of the pandemic, claiming that he “makes money” selling masks. It was unclear why Cooper thought this was a bad thing, considering that there was a severe mask shortage at the time.

The MyPillow CEO called oleandrin “the miracle of all time,” and said that “the tests are out there.” He did not provide any specifics about the tests.

Oleandrin is an extract from the Oleander plant that Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson – who, unlike Anderson Cooper or Mike Lindell, actually does have a medical background – pitched to President Trump as a potential coronavirus treatment.

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